Exploring Holland with still counting…..2013

I took several murdered mummified mummies with me when I visited the Netherlands. I placed them in the streets, museums and around the country to see what kind of reaction I would get.
It’s almost a year later and I haven’t heard from anyone.

Murdered #1301 – 1400


07/05/2014 The body of a “frail and vulnerable” man was left dumped in a wheelie bin, police have said. Owen Creaney, 40, was found dead in the bin at the back of a house in Craigavon, Co Armagh, on Saturday. http://news360.com/article/246843132


07/05/2014 Minneapolis: 2 dead, 4 wounded in separate shooting incidents. http://news360.com/article/246758575


07/07/2014 A man will face court after another man was stabbed to death in front of shoppers in a horrific scene in a major western Sydney shopping centre. The 35-year-old man has been charged with murder over the death of a 40-year-old man inside the Westfield mall in Parramatta on Monday morning. http://news360.com/article/247018915


07/06/2014 ndianapolis police leaders told recruits Monday that the weekend shooting death of a city officer — one of two Indiana police officers fatally shot in a span of less than 10 hours http://news360.com/article/247008392


10/22/2013 Prosecutors said Monday they will not file criminal charges against a Northern California sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy carrying a pellet gun he mistook for an assault rifle. http://news360.com/article/247014538


07/07/2014 Five children were killed by a rocket fired by Taliban fighters during a battle with Afghan security forces in a northern region of the country on Monday. http://news360.com/article/246910613


07/05/2014 MOMBASA Kenya (Reuters) – About 500 families in the northern coastal region of Kenya have fled to nearby camps or left the area after gunmen killed 29 people over the weekend, Kenya Red Cross said, the latest in a series of deadly attacks in Lamu County. http://news360.com/article/246986449


07/09/2014 A Texas man went to the home where his relatives were staying on Wednesday and opened fire – killing six people, including four children who ranged in age from 4 to 13 – and surrendered to police after a tense three-hour standoff in a suburban cul-de-sac outside of Houston http://news360.com/article/247391415


06/5-22/2014 At least 1,000 people, mainly civilians, have been killed and roughly the same number injured in fighting and other violence in Iraq in June as Sunni militants swept through the north, the United Nations said on Tuesday. Victims include a number of confirmed summary executions committed by forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and prisoners killed by retreating Iraqi forces. http://news360.com/article/245096489


06/24/2014 Miami shooting: Two people were killed and seven wounded when two men opened fire with assault rifles on an apartment complex in Miami early Tuesday http://news360.com/article/245242178


06/25/2014 Police in Libya say unknown gunmen shot and killed a well-known human rights activist just after she cast her vote in Libya’s parliamentary election Wednesday. Attackers killed Salwa Bugaighis at her home in Benghazi. Her husband, who was in the house at the time, is missing. http://news360.com/article/245548382


06/25/2014 A suicide bomber wounded three security officers in a hotel close to the Saudi Arabian embassy in Beirut on Wednesday, Lebanon’s interior minister said, the third blast in the country in less than a week. http://news360.com/article/245393499


06/22/2014 Israeli troops shot dead a mentally ill Palestinian who approached them in a West Bank refugee camp Sunday, the army said, while another Palestinian was killed in clashes in the city of Ramallah. Sunday’s deaths brought to four the number of Palestinians killed since Israel launched its most extensive military operation in the West Bank in years after the abduction of three Israeli teens on June 12. http://news360.com/article/244744082


06/21/2014 South Korean troops are involved in a standoff with a soldier who shot dead five colleagues during a rampage near the heavily armed border with North Korea. The soldier, a 22-year-old army sergeant identified only by his surname, Lim, fled with his weapon after opening fire on fellow members of the 22nd infantry division in the border town of Goseong, Gangwon province, on Saturday night. http://news360.com/article/244752218


10/03/2013 Two federal police officers were legally justified in fatally shooting Miriam Carey in October after she rammed a White House barrier and led authorities on a high-speed pursuit to the U.S. Capitol, the U.S. attorney’s office said Thursday.



07/09/2014 The man accused of killing six members of his former wife’s family, including four children, at their suburban Houston home collapsed in court on Friday when details of the crime were read aloud and was wheeled out in an office chair by sheriff’s deputies. Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, was in court wearing orange prison attire for a hearing after being charged on Thursday with capital murder in the shooting deaths of his former wife’s sister, her husband and four of their children, aged 4 to 14.



07/14/2014 Deputies began looking for Monterroso-Navas after authorities responding to a medical call at 3:35 a.m. Sunday found a woman unconscious in a bathtub. Two of the couple’s children, a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old, had gone to a neighbor’s house to seek help, saying something was wrong with their mother. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/07/14/homicide-man-abducts-three-children/12616499/


07/11/2014 Ukraine’s president has vowed vengeance in blood after 19 troops were killed in an insurgent rocket attack. http://news360.com/article/247634565


07/13/2014 Minneapolis police are investigating a stabbing incident that left one man dead and another injured. http://news360.com/article/247870839


07/13/2014 PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Police on Sunday praised a dispatcher and crisis negotiator for persuading a gunman to surrender after he allegedly shot and killed three people in a Southern California neighborhood, wounded two others and fired on officers. http://news360.com/article/247858972


07/12/2014 Afghan officials say a roadside bomb killed eight civilians Saturday when the blast hit their vehicle in the volatile southern part of the country. Officials say two children were wounded in the explosion near the city of Kandahar.  At least four women were killed in the blast. http://news360.com/article/247790236


07/13/2014 Heavy fighting broke out between rival militias vying for control of Libya’s main airport yesterday, killing at least seven people and forcing a halt of all flights in the worst  violence in the capital for six months. http://news360.com/article/247900171


07/13/2014 JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Family and friends say Melvin Santiago had dreamed of being a police officer since he was a boy, seeking to follow in the footsteps of his uncle. When Santiago accomplished his dream last December and joined the Jersey City force as a rookie officer, he asked to serve in what the city’s public safety director describes as its “toughest district.” Seven months after he graduated from the police academy, the 23-year-old was dead after a gunman shot him in the head. http://news360.com/article/247922903


07/17/2014 Police on Thursday found the body of a pregnant Michigan woman stashed in the trunk of a car driven by her suspected killer, according to reports. Brooke Ann Slocum went missing July 12, just weeks away from giving birth to her first child. http://news360.com/article/248756670


07/18/2014 A 30-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder after allegedly shooting dead his friend who was testing out a bulletproof vest. Police said Mark-Anthony Sandang Ramiro fatally shot 28-year-old Darnell Mitchell in the chest, missing the armor, with a .22 caliber handgun on Wednesday. A third person who has not been identified filmed the botched stunt in the basement of Ramiro’s Baltimore, Maryland home, according to charging documents. http://news360.com/article/248741785


12/2012 A Washington mother whose two-year-old son died after taking meth pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in court Wednesday. Alyia Iverson is accused of leaving drugs where her son Nathan could find them, and then doing nothing to help after he overdosed in December 2012. Police claim that the 26-year-old failed to take action when she saw her son drink bong water. He took enough meth to cause an overdose in an adult, medical reports showed. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2696427/Mom-toddler-died-eating-meth-drinking-bong-water-pleads-not-guilty-manslaughter.html


07/18/2014 PALMYRA, Syria, July 18 (UPI) –The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took control of a gas field in the Palmyra region of Syria on Thursday, resulting in the deaths of at least 111 people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.http://news360.com/article/248762164


07/17/2014 Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six and two-time grandfather from Staten Island, New York, died of an apparent heart attack Thursday when five New York City police officers attempted to arrest him by placing him in a choke hold. http://news360.com/article/248747789


07/19/2014 A US drone attack has killed at 11 people in the Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region near the border with Afghanistan, Pakistani officials said. The attack on Saturday came in North Waziristan, where for the past month the Pakistani military has been fighting the Pakistan Taliban and other groups. http://news360.com/article/248770223


07/17/2014 They came from 11 different countries and four continents, each one unwittingly boarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 for the last trip of their lives. There was the renowned AIDS researcher from Amsterdam, and the transplanted Hoosier doctoral student. A florist shop owner in a quiet Dutch fishing village – with her beloved boyfriend. A 77-year-old nun from a Catholic school in Sydney. And two die-hard Newcastle United soccer fans. http://news360.com/article/248792151


07/19/2014 PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Fifteen militants were killed early Saturday morning when an American drone struck a compound in the Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, according to local residents and a security official. It was the fourth known drone strike in the region since Pakistan launched a military operation there. http://news360.com/article/248807090


07/20/2014 An ammunition depot at the El-Farafrah post was blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) in an exchange of fire, killing the soldiers and wounding four others. Two of the gunmen died during the assault. The military said two booby-trapped vehicles were used in the attack, and bomb disposal experts defused the explosives. The attack took place in Wadi al Gadid, a desert area 390 miles (630km) west of Cairo, which borders both Libya and Sudan. http://news360.com/article/248864363


07/27/2014 A Brookesville, Florida, woman, who was five months pregnant, has died after accidentally being shot in the head Saturday night while visiting a friend who was showing off his gun collection, reports the Tampa Bay Times. Katherine Lynn Hoover, 25, died early Sunday morning after being airlifted to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. Doctors removed her unborn child Saturday night in an effort to save him, but were unable to do so.



07/27/2014 SACO, Maine — State police said a mother, father and three children were found dead in their home in Saco on Sunday. Police say a friend of the family called a worker associated with the apartment complex to check on the family after growing concerned for them. The worker entered the apartment, saw one body and called Saco police around 1:30 ET Sunday afternoon. When officers arrived, they discovered the other bodies in three different rooms. http://news360.com/article/250006815


07/26/2014 At least 36 people were killed in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi where Libyan Special Forces and Islamist militants clashed on Saturday night and Sunday morning, medical and security sources said. The government said more than 150 people have died, many of them civilian, in the capital Tripoli and Benghazi in two weeks of fighting as clashes forced U.S. and foreign diplomats to pull out of the country. http://news360.com/article/250015867


07/24/2014 The trigger-happy Chicago teen whose gunfight reportedly ended an 11-year-old girl’s life is now in police custody. Chicago cops have charged 18-year-old Tevin Lee for the death of Shamiya Adams, who was killed after a stray bullet crashed through a bedroom window during a sleepover. http://news360.com/article/249646945


07/24/2014 At least 60 prisoners and soldiers have been killed by gunmen on a convoy north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The attack happened in the town of Taji, 25km (15 miles) from the capital and most of those who died were burned beyond recognition. http://news360.com/article/249554576


07/24/2014 Two Christian aid workers were killed in a vicious attack on an Afghanistan street Thursday. WorldWatch Monitor reports gunmen on a motorcycle shot to death two women who worked for International Assistance Mission as they sat in a taxi in the city of Herat. http://news360.com/article/249798556


07/24/2014 Police responded to reports of a shooting near the intersection of 26th and Penn avenues about 7 p.m., and officers found the man dead at the scene of an apparent gunshot wound.http://news360.com/article/249697674


01/15/2014 She admitted to beating her son to death, repeatedly punching him and causing his body to hit against a hard object or inflicting blunt injuries on his head and body between January 12 and 15 http://news360.com/article/249708393


03/28/2014 On March 28, 2013, the neighbors’ dispute took a fatal turn. Vilkin shot Upton while he was outside on Vilkin’s driveway, first in his midsection and then in his head. http://abcnews.go.com/US/man-killed-neighbor-tree-trimming-feud-regrets/story?id=24697866


07/19/2014 Florida State University Professor Daniel Markel was shot in the head at his home on July 18 and died a day later at a local hospital.http://news360.com/article/249832753


07/26/2014 Fighters from the extremist Islamic State group, formerly known as ISIS, say they have killed at least 50 soldiers in north-eastern Syria. http://news360.com/article/249826950


07/24/2014 DONETSK, Ukraine — War literally came to Alexander Litvinenko’s living room, when a missile punched a gaping hole into the wall of his ninth-floor apartment. The 53-year-old college philosophy teacher had just stepped into his study to check the news online, barely escaping death. http://news360.com/article/249576285


07/25/2014 Afghan officials say Taliban insurgents have killed 14 people in an execution-style slaying. Authorities say the militants stopped three vehicles headed to Kabul Friday morning in Ghor province. http://news360.com/article/249759759


12/03/2013 Ben Blakeley, 22, killed Jayden Parkinson, in the countryside on December 3 last year – 24 hours after she told him she was expecting his child. After strangling the ­teenager, Blakeley buried her body in his uncle’s grave at a cemetery in Didcot, Oxfordshire. http://news360.com/article/249841156


07/24/2014 A baby who was placed into foster care died after she was left in a hot car for at least two hours. The 10-month-old girl was left strapped into her car seat on Thursday as temperatures reached 32 degrees in Wichita, Kansas. Emergency services were called at 6.41pm but the girl was pronounced dead at 6:49pm. http://news360.com/article/249877229


07/25/2014 PHILADELPHIA — Police are searching for two men who carjacked an SUV and plowed into a group of children and adults selling fruit to raise money for their church, killing three siblings and critically injuring their mother and the carjacking victim. Another woman was hurt but is in stable condition. http://news360.com/article/249904129


07/24/2014 PHILADELPHIA — Authorities found two more guns at the home of a man suspected of fatally shooting his caseworker and grazing his psychiatrist in suburban Philadelphia before the doctor pulled out his own weapon and fired back. http://news360.com/article/249913160


08/03/2014 Two 35-year-old parents and their three children were discovered dead inside their home in the 14000 block of Rixeyville Road, said detective Angela Deavers of the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office. Two of the children were elementary school age and one was middle school age, she said. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/authorities-investigate-death-of-culpeper-family-found-inside-home/2014/08/04/22530a9a-1bd0-11e4-ab7b-696c295ddfd1_story.html?wpisrc=al_crime


07/31/2014 The paper reported that Schermerhorn said the cause of death of the 2-year-old remains unknown after an autopsy. But it determined her death was a homicide. http://news360.com/article/251046991


08/03/2014 Libya’s government said more than 20 people were killed in the latest battles between factions seeking to control Tripoli airport, while fighting led to a huge fire raging nearby at the city’s fuel depot. http://news360.com/article/251069990


08/02/2014 BAKU, Azerbaijan A sharp escalation in fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has left 15 soldiers dead and prompted Russia to issue an urgent call for calm. http://news360.com/article/250915669


08/01/2014 PHILADELPHIA — A 22-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of a 3-year-old girl who was sitting on a front porch when an argument broke out, police said Saturday. http://news360.com/article/250980280


08/03/2014 TRIPOLI, LIBYA — A day of militia fighting over control of the international airport in Libya’s capital killed 22 people, the country’s interim government said Sunday, part of the worsening chaos gripping the country. http://news360.com/article/250980472


08/02/2014 Eight Lebanese soldiers have been killed in clashes with Syrian rebels who raided the border town of Arsal in Lebanon on Saturday. The fighting broke out on Saturday after Lebanese soldiers detained an alleged member of the Syrian Islamist group Nusra Front. http://news360.com/article/250980746


08/03/2014 GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A Gaza health official says 10 people have been killed by a strike near a United Nations school in the embattled coastal territory. Ashraf al-Kidra says another 35 were wounded after the hit near a boys’ school in the southern town of Rafah that is sheltering people displaced by the 27-day conflict between Israel and Hamas. http://news360.com/article/250983303


08/28/2013 NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – A soldier from Staten Island has died after an insurgent attack in Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis, 24, died on Wednesday, August 28, 2013, in Ghazni Province when a group of insurgents attacked his unit with improvised explosives, small arms, and mortar fire, the Pentagon


08/05/2014 An attacker wearing an Afghan military uniform opened fire at service members of the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing a U.S. major general. A United States official tells NPR’s Tom Bowman that 15 others were wounded by one shooter using a light machine gun at the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul City.http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/08/05/338004602/coalition-service-members-shot-during-attack-in-afghanistan


08/13/2014 A man found brutally beaten in San Francisco’s Duboce Triangle neighborhood last weekend died Wednesday afternoon after being taken off life support, according to doctors at San Francisco General Hospital. http://m.ktvu.com/news/news/crime-law/doctors-man-found-beaten-duboce-triangle-be-taken-/ng2X9/


08/09/2014 MIAMI – Miami-Dade police on Monday said they are committed to finding the people responsible for shooting and killing a rabbi walking to temple in Northeast Miami-Dade over the weekend. http://news360.com/article/252440547


08/12/2014 KABUL, Afghanistan — A roadside bombing killed three Afghan policemen in the country’s south on Tuesday while a NATO service member died in an attack in eastern Afghanistan. http://news360.com/article/252427433


08/11/2014 The star, whose distinctive comedy voice captured audiences across the world in 1978 with the Happy Days alien-meets-girl-next-door spin-off Mork & Mindy, was pronounced dead at his home in Northern California on Monday. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made. Suicide http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/14/us-people-robinwilliams-idUSKBN0GE1YQ20140814


08/02/2014 PORT ORCHARD, Wash. — The parents of a 6-year-old Washington girl found slain last week sat in a courtroom as a judge ordered a 17-year-old boy under investigation in the child’s death and sexual assault held on $1 million bail. Prosecutors in Kitsap County filed court documents Monday saying they had sufficient evidence to hold Gabriel Gaeta on first-degree murder with aggravating circumstances, felony murder and first-degree rape of a child. They are pursuing the case in Kitsap County Superior Court, where Gaeta is expected to be tried as an adult. http://news360.com/article/252440772


02/13/2014 Connor Tremble, 17, was allegedly killed by 21-year-old William Blencowe, who denies murder. The teenager was found in his flat with stab wounds to his chest, legs and hands on February 13. http://news360.com/article/252443030


08/12/2014 The body of a 62-year-old American woman has been found stuffed inside a suitcase on the Indonesian resort island of Bali. Police have arrested her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend in relation to the death. Sheila von Wiese Mack’s body was found on Tuesday inside the boot of a taxi parked in front of an upmarket hotel in Bali’s Nusa Dua area. http://news360.com/article/252633810


08/28/2014 A soldier from Staten Island has died after an insurgent attack in Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis, 24, died on Wednesday, August 28, 2013, in Ghazni Province when a group of insurgents attacked his unit with improvised explosives, small arms, and mortar fire, the Pentagon said. http://www.myfoxny.com/story/23298201/staten-island-soldier-dies-in-afghanistan-attack


08/13/2014 A NATO soldier has been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan, while three Afghan policemen died in a roadside bombing in the country’s south. The three police officers died when their patrol vehicle struck a bomb planted along the road in the district of Bahrami Shahid in southern Gazni province, according to the province’s deputy police chief, Asadullha Ensafi http://news360.com/article/252595717


06/24/2014 ABUJA, Nigeria – The National Hospital spokesman says a victim wounded in the bomb blast at a mall in Nigeria’s capital died overnight, raising the death toll to at least 22. http://news360.com/article/245461268


08/12/2014 TRIPOLI, Libya — Masked armed men killed the police chief of Libya’s capital Tuesday, the Interior Ministry said, amid an ongoing battle for the city’s international airport. As militia violence popular vote – a first for the North African nation. raged throughout the country, lawmakers voted Tuesday for a measure that would have the country’s president elected in a direct, http://www.sfgate.com/world/article/Masked-gunmen-kill-police-chief-in-Libya-s-capital-5684838.php


05/04/2013 A CORONER has recorded a verdict of suicide over the death of a woman hit by a lorry after she left her family a note apparently saying the so-called bedroom tax had caused her “considerable anxiety and stress”. Stephanie Bottrill, 52, walked across the M6 and climbed a safety barrier early on May 4 last year and died of multiple injuries suffered in the collision.http://news360.com/article/252595756


08/10/2014 BURNABY, B.C.—Homicide investigators have identified a man from Toronto who they believe was killed in a targeted attack in Burnaby, B.C. Investigators say 46-year-old Jahanbakhsh Meshkati was found with gunshot wounds on Sunday and taken to hospital where he later died. http://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2014/08/12/man_shot_dead_in_bc_was_from_toronto_police.html


08/16/2014 A Landover, Md., man who engaged in a Saturday afternoon shootout with police on Branch Avenue, with his 3-year-old daughter beside him, appears to have stabbed and shot the girl before he was killed by officers, Prince George’s County officials said Sunday. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/answers-may-be-slow-in-3-year-olds-fatal-shooting-during-dads-gun-battle-with-police/2014/08/17/dcffef2c-262d-11e4-86ca-6f03cbd15c1a_story.html?wpisrc=al_crime


09/02/2014 Isabella’s body was found in a shallow grave at the base of a hill in a desert area near her home along with shoe prints that matched Rector’s old shoes, Bullhead City police said. “It didn’t go the way we all wanted (it) to,” said Bullhead City police Chief Brian Williamson. “We set out to find Bella alive and bring her home, but we have completed this mission of bringing someone to justice for Bella’s death.” Police have not released a motive or said how she died. An autopsy was being conducted Thursday, the medical examiner’s office said. http://news360.com/article/256125274


07/29/2013 A 14-year-old boy was charged Thursday with first-degree murder and armed robbery in the fatal shooting of a French street artist whose body was discovered a year ago near an abandoned Detroit public housing project. The boy was 13 at the time of the killing of 23-year-old Bilal Berreni. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement that the boy and three other then-teenagers carried out the attack. Dionte Travis, 17; Jasin Curtis, 18; and Drequone Rich, 20, were arraigned Wednesday on first-degree murder and armed robbery charges. They return to court Sept. 11 for a probable cause hearing. http://news360.com/article/256126051


08/08/2014 ccused Gold Coast balcony killer and Tinder playboy Gable Tostee was allegedly beaten during “kinky sex” with the New Zealand tourist whose murder he is charged with. A police affidavit alleges Tostee choked Warriena Wright, threatened to throw the “psycho little bitch” off his 14th floor Avalon tower balcony and told her he was not going to let her leave because she had been “a bad girl” within hours of the pair meeting on August 8. Wright, 26, had been assaulted, was in fear of her life and trying to flee Tostee when she fell to her death, police allege in his murder charge. http://news360.com/article/256214317


09/04/2014 A man has been charged with the murder of an 82-year-old woman who was found beheaded in her garden in north London, of Gilda Avenue, Enfield, north London, is due to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court later today accused with the murder of Palmira Silva on Thursday. Mr Salvador, also known a ‘Fat Nick’, who also faces a separate charge of assaulting a police officer, was taken to hospital under police guard before being questioned by officers and charged in relation to Thursday’s incident. http://news360.com/article/256158644


09/05/2014 Somalia’s al-Shabab militant group has confirmed the death of its leader in a U.S. airstrike and named his successor. The al-Qaida linked militants announced the selection of Abu Ubeid Ahmed Omar to replace Ahmed Abdi Godane. U.S. officials confirmed Godane’s death on Friday, saying he was killed in a U.S. military operation earlier in the week. http://news360.com/article/256192064


09/07/2014 DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — One civilian was killed in shelling in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol and large explosions were heard near the airport in Donetsk early Sunday, raising fears that a cease-fire signed two days ago is on the verge of collapse. Blasts from the area near the airport were powerful enough to be heard in downtown Donetsk, the main rebel-held city in eastern Ukraine. http://news360.com/article/256243164

Murdered #1201 – 1300


05/01/2014 Police in Virginia on Saturday arrested a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of killing a boy half his age, who family and neighbours said was killed trying to rescue his older sister from a sexual assault. The Richmond Police Department did not identify the suspect, citing his age, but said he was charged with murder and strangulation. He is also suspected of attacking the girl, who family members said is 12 years old.http://news360.com/article/237185101


05/03/2014 Saturday that they had arrested 20 people suspected of being associated with attacks that left at least 29 Muslims dead in villages in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, where tensions between members of the Bodo tribal group and non-Bodo residents, including Muslims, have been simmering for years. http://news360.com/article/237175676


05/03/2014 A gunman who shot and killed three people and injured four more in north-east Arkansas was an acquaintance or friend of the victims, police said on Sunday, but noted the motive still is unknown. Authorities identified the shooter as Porfirio Hernandez, 40, who had recently been released from a mental health treatment facility. Sergeant Doug Formon of Jonesboro police did not give further details in an email to the Associated Press. http://news360.com/article/237211190


05/01/2014 The slayings of Rich and Johnson on Thursday in the isolated community of Tanana underscored the challenges law enforcement faces in this huge state. Like many troopers assigned to patrol multiple villages, Rich and Johnson were not based in the interior community of 238 people. They worked out of the troopers’ four-person rural service unit in Fairbanks 130 miles to the east, and they had to reach Tanana by plane. http://news360.com/article/237175469


05/03/2014 NAIROBI, Kenya – At least three people were killed in a grenade blast in one of two explosions Saturday along the coast of Kenya, which has been working to crack down on a recent wave of terrorist attacks. http://news360.com/article/237192425


05/13/2014 PRETORIA, South Africa – Tension is rising in South Africa’s platinum mine sector, where three miners who were working in defiance of a strike have been killed in separate incidents. The South African Press Association quoted police as saying Tuesday that the platinum-mining area around Rustenburg town was quiet after the violence that had started Sunday. The agency says one slain miner was stabbed, another was set afire and a third miner and his wife were strangled to death. http://news360.com/article/238584950


05/12/2014 Isabel Carrasco, 59, renowned as a strong character who was Popular Party leader of the Leon provincial council, was shot repeatedly in broad daylight on Monday as she crossed a footbridge near her home in the northern city. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other leading Spanish politicians suspended European election campaigning and joined the mourning for Carrasco. http://news360.com/article/238819297


01/28/2011 The wife of a military officer shot and killed her son on the way to soccer practice, then drove to their upscale home and shot her daughter in the head while she studied at her computer, Afterward, the woman told detectives she killed the teens for being “mouthy.” http://www.nbcnews.com/id/41319561/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/#.U3TdJV4bmnk


05/15/2014 A car bomb struck Thursday in a bustling area in downtown Baghdad, killing at least six people and wounding 13, officials said. The explosives-laden car was left in a parking lot in the Karrada neighborhood, near a commercial area where also some government offices are located, including courts and a hospital, a police officer said. Three civilians and three policemen were killed, he added.http://news360.com/article/238936144


05/13/2014 Oscar-winning Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul took his own life, his brother has confirmed. The body of the 36-year-old, best known for the documentary Searching For Sugar Man, was found in the Stockholm area on Tuesday. I can confirm that it was suicide and that he has been depressed for a short period of time. http://news360.com/article/238930807


05/14/2014 At least five Vietnamese people and 16 others described as Chinese have been killed in the latest incident of rioting, Reuters news agency has reported, as tension between Beijing and Vietnam escalates over the disputed territory in the South China Sea.Wednesday night’s violence comes hours after mobs burned and looted a number of foreign-owned factories at industrial parks near the capital Hanoi. The protests by workers are against China’s recent placement of an oil rig in the disputed Southeast Asian waters. Vietnam has sent ships to confront the rig which are engaged in a tense standoff with Chinese vessels protecting it. http://news360.com/article/238930181


05/11/2014 BAGHDAD — Militants in Iraq launched an audacious attack on a military barracks in a remote area in the country’s north and killed 20 troops overnight, including some who had been bound and shot at close range, authorities said Sunday as other attacks killed 18. The killings at the military barracks in the village of Ayn al-Jahish outside of Mosul mirrored two previous assaults earlier this year in the area targeting security forces. It also represents the latest blow to the government’s efforts to achieve stability in restive Sunni-dominated areas. http://news360.com/article/238331671


05/10/2014 LODI, N.J. — A man was charged Saturday with stabbing his estranged wife to death, then fleeing with their two young sons to South Carolina, where he was captured and the boys were found safe after a five-state Amber Alert, authorities said.Police who arrived at the home of Tracy Jordan, 39, in Lodi to conduct a welfare check Friday night found her dead of multiple stab wounds, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office. Her worried mother had called police after she hadn’t been able to get ahold of her and no one answered a knock at the door, a family friend said. http://www.denverpost.com/nationworld/ci_25738387/man-charged-fatal-stabbing-estranged-wife-two-sons?source=rss


05/10/2014 MILITANTS who attacked a military base in north Iraq kidnapping 20 soldiers later shot them dead. The soldiers were abducted by a large group of militants in several vehicles from a small base in the Ain al-Jahash south of Mosul, and their bodies were found in the area on Saturday night, sources said. But accounts of when the attack took place varied, with a police major and morgue employee putting it on Saturday night, while an army major general said it had taken place earlier in the week. http://news360.com/article/238236948


05/08/2014 Young people clashed with police in the streets on Thursday in an angry response to Venezuelan security forces dismantling four tent cities maintained by anti-government demonstrators, and officials reported one officer killed and another injured. The bloodshed came after hundreds of police and troops arrested 243 student protesters during pre-dawn raids on camps in front of the offices of the United Nations and in better-off neighbourhoods in the capital largely opposed to President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government. http://news360.com/article/237983793


05/05/2014 HEARNE, Texas — The nephew of a 93-year-old Central Texas woman shot and killed by a police officer says his aunt fired two shots before the officer shot her. http://news360.com/article/238019335


05/09/2014 TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man shot his wife and two teenage children in the head, then scattered gasoline and fireworks around the mansion they rented before setting the home ablaze and killing himself, deputies said Friday. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Col. Donna Lusczynski said at a news conference Friday that Darrin Campbell had purchased fireworks, gas cans and gasoline in the days before the family was killed. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/9/4-dead-in-tampa-mansion-blaze-were-shot-to-death/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS


05/08/2014 Former tennis star James Blake had been renting the home to a family for about the past two years, and was not there at the time of the fire, Miss Lusczynski said. She identified the renters as the Campbell family; voter registration records identified them as Darrin Campbell and his wife, Kimberly. A former neighbour, George Connley, said Darrin Campbell was the treasurer of Carrollwood Day School, a private school attended by the Campbell’s teenage children, Colin and Megan.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10815338/Four-killed-in-fire-started-deliberately-at-home-of-former-US-tennis-star-James-Blake.html


05/07/2014 Boko Haram has been further condemned after details emerged of a massacre of as many as 300 people close to Nigeria’s border with Cameroon, while the Islamist group continued to hold more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/08/boko-haram-massacre-nigeria-gamboru-ngala


05/15/2014 BEIRUT – A massive car bomb ripped through a crowded garage Thursday near a rebel-held border crossing between Syria and Turkey, killing at least 43 people in an area that has seen fierce fighting between rival rebel groups, an anti-government activist group said. http://news360.com/article/239036133


05/15/2014 Twin suicide bombings in the centre of Baghdad have killed at least six people, the latest in a spate of explosions in the Iraqi capital since elections last month. The blasts went off minutes apart during morning rush hour on Thursday in the commercial district of Karrada, near a crossroads that is the site of a hospital, a police headquarters and a court building. Each bombing killed three people, security and medical officials said. Among the fatalities was at least one policeman.


05/15/2014 Three people are dead and 22 people are injured in Bangkok after a gunfire and grenade attack on a new protesters’ site early Thursday morning. The anti-government PDRC camp is close to the Democracy Monument–in the city’s prime tourist area. http://news360.com/article/239070741


05/13/2014 Ukraine says six of its soldiers were killed during an ambush by militants on Tuesday. “The incident took place in the village of Oktyabrski in the Slovyansk region, about 20 kilometers from Kramatorsk, during ‘a unit movement from the military base.’ The location is in volatile eastern Ukraine. ” ‘Our soldiers were attacked in an ambush. Terrorists attacked our land troops with grenades. The attackers were more than 30 people and set an ambush near the river,’ the ministry said.http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/05/13/312164133/six-ukrainian-soldiers-killed-in-ambush


05/13/2014 Camille Lepage’s work has been published in the Guardian, Le Monde, the Sunday Times, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and used by the BBC. Photograph: Camille Lepage A French photojournalist has been killed in the Central African Republic, the presidential palace announced on Tuesday evening. http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/may/13/french-photojournalist-camille-lepage-killed-central-african-republic?CMP=twt_gu


05/16/2014 NAIROBI, Kenya — Two bombs killed 10 people and wounded 70 others Friday, tossing bodies into the air at a market in Kenya’s capital, while hundreds of British tourists were evacuated from the coastal resort of Mombasa after warnings of an impending attack by Islamic extremists. http://news360.com/article/239264490


05/16/2014 TRIPOLI, Libya — Fierce fighting in eastern Libya between army troops loyal to a rogue general and two militias killed 24 people Friday, with the country’s top military official calling the offensive launched without government approval a “coup.” The clashes forced closure of the city main airport late Friday. Military aircraft and helicopters, apparently under the command of Gen. Khalifa Hifter, flew over the eastern city of Benghazi, Libyan security officials said. On the ground, Hifter’s troops besieged the bases of the Islamist militia Rafallah al-Sahati and a militia known as February 17, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to journalists. The clashes killed at least 24 people, according to several health officials in at least four hospitals in the city where bodies arrived. A total of 124 were wounded, officials said. http://news360.com/article/239223930


05/16/2014 BAGHDAD (AP) — Separate attacks in Iraq killed five members of an anti-militant Sunni militia on Friday as an al-Qaida splinter group claimed responsibility for a spate of Baghdad bombings that killed at least 19 people the day before. Insurgents frequently attack members of the Sunni militia, also known as Sahwa, which joined forces with U.S. troops at the height of the Iraq war to fight al-Qaida. http://news360.com/article/239148048


05/15/2014 RAMALLAH, West Bank – Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinian teens in a West Bank clash that erupted Thursday after Palestinians marked their uprooting during the war over Israel’s 1948 creation. http://news360.com/article/239113873


05/11/2014 DE SOTO  • A woman and her two young children barricaded themselves inside a De Soto home Sunday night while her husband threatened to shoot her. After a standoff with police, the 27-year-old man fatally shot himself. The woman and children were unharmed. They were hiding in a downstairs bedroom while the man was upstairs. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/de-soto-husband-kills-self-as-frightened-wife-hides-with/article_0e0a5c1b-b32b-57b7-a957-92a7f6ed2b25.html


05/18/2014 DAMASCUS, Syria — The head of Syria’s air defenses was killed in clashes near the capital, Damascus, a government official and activists said Sunday, one of a few high-ranking military officers to be killed in the country’s 3-year-old civil war. Lt. Gen. Hussein Ishaq’s death may boost morale for those fighting against President Bashar Assad’s government, as they’ve faced a series of setbacks and surrendered territory over the last year. http://news360.com/article/239371008


05/17/2014 BAGHDAD — Authorities in Iraq say a bombing at an outdoor market north of the capital, Baghdad, has killed five people. Police officials say the attack took place Saturday when the bomb exploded at the market in the town of Tarmiyha, killing five shoppers and wounding 14. http://news360.com/article/239296383


05/20/2014 At least 118 people were killed and dozens more injured when two car bombs exploded at a busy bus terminal and market in Nigeria’s central city of Jos on Tuesday. The second blast, which was captured on camera by a local television station, came half an hour after the first, killing some of the rescue workers who had rushed to the scene.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/nigeria/10845827/Nigeria-bomb-blast-captured-on-camera.html


05/20/2014 Syrian activists said at least 23 people were killed by rocket attacks in two northern towns. Activists said rocket fire from Syrian military helicopters killed at least 10 people in the town of Azaz early Tuesday. Azaz is in Aleppo province near the border with Turkey. http://news360.com/article/239695159


05/20/2014 JERUSALEM (AP) — An investigation of a fatal West Bank clash between Israeli forces and Palestinian stone-throwers indicates that troops used live fire without justification and in violation of the army’s rules of engagement, an Israeli human rights group said Tuesday. Two Palestinian teens were killed and one was wounded in last week’s confrontation. Palestinian hospital officials have said the three were shot in the upper body by live rounds. http://news360.com/article/239682361


05/20/2014 Three little girls were stabbed to death in their home near Torrance, California, on Tuesday, according to multiple reports in the local media. The children, ages 3, 2 and 2 months old, were found lying in a pool of blood on a bed alongside their mother, police told KTLA. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/21/carol-coronado-arrested-daughters-slain_n_5362660.html


05/21/2014 Jos, Nigeria • Islamic militants killed 48 villagers in northeastern Nigeria near the town where they kidnapped 300 schoolgirls, and the U.S. said Wednesday it was sending in 80 military personnel to expand the drone search for the captives. The developments came hours after twin car bombings claimed at least 130 lives in this central city — an escalating campaign of violence blamed on the Boko Haram terrorist network and its drive to impose an Islamic state on Nigeria. http://news360.com/article/239968038


05/20/2014 TORRANCE, Calif. — Several knives were recovered at a gruesome scene in California where a mother was arrested in the killing of her three young daughters and taken from the scene covered in blood and wearing only a blanket, authorities and witnesses said. But it’s not clear how the three girls, who ranged in age from 3 years to 2 months old, were killed, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Dave Coleman said. Detectives were completing their investigation and clearing out of the scene Wednesday morning, more than 12 hours after the suspect’s mother called the


05/22/2014 BLAHODATNE, Ukraine – In the deadliest raid yet on Ukrainian troops, pro-Russia insurgents attacked a military checkpoint Thursday, killing 16 soldiers, and the interim prime minister accused Moscow of trying to disrupt the upcoming election for a new president to lead the divided country out of its crisis. http://news360.com/article/240188480


05/19/2014 The 51-year-old who’s famous for the police drama series The Shield was arrested on Tuesday when he allegedly confessed to police. Jace remains in custody in lieu of two-million dollar bail, and is due to be arraigned later today. http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/22/showbiz/shield-actor-michael-jace-homicide-charge/


12/12/2010 A Nevada jury found a former Las Vegas Strip performer guilty of second-degree murder on Thursday for killing and dismembering his dancer ex-girlfriend in a closely watched case that offered a lurid glimpse behind the curtains of the Sin City stage community. http://news360.com/article/240161118


05/27/2014 25-year-old woman was stoned to death and killed by her family outside a high court in the Pakistani city of Lahore, for marrying the man she fell in love with, according to police and a lawyer. Police said about 20 members of the family started attacking Farzana Parveen, and her husband Mohammad Iqbal, with sticks and bricks as they waited for the high court to open on Tuesday afternoon. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2014/05/27/photo-pakistani-woman-stoned-to-death-because-she-married-the-man-she-loved/


05/24/2014 Officials in northern Iraq say a car bomb targeting a liquor store has killed 11 people and wounded more than two dozen others. Authorities say the blast happened Saturday in the al-Wassiti neighborhood in the city of Kirkuk, about 270 kilometers north of Baghdad. http://news360.com/article/240461816


05/24/2014 Chicago police shot and killed a knife-wielding man who chased paramedics responding to a 911 call for a person stabbed, according to authorities. The shooting happened about 11:30 p.m. near the intersection of 71st Street and Racine Avenue in the Englewood neighborhood. The man shot by police died at 12:08 a.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. A spokesman for that office said the man had been identified as 62-year-old Michael Myers of the 11300 block of South Indiana Avenue. http://news360.com/article/240455160


05/25/2014 Three separate bomb attacks – two in the capital Islamabad and one in a restive tribal region – have killed six soldiers and one civilian in Pakistan. The explosions followed three days of intensive Pakistani military airstrikes against Taliban hideouts near the Afghan border, which killed at least 75 people. http://news360.com/article/240370991


05/22/2014 Shadi al-Menei, the head of the Egyptian armed group Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, has been killed along with other members overnight, Egyptian security sources say. The sources said Menei was killed on Thursday while walking in Maghara in Sinai Peninsula, the Reuters news agency reported. http://news360.com/article/240196870


05/25/2014 An Italian photojournalist and his Russian interpreter have been killed in eastern Ukraine while covering fighting between government forces and pro-Russia insurgents. 30 year old Andrea Ronchelli and 60 year old Andrey Mironov died from mortar fire after they were shot at near the pro-Russian stronghold of Sloviansk. Ronchelli was the founder of the photo agency Cesura. http://news360.com/article/240483204


05/24/2014 MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) – Three people were killed and a fourth person was wounded in a shooting at an oceanfront motel in Myrtle Beach, one of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations. The shootings took place around 11 p.m. Saturday in front of crowds of tourists at the Bermuda Sands Motel along the beach’s new boardwalk, Myrtle Beach Police Capt. David Knipes said. http://news360.com/article/240473983


05/24/2014 SANAA, Yemen (AP) – Yemeni soldiers killed 15 al-Qaida fighters in fierce fighting with militants who launched a major attack overnight targeting army, security and government buildings in a southern city, authorities said Saturday. The Defense Ministry said in a statement that the army foiled the attack and now completely controls Sayoun, a city in southern Hadramawt province. It said the fighting killed 10 soldiers and wounded others. Security and military officials earlier said that the attackers killed 16 troops. http://news360.com/article/240371229


05/22/2014 ISTANBUL — Two men have died after clashes in Istanbul between the police and a group of demonstrators who had gathered to protest last week’s mine disaster in Soma, Gov. Huseyin Avni Mutlu of Istanbul said Friday. One man, Ugur Kurt, 30, an Istanbul resident who was in the Okmeydani district to attend a funeral, was shot in the head by a stray bullet as the police responded to homemade bombs and stones being hurled by about 15 protesters. Mr. Kurt died in a hospital late Thursday. The news set off new clashes in the area that continued into Friday. http://news360.com/article/240344288


05/23/2014 SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — A 16-year-old boy charged with fatally shooting a Pennsylvania cab driver who didn’t take his preferred route was interviewed as a witness to a triple homicide in New Jersey last year, police said.Aazis Richardson was charged with murder Friday night, hours after 47-year-old cab driver Vincent Darbenzio was found shot twice in the head in Scranton. Police said Richardson had complained that the driver was “taking the long way and ripping him off.” http://news360.com/article/240487598


05/24/2014 JOS, Nigeria – An explosion ripped through an outdoor venue crowded with soccer fans watching a European final Saturday night and many are feared dead in the Nigerian city of Jos, officials said, four days after twin car bombs blamed on Islamic extremists killed at least 130 people in the central city. http://news360.com/article/240424974


05/25/2014 A series of attacks in Somalia left at least seven people dead, including six attackers and one soldier who tried to stopped a suicide bomber from entering the country’s parliament building. The multi-pronged, complex attack carried out by militants in Mogadishu involved a car bomb, suicide bomber and gunmen on foot, police said. http://news360.com/article/240437164


05/23/2014 There were renewed calls for stricter gun laws in the US on Sunday, following Friday night’s shooting spree in the southern California college town of Isla Vista, which left seven dead including the gunman, British-born Elliot Rodger. Rodger, who was 22, is also suspected of having stabbed to death a further three victims at his apartment close to the University of California, Santa Barbara. http://news360.com/article/240505300


05/24/2014 A French woman and an Israeli couple died yesterday in the attack, and security has been tightened around Jewish institutions. A fourth person has died following a gun attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, as police continue to hunt for those responsible. http://news360.com/article/240497839


01/25/2014 In late January, a mentally ill man was shot and killed by two police officers in Lodi, Calif., a town south of Sacramento. Tragedy often follows a confrontation between the police and a mentally ill person, but the facts of this case are in dispute. http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2014/05/29/315941286/shooting-of-sikh-army-veteran-divides-community


04/24/2014 Two officers at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen shot and killed a pair of armed Yemeni civilians during an attempted abduction of the Americans at a Sanaa business last month, the State Department said Friday. The officers have left Yemen, Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the State Department, said in a statement. No other details were provided. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/state-dept-americans-killed-2-yemenis-last-month


05/22/2014 The vehicles raced toward the market an hour after sunrise, one from the north and another from the south, mowing over pedestrians and tossing explosives. One of the vehicles itself then exploded. In moments, 31 were dead and 90 injured as the latest in a string of deadly terror attacks again stained streets with blood in Urumqi, the capital of China’s far western Xinjiang region, which is home to the country’s ethnic Uighur population. http://news360.com/article/239984624


05/28/2014 Disturbing pictures of the two teenage girls found hanged from a mango tree after being gang-raped have been broadcast on Indian TV, as furious locals prevented the police from reaching their bodies. Women have also been demonstrating in the regional capital of Lucknow, 160km from the village. The girls, who were aged 14 and 15 and are believed to be related, disappeared from fields near the village of Katra, in Uttar Pradesh state in the north of the country. Investigators have made three arrests – including two police officers – since the gruesome crime. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/05/29/gang-rape-teen-india_n_5411634.html?utm_hp_ref=uk


06/08/2014 Gunmen attacked Pakistan’s international airport in Karachi Sunday night, and the fighting continued into Monday morning. The reported death toll has been rising: The latest from Pakistan media is that at least 23 are dead, including airport guards and the 10 militants said to be behind the attack.http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/06/08/320069910/karachi-airport-attacked-by-armed-gunmen-pakistani-officials-say?sc=17&f=1001&utm_source=iosnewsapp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=app


06/05/2014 A gunman opened fire Thursday at Seattle Pacific University, killing one person and wounding two before being tackled by a student security guard, Seattle police said. The gunman was reloading a shotgun when the student, working as a building monitor, used pepper spray and knocked him down, Police Capt. Chris Fowler told reporters. “Once on the ground, other students jumped on top of them and subdued the shooter,” he said. http://news360.com/article/242299220


06/05/2014 After the militants forced everyone into the village centers, “they began to shout ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,’ then they started to fire at the people continuously for a very long time until all who had gathered were dead,” he said. Allahu akbar means God is great. http://news360.com/article/242187737


06/12/2014 The U.S. resumed its drone strikes inside Pakistan, killing at least 13 people in two separate attacks on militant areas late Wednesday and early Thursday http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/06/12/321353619/u-s-drones-kill-13-suspected-militants-in-pakistan


06/01/2014 A boy of 13 was among four youths being held on suspicion of murder today after an 18-year-old man was knifed to death in a street brawl. The sibling of the teenage victim screamed hysterically “that’s my brother” as paramedics battled to save his life. The victim, named locally as 18-year-old James Hunter, was fatally knifed in Sydenham, south London, on Saturday night. He was pronounced dead at the scene in Wells Park Road just before 9.30pm. He is the fifth teenager to be murdered in the capital this year. http://news360.com/article/241542177


06/31/2014 GRIFFIN, Ga. — A 43-year-old Griffin police officer was shot and killed while off-duty early Saturday morning and the man who police say fired the gun is in critical but stable condition after being shot by the officer’s brother. Officer Kevin Jordan was working an overnight security shift in uniform at a Waffle House restaurant in Griffin when two men and a woman caused a disturbance around 2:30 a.m., Griffin Police Lt. Mike Richardson said. Jordan escorted them to the parking lot, when the woman identified as Chantell Mixon began physically fighting with him. http://news360.com/article/241496526


05/31/2014 An airstrike by Pakistani forces along the Afghan border killed four civilians on Saturday, officials said, as a Pakistani offensive against Taliban militants continued despite protests by the Afghan government.http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/31/us-afghanistan-pakistan-airstrike-idUSKBN0EB0E420140531


05/04/2014 Violence has claimed the lives of 799 Iraqis in May, the highest monthly death toll so far this year, the United Nations said on Sunday, underlining the daunting challenges the government faces as it struggles to contain a surge in sectarian violence. The figures issued by the U.N. mission to Iraq, known as UNAMI, put last month’s civilian death toll at 603, with 196 security forces killed. UNAMI added that 1,409 Iraqis, including 1,108 civilians, were wounded. The previous month’s death toll stood at 750, making April the second deadliest month of the year. http://news360.com/article/241518883


06/01/2014 A bomb blast targeting a television viewing centre for football in northeast Nigeria killed at least 14 people and wounded 12 on Sunday, police and the military said. http://news360.com/article/241592094


06/02/2014 At least 15 people were killed and more than 40 wounded in battles between the Jihadist militant group Ansar al Sharia and forces loyal to a renegade general in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Monday, according to hospitals in the city. http://news360.com/article/241655910


06/06/2014 A 16 year old who is accused of killing his father with a cane and hiding the body in a backyard compost bin was charged as an adult in the crime on Friday. Rylan Salzman, from Tacoma, Washington, plead not guilty to one count of second-degree murder in the death of his father, Richard Salzman. Richard Salzman, 49,  was reported missing last Saturday by his wife, Louise Salzman. The last time he had been seen was the day before. http://news360.com/article/243566669


06/14/2014 A BOMB attack targeting a weapons bazaar in eastern Syria close to the Iraqi border has killed 30 “terrorists”, state television reports. “A big explosion hits a terrorist arms market in Mayadeen, killing 30 terrorists and wounding dozens of others,” the television reported on Saturday. http://news360.com/article/243582758


06/11/2014 Father Kenneth Walker, an associate pastor at the Mater Misericordiae Mission in Phoenix, Ariz., died from gunshot wounds Wednesday night, likely after answering a late-night knock at the door to the church’s living quarters. http://news360.com/article/243559200


06/13/2014 EATONTON, Ga. (AP) — The unsolved beheading of a retiree and the killing of his elderly wife has so rattled their gated, lakeside Georgia community that neighbors are casting about for even outlandish explanations. Was it a mob hit? A drug dealer? A hungry alligator? The peaceful neighborhood where the couple was found dead hadn’t seen as much as a burglary in recent memory.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/13/russell-and-shirley-dermond_n_5492927.html


09/2009 no information on day. “Honour killing” of Farzana Parveen sparked world-wide outrage. The pregnant 25-year-old was battered with bricks and cudgels as she tried to enter a Pakistani court with husband Muhammad Iqbal, 45. But he has now confessed to strangling his first wife, Ayesha Bibithe, mother of his five children – so he could marry neighbour’s daughter Farzana. He said: “I was in love with her and killed my first wife because of this.” Iqbal was not charged because he was forgiven by his son Aurangzdeb. Under Pakistani law, this saved him from a any sentence.http://news360.com/article/241355012


06/14/2014 NOVOHANNIVKA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s new president declared Sunday a day of mourning and vowed to punish those responsible after pro-Russia separatists shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane, killing all 49 crew and troops aboard. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/14/ukraine-military-plane-shot-down_n_5494116.html


06/16/2014 BANNU, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan’s air force pounded targets in the country’s northwest on Monday, killing 27 militants, the army said, as the government finally pushed ahead with a military offensive against insurgent safe havens. The airstrikes are part of the long-awaited operation against foreign and local militants in North Waziristan, a tribal region near the Afghan border that is used as a base by the insurgents to attack the rest of Pakistan. http://news360.com/article/243770915


06/16/2014 KABUL, Afghanistan — A roadside bomb planted by the Afghan Taliban killed 5 civilians from the same family in the southern Kandahar province on Monday, the Interior Ministry said. In a statement, it condemned the killings, adding that three of the victims were children. The attack follows last weekend’s presidential runoff, a vote which the Taliban had warned Afghans not to participate in or face attack. On Sunday, officials said the group had cut of the fingers of a dozen voters in retribution and also killed 11 people. http://news360.com/article/243771046


06/15/2014 At least 48 people were killed Sunday night after suspected Somali militants attacked hotels and a police station in a small Kenyan coastal town, officials said Monday. Kenya’s top police commander, David Kimaiyo, reportedly said that a group of gunmen targeted two hotels, a bank and a police station in the town of Mpeketoni, located about 30 miles southwest of the popular tourist island of Lamu, and about 60 miles west of the Somalia border. http://news360.com/article/243758670


06/13/2014 The father just wanted his 37-year-old daughter, whom he believed was too drunk to drive, to give him the keys. The father even stood in front of her car to stop her from driving away after a family argument.But the daughter, Soukvilay Barton, allegedly dropped the car into gear anyway and ran over her father, killing him, according to published reports http://news360.com/article/243772111


06/15/2014 SANAA, Yemen (AP) – A gunman opened fire on a bus transporting military hospital staff in the southern Yemeni city of Aden on Sunday, killing eight people, including two women, and wounding a dozen others, security officials and witnesses said. http://news360.com/article/243676219


06/14/2014 LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Las Vegas police officer killed in an ambush at a pizza shop was remembered Saturday as a Renaissance man, a first-rate police officer and a loving family man. More than 2,400 family members, friends, police officers and others gathered to pay tribute to Alyn Beck, who was gunned down while eating lunch last Sunday along with officer Igor Soldo. Investigators say the two officers were killed by an anti-government couple who went on to kill a bystander before they died in a shootout with police in a Wal-Mart store. http://news360.com/article/243684604


06/14/2014 Officers found a woman dead inside the property in Lark Rise in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, at around 8.55pm last night. The death is being treated as suspicious and a post-mortem examination will take place to establish the cause of death. Police had earlier gone to an address in Tunstall Green, near Woodbridge, at around 6.35pm after receiving a report from the ambulance service that a man at the property had sustained injuries to his wrists. http://news360.com/article/243590411


06/21/2014 It was the latest in a series of attacks pointing to growing unrest in the sprawling region of Xinjiang, where the native Muslim Uighur people want more autonomy from Beijing. Last month, a market bombing killed 43 people in Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi. Chinese authorities have blamed the attacks on extremists bent on overthrowing Beijing’s rule. The government says the assailants have ties to Islamic terror groups abroad, but provides little direct evidence, by handing down heavy punishments to people authorities say organized, led and participated in terror groups, committed arson, murder, burglary or illegally manufactured explosives. http://news360.com/article/244657699


06/19/2014 Damascus, Syria — A powerful truck bomb exploded on Friday in a government-held village in central Syria, killing at least 34 civilians and wounding more than 50, the state-run news agency said. http://news360.com/article/244647050


06/19/2014 BEIRUT (AP) — A suicide bomber detonated his vehicle Friday near a police checkpoint in eastern Lebanon, while troops raided two hotels in the capital, arresting 17 suspected members of an al-Qaida breakaway group allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in the country. It was not clear if the two incidents were related. But the bombing — the first since March — along with the security dragnet in and around Beirut sparked fears of renewed violence in a country which has been buffeted by the conflict in neighboring Syria. http://news360.com/article/244623965


11/05/2013 CLEVELAND – A man convicted of killing a woman and eight children at a birthday sleepover in a U.S. house fire has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.A federal judge sentenced 30-year-old Antun Lewis on Friday.The fire killed 33-year-old Medeia Carter, four of her children and four other youngsters attending a birthday party in May 2005.http://news360.com/article/244659159


06/21/2014 PANAMA CITY, Fla. — A new father in Florida was killed by a stray bullet that traveled more than 200 feet from a neighbor’s house and hit him in the back of the head. Bay County Sheriff’s officials were quoted by the The News Herald of Panama City http://bit.ly/1l30xwL as saying that 33-year-old Steven Justin Ayers was killed instantly during a family gathering he and his wife, Jessica, were having at their home to celebrate the birth of their 3-day-old son, born on Father’s Day. http://news360.com/article/244643402


06/14/2014 KABUL, Afghanistan — A proposal for the U.N. to mediate a crisis over allegations of election fraud gained momentum Friday as President Hamid Karzai backed the idea and the U.N. said it stood ready to help. Abdullah Abdullah, who is running against Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, has accused electoral officials and others of trying to rig the June 14 vote against him. That has threatened what Western officials had hoped would be a peaceful transfer of authority, as Karzai is constitutionally barred from seeking a third term. http://news360.com/article/244514201


06/16/2014 Atlanta, GA (WGCL) — A 22-month-old child has died after being left in a hot car for more than eight hours. According to Cobb County police, the father of the toddler was supposed to drop the baby off at daycare, but forgot. The father then drove to work around 9 a.m. Wednesday and left the baby in the car. It wasn’t until the man left work and started driving home that he looked in the backseat and saw the child still strapped in the car seat and unresponsive. http://news360.com/article/244661166


06/15/2014 QUEENS — A young man fatally shot his 15-year-old girlfriend in a Jamaica drug den and then lied about her committing suicide because he thought she had given him a sexually transmitted disease, sources said. Police charged Amin Abdullah with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, in connection to the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, Alexis Anderson.http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140620/jamaica/man-killed-15-year-old-girlfriend-after-claiming-she-gave-him-std-sources


6/17/2014 She was stabbed 16 times and left to die as she walked along a quiet footpath in Colchester, Essex, last Tuesday. The suspect in the beige jacket is described as between late teens to 30, tanned, of average build with thick, black hair. He was walking towards the nearby Greenstead estate between 10.20am and 10.40am. Police have appealed for information about two others. http://news360.com/article/244805233


06/21/2014 (this date represents the information found not the actual people murdered) FALFURRIAS, Texas — Volunteer researchers have uncovered mass graves in a South Texas cemetery that they believe contain the bodies of immigrants who died crossing into the U.S. Hundreds of bodies are being discovered, these people we will never know, disappeared for this life. the dates are unknown, the names are unknown..http://news360.com/article/244740717


06/22/2014 RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Israeli troops shot dead a mentally ill Palestinian who approached them in a West Bank refugee camp Sunday, the army said, while another Palestinian was killed in clashes in the city of Ramallah. Sunday’s deaths brought to four the number of Palestinians killed since Israel launched its most extensive military operation in the West Bank in years after the abduction of three Israeli teens on June 12. http://news360.com/article/244744082


07/03/2014 The newspaper said that from Thursday night into Friday, three people were killed and 10 wounded http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/07/07/329570640/more-than-50-people-were-shot-in-chicago-over-the-holiday-weekend


07/04/2014 Saturday night into Sunday morning, four people were killed and another 10 wounded http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/07/07/329570640/more-than-50-people-were-shot-in-chicago-over-the-holiday-weekend


07/05/2014 from 2:30 p.m. Sunday to 3:30 a.m. Monday, four people were killed and at least another 26 wounded. http://www.dailynews724.com/local/16-year-old-among-5-shot-by-police-since-friday-morning-h164331.html


06/30/2014 Anatoly Klyan, 68, an experienced cameraman for Russia’s state-sponsored Channel One was killed after Ukrainian government forces opened fire on a bus carrying conscripts’ mothers and journalists, according to the news channel. http://mashable.com/2014/06/30/russia-journalist-killed-ukraine/


06/12/2014 The three teenagers — Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, a 16-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship — disappeared on the night of June 12 as they were hitchhiking home from Jewish seminaries they attended in the West Bank. http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/#!/content/1.2692887


06/30/2014 GOWANUS — A man rejected for an ironworks job shot two welders and then used a pipe bomb to hold police at bay for two hours before committing suicide. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140630/gowanus/gunman-barricades-himself-after-shooting-2-men-police-say


07/08/2014 The father who allegedly stabbed his three-year-old son has been charged with his murder. On Tuesday about 9am, South Australia police were at an unrelated crash scene at the intersection of Hockley Terrace and Gorge Road in Athelstone – north-east of Adelaide – when they were approached by a man stating he had injured his son. http://news360.com/article/247038282


07/06/2014 A murder inquiry has been launched after the death of a 17-year-old boy following an altercation at a taxi rank. A 42-year-old man has been arrested after Alex Peguero Sosa, from Kingsbridge in Devon, died on Sunday. http://news360.com/article/246899165

Murdered #1101 – 1200


04/10/2003 Estella Jimenez Ortiz, 20 Residence: Houston Estella was stabbed and beaten by her husband, Jesse Jason Ortiz, 24. Their 3-year-old daughter was at home at the time of the murder. After killing his wife, Jesse committed suicide by jumping from a highway overpass. The couple had separated three days earlier. Police say Estella told friends she feared for her safety because Jesse was jealous and violent.


04/23/2003 Paula Jones Richard, 38 Residence: Houston Paula was shot by her husband, Preston Richard, 38, who set their home on fire and then killed himself. Both bodies were found in the blaze. The Harris County sheriff’s office had responded to a domestic disturbance at the home the night before the murder-suicide took place. The couple’s two children were at school at the time of their parents’ deaths


02/10/2003 Flor Roque, 28 Residence: Houston Flor was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Purnell Cauley, 35, after she tried to end their relationship. Enraged, Cauley killed Flor, then killed his wife and three daughters. He then killed himself after a standoff with police in which one officer was wounded.


01/22/2003 Tocarro Leane Swanson-Sanders, 20 Residence: Spring She was stabbed to death in her apartment by her boyfriend, Andre Fitzgerald Pierre, 30. Pierre asked neighbors to call police, saying he had killed Tocarro. Then he fled the scene. He later confessed the murder to police.


08/10/2003 Heidi Simone, 37 Residence: Houston Police say Heidi was beaten to death by her common-law husband, David Paul Chabolla, 39. Medical examiners ruled her death a homicide due to blunt- force trauma. Chabolla was arrested and charged in her death.


06/14/2003 Enjoli Taylor, 23 Residence: Houston Police say Enjoli was stabbed by her boyfriend, Aaron Rayme, 27. The two were seen arguing in a car when Enjoli jumped out to seek help at a nearby house. Rayme followed her and stabbed her to death. He then cut himself, was treated at a hospital, and then was arrested in connection with her death.


01/02/2003 Susan Rene Tull, 29 Residence: Houston Susan was shot at home by Paul Wade Hilligiest, 32, who then killed himself, police say. The two bodies were found after concerned relatives entered the home the couple shared. According to police, the couple had recently discussed ending their relationship.


10/20/2003 Priscilla Jenifer Viehland, 22 Residence: Houston Police say Pricilla was strangled by her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Jackson, who then set her body on fire. According to police reports, she had recently ended their relationship.


08/01/2003 Maria Villatoro, 20 Residence: Houston Police say Maria was shot in her car by her ex-husband, Luis Gonzalez, 21. Gonzales was arrested two days later in connection with her murder. He was discovered at a bus station in Santa Barbara, Calif., with their daughters, ages 3 and 18 months. Police say Maria had picked up her girls from day-care the previous afternoon, but never made it home with them.


09/05/2003 Erika Veronica Zepeda, 24 Residence: Houston Police say Erika was stabbed by her common- law husband, Daniel Martinez, 26. Adults in the southeast Houston home where the couple were guests tried to intervene when the couple started to argue, but backed away when Martinez grabbed a butcher’s knife and stabbed Erika. Martinez was arrested and charged in her death.


03/05/2003 Gertrude Tyler, 40 Residence: Hallsville Police say Gertrude was shot at home by her husband, George Tyler, 43, who also killed her 17- year-old son. George reported finding the bodies when he came home; however, police charged him in the deaths.


09/27/2003 HAYS COUNTY Neshia Nunn, 35 Residence: San Marcos Neshia was shot by her estranged husband, Ricky Nunn, 29. Prior to the shooting, police had been called to a domestic disturbance at the apartment, but the officers left because they could not find Ricky Nunn. Three minutes later, he returned and killed his wife, and injured her cousin, Alishia Batiste. A neighbor who heard the shootings called the police. When officers returned to the apartment, Ricky Nunn shot himself in the head. He later died at a local hospital. Neshia Nunn’s mother said Ricky Nunn had abused his wife throughout their marriage, and police say they had previously been called to the apartment.


08/03/2003 HENDERSON COUNTY, Celeste Murray, 43 Residence: “near Seven Point. Police say Celeste was shot by her husband, Wesley Wayne Murray, 40. Wesley Murray was indicted for murder. Celeste Murray had four daughters, ages 5 to 15.


07/04/2003 HIDALGO COUNTY Alma Booth, 86 Residence: Edinburg. Police say Alma was shot and killed on her living room sofa by her husband, Donald Ray Booth, 85.


05/01/2003 Juana Cerda, 44 Residence: Donna Juana was shot by her husband, Jose Manuel Cerda, 55, who then killed himself. Sheriff’s investigators say the violence may have resulted from a domestic dispute.


12/27/2003 Olga Lydia Garcia, 19 Residence: Donna Police say Olga was killed by her boyfriend, Rosendo DeLeon, 20. Her body was found one week after her family reported her missing.


05/26/2003 Virginia Huddleston, 34 Residence: McAllen Virginia was strangled in her apartment by her ex-boyfriend, Jeffery Ryan Hill, 32. Hill stuffed Huddleston’s body into a suitcase and dumped it in a rural area. He later pled guilty to murder and was sentenced to 60 years in prison.


08/2003 Isabel Kaiser, 58 Residence: Mission. Isabel was shot as she slept by her husband, Howard Maines, 67. Kasier had earlier attempted to end their turbulent marriage. Maines pled guilty to Isabel’s murder and was sentenced to 58 years. She had one son and three grandchildren.


08/27/2003 Michelle Peralez, 34 Residence: Weslaco Michelle was shot by her estranged husband, Santiago Gallegos, 33. Gallegos shot Peralez in the parking lot of the day-care center where she had just dropped off the couple’s twins. Gallegos then shot himself. They were the process of getting a divorce.


11/21/2003 Maria del Carman Vasquez, 34 Residence: San Juan Maria’s burned remains, found on Thanksgiving Day in Sullivan City, were identified through dental records. Her husband, David Vasquez, 33, was arrested and charged in her death. The couple had a 7- year-old-son.


03/28/2003 JEFFERSON COUNTY Marilyn Viltz Procter, Age Unknown Residence: Port Arthur Police say Marilyn was shot outside her home by her ex-boyfriend, Nhikima Hager, after she ended their relationship.


05/01/2003 Pamela Reed, 40 Residence: Port Arthur Pamela was shot by her estranged husband, Willis Joseph Reed, 50, while visiting a friend’s house. The couple argued before Willis shot his wife and two of her friends. He then returned home and confessed the shootings to police.


04/2003 KLEBURG COUNTY Meagan McFarlin, 22 Residence: Unknown Police say Meagan was beaten with a sledgehammer by her boyfriend, David Wammack, 26. Wammack confessed to killing Meagan after her skeletal remains were discovered on a beach one month after her death. Police learned the couple had a troubled relationship for some time. Wammack was indicted for murder on June 14, 2003.


10/19/2003 LIBERTY COUNTY Maria Hernandez, 32 Residence: Liberty Police say Maria was stabbed after a struggle with her estranged husband, Martin Rivera, 40, who then attempted suicide.


11/22/2003 Martha Sheets, 49 Residence: Hull Martha’s beaten and burned body was found in June 2004 near a heavily wooded rural road. Her family had reported Martha missing shortly before Thanksgiving in 2003. Police say her husband, Edward Sheets, 53, killed her. Edward Sheets had a long history of domestic violence, and he was in fact doing jail time on family violence charges when police found his wife’s body.


11/21/2003 Michelle King, 23 Residence: Lubbock Michelle suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died on the way to the hospital after her ex-boyfriend, Jason Flowers, 24, held her hostage for 15 hours. After a stand-off with police, he killed himself. King had obtained a protective order against Flowers two weeks prior to her death.


03/17/2003 Christina Moreno, 26 Residence: Lubbock Police say Christina was stabbed by her common-law husband, Armando Sandoval Jr., 29, after an all- night argument turned violent. After two failed suicide attempts, Sandoval confessed to killing Moreno. She had a 4- year-old son.


12/26/2003 Leah Nicole Rumbaugh, 18 Residence: Lubbock Police said Leah was shot in the head by her boyfriend, Robert Hudson, 26. Hudson told police he had found Leah’s body, and believed it was a suicide. But detectives charged Hudson in her death.



5/15/2003 MCLENNAN COUNTY Allison Felkner (Estes), 26 Residence: Waco. The former Marine was beaten to death on the steps of her apartment by her estranged husband, Brian Estes, 26. The couple was in the process of getting a divorce. Allison had two children.


01/17/2003 MATAGORDA COUNTY Shirley Joyce Johnson, 64 Residence: Palacios Shirley was shot and killed by her husband, Russell Franklin Yeager, 71. Yeager also shot and killed his son- in- law, James Milton Arnett, 49, before killing himself.


12/21/2003 MILAM COUNTY Bettie Jo Smith, 56 Residence: Cameron Police say Bettie Jo was stabbed by Jerry Lewis Wooden, 36 in what authorities deemed an intimate-partner homicide. Wooden was charged in her death, and was indicted for murder.


02/17/2003 MOORE COUNTY Tammy Rene Benson, 39 Residence: Cactus Tammy was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Ruben Ruiz, 32, after an argument. A jury found Ruiz guilty of murder and sentenced him to 25 years.


02/17/2003 NACOGDOCHES COUNTY Betty Jernigan, Residence: Chireno Betty was shot as she arrived home with her children by her ex-husband, Dan Hardy Jernigan, 37. The children ran inside their home to call 911 when they witnessed their father killing their mother. Dan Jernigan received a 30-year sentence for the murder.


11/01/2003 NUECES COUNTY Unknown Victim, 23 Residence: Corpus Christi. She was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, 45, after an argument escalated. He later turned himself in to police. No other information was available from authorities.


12/21/2003 ORANGE COUNTY Wendy Roque, 23 Residence: Pine Forest The newly commissioned police officer was shot and killed by her husband, Alvaro Gabino Roque, 33. She was in the process of divorcing him. Alvaro Roque also killed his police standoff.


09/17/2003 POLK COUNTY Linda Arnold, 34 Residence: Unknown Linda drowned after her common- law husband, Ronnie Boyd Barnet, 43, beat her while both were swimming in a local lake. Police say a heated argument led to the violence. Barnet was convicted of murder and is serving a 25- year sentence.


10/16/2003 Vickey Bowen, 44 Residence: Livingston Vickey’s body was found in her home by a co-worker who was concerned when she did not show up to work. Police say her boyfriend, Donnie Lee Roberts Jr., killed her. As police pursued Roberts, he jumped from the car he was driving. Eventually, he surrendered and was taken into police custody on suspicion of murder.


11/19/2003 Luz Martina Alfonso, 35 Residence: Amarillo Luz was shot by her husband, Juan Alfonso, 47, who then fatally shot himself. She had filed for divorce two months prior to her death, and the couple was scheduled to attend their final divorce court hearing on the day of the shooting. She had two daughters, 11 and 16.


06/19/2003 Kathy Sue Snelson, 51 Residence: Amarillo Kathy was stabbed by her boyfriend, James Richie, 72. Richie had a history of violent behavior and was sentenced to life in prison for her murder.


05/28/2003 RAINS COUNTY Tracie Lee Harmon Rogers, 35 Residence: Unknown Tracie was shot at home by her husband, Floyd Edward Rogers Jr., 40. Deputies had been called to the home previously for reports of domestic violence. Floyd Rogers was sentenced to life in prison for his wife’s murder. She had a 14- year-old daughter and 6- year-old son.


09/05/2003 RUNNELS COUNTY Trisha Leigh Hovorak, 28 Residence: Ballinger Trisha’s body was found by her father inside her home. Her husband, David WayneFranklin, 26, was charged in her death. The couple had begun divorce proceedings andwas trying to reconcile, police said.


12/07/2003 STARR COUNTY Brenda Lee Monjares, 16 Residence: Alto BonitoBrenda was shot by her boyfriend, Jairo Garza, 13. She was pregnant and had justfinished her freshman year of high school. The two had been living together in Garza’sparents’ home after Brenda told her mother she was pregnant. Brenda’s parents had begunto suspect that Garza was abusing their daughter.


06/22/2003 TARRANT COUNTY Ana Cantu, 23 Residence: Fort WorthAna was shot by her estranged husband, Oscar Cantu Sr., 31, as she held her 3-year-old son. An acquaintance, Jose Hernandez, 36, also was killed. Oscar then killed himself.


12/31/2003 Jeannie I. Gonzalez, 37 Residence: Fort Worth Jeannie was killed by her estranged husband after he entered her home. He also wounded her daughter and killed Artemio Arroyo, 40, before killing himself.


06/03/2003 Yarra Martinez, 20 Residence: Hurst Yarra was fatally shot in the back as she approached her car, just minutes after leaving her workplace. Police say her 19-year-old ex-boyfriend had been waiting for her, armed with a rifle, in an adjacent parking lot. After he sped away, police found him dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound.


12/13/2003 (date uncertain) Cynthia Miles, Age Unknown Residence: Fort Worth Cynthia was found beaten to death in her apartment. Police say her boyfriend, Andre Robinson, 26, was the killer. Robinson was arrested in Cynthia’s death. The couple’s two young daughters witnessed the killing and police believe they were left alone with their mother’s body for more than a day.


02/15/2003 Veronica Romo, 29 Residence: Irving Veronica was stabbed to death at her workplace. Her body was found later by coworkers. Veronica’s estranged husband, Carlos Delreal Rojas, 35, was arrested and charged in her death.


11/15/2003 Elena Sain, 41 Residence: Fort Worth Police say Elena was killed by her estranged husband, John Sain, 47. The couple had recently separated and Elena Sain had returned home to get her belongings when her husband shot and killed her, police say. Authorities said they were aware that Elena was returning home, but she had told them John Sain was not home.


04/26/2003 TAYLOR COUNTY Deborah Wieringo, 47 Residence: Abilene Deborah was shot by her boyfriend, who also killed her estranged husband after becoming enraged at seeing them together. The boyfriend then killed himself. The husband survived his injuries. She had two children.


11/09/2003 TRAVIS COUNTY Robin Buckland, 47 Residence: Spicewood. Robin was beaten to death with a hammer as she slept. Police say the killer was her ex-husband of 18 years, Gary Jackson Buckland, 44. A police report says after he killed her, Gary dragged Robin’s body outside his home and struck her on the neck to ensure she was dead.


03/28/2003 Ortralla Mosley, 15 Residence: Austin Ortralla was stabbed in front of fellow students at school by her ex-boyfriend, Marcus McTear, 16. She had broken up with McTear the day before her death to escape their violent rela tionship. McTear had a history of violent behavior. McTear, a minor, pled guilty to murder and received a 3 to 40 year sentence.


08/25/2003 Ann-Marie Sibley, 43 Residence: Austin. Ann-Marie was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Arthur James West Jr., 37. West also killed Ann-Marie’s brother, Michael Garvey, 45. West pled guilty to the charges and received two 30- year life sentences.


12/11/2003 Marivel Vargas, 18 Residence: Austin Marivel was shot in her car outside her workplace. Her ex-boyfriend, Alvaro Lee Contreras, 18, was charged in her death. She had recently ended their relationship after she suspected that Contreras had slashed her tires. Her brother reported that Contreras had assaulted him on one occasion and that his sister had expressed fear of Contreras. Contreras turned himself in to authorities.


06/12/2003 VAL VERDE COUNTY Bertha Paniagua, 46 Residence: Del Rio Authorities reported Bertha’s death as a murder-suicide in Del Rio, Texas. No other information was available.


11/08/2003 VAN ZANDT COUNTY Michelle Ann Plevnic, 35 Residence: Wills Point. Police say Michelle was shot by her boyfriend, Timothy Dewayne Hathcock, 32. He was arrested and charged in her death.


11/31/2003 WALLER COUNTY Gail Sternberg, 47 Residence: Unknown. Gail was shot and killed by her husband, Gary Sternberg, 67, who then killed himself.


08/22/2003 WEBB COUNTY Acenette Belinda Huerta, 38Residence: Laredo Acenette died 11 days after entering a hospital for a slash wound to her neck that police say her common- law husband, Santiago Martinez Jr., 40, inflicted during a domestic dispute. Martinez had a history of beating Acenette and was found that day by police covered in blood and holding a box-cutter. After pleading guilty, Martinez was given a 60-year sentence.


05/16/2003 06/16/Kristina Gonzalez, 35 Residence: Laredo Kristina was shot by her boyfriend, Hector Rodriguez, Jr., 32, who then killed himself. Police had visited their home for previous domestic violence complaints. Kristina had sought a protective order against Rodriguez after he kicked her in her face, cut her with a knife and sexually assaulted her in a previous attack.


01/05/2003 WICHITA COUNTY Samantha Lezark, 28 Residence: Wichita Falls Police say Samantha was beaten with a fire extinguisher and strangled by Kristopher Kyle Russell, 21. A co-worker found her body. The pair had just begun dating when the murder took place. Russell was charged in her death and is also a suspect in the death of his wife, Tara Russell, in Nebraska.


02/28/2003 Senior Airman Shelby Orelup, 22 Residence: Wichita Falls Shelby was strangled by her boyfriend, Sgt. Jason Arindain. Arindain dumped Shelby’s body near the base where she was stationed. In May 2004, Arindain was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to life in prison. She lby had a young daughter.


09/21/2003 WILLIAMSON COUNTY Kali Gianna Sansone, 27 Residence: Cedar Park Police say Kali was strangled by her husband, Gregory Michael Klapesky, 29. Police say Klapesky then took Kali’s body to a friend’s house to dispose it off. Police found the body after the friend grew suspicious and notified authorities.


05/13/2003 Shelia Stifflemire, 40 Residence: Leander Shelia was shot by her husband, Hank Stifflemire, 46, who then killed himself.


08/04/2003 WISE COUNTY Hope Marie Moore, 37 Residence: Bridgeport Hope was shot by her estranged husband, Martin Edward Moore, 36, outside her workplace. He later killed himself in an Indiana cornfield as he was being pursued by police. Hope and her daughter were staying with friends because her husband had threatened her.


03/17/2014 L’Wren Scott, fashion designer and stylist, was found dead Monday morning of an apparent suicide in her NYC apartment. Daily News reports that she was found around 10 a.m. by her assistant. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/17/lwren-scott-dead_n_4979957.html


03/16/2014 Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel discussed what measures the Department of Defense will take in light of the attack on Washington’s Navy Yard, which led to the deaths of 13 people. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/navy-yard-shooting-might-have-been-prevented-pentagon-review-shows/2014/03/18/5d48cc70-aeac-11e3-9627-c65021d6d572_story.html?wpisrc=al_crime


03/18/2014 A mentally-troubled man stabbed his father to death and seriously injured his mother during a domestic dispute in their Columbus Avenue apartment Tuesday morning, relatives and sources said. Anthony Powe, 27, who relatives said suffered from schizophrenia, attacked his parents with a pair of scissors in their eighth floor apartment at the Park West Village home at 784 Columbus Ave. about 6 a.m., before fleeing the scene. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140318/upper-west-side/two-injured-multiple-stabbing-on-upper-west-side


03/19/2014 What started as a surrender of three female undocumented immigrants, one woman and two teenagers, resulted in their rape and apparent suicide of their alleged aggressor. http://fusion.net/justice/story/border-patrol-agent-commits-suicide-allegedly-sexually-assaulting-511906


03/31/2014 A woman found her husband stabbed to death in their East 85th Street apartment Monday evening, police said. Hector Rossy, 53, was found with stab wounds to his chest and neck inside his fifth floor apartment at 328 East 85th St., near First Avenue, about 6:50 p.m., the NYPD said. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140401/yorkville/man-found-stabbed-death-upper-east-side-apartment-police-say


04/04/2014 A veteran Associated Press photographer was killed and an AP reporter was wounded on Friday when an Afghan policeman opened fire while they were sitting in their car in eastern Afghanistan.http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/04/04/299018995/ap-photographer-killed-reporter-wounded-by-gunman-in-afghanistan


04/02/2014 Ivan Lopez’s friendly smile apparently gave no hint of a history of depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. The Iraq war veteran was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder before he opened fire at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas on Wednesday. Lopez took his own .45-caliber handgun onto the sprawling facility and killed three people and wounded 16 more before taking his own life. His death left authorities to piece together what in his background and medical treatment could have triggered a new round of bloodshed at the same Killeen post where an officer killed 13 people in 2009. http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/02/us/fort-hood-shooter-profile/


03/14/2014 Officials said 18-year-old Amina Bibi self-immolated outside a police station in the district of Muzaffargarh. She had accused officers of failing to investigate properly claims that she was sexually assaulted by several men on the way to college in January. Correspondents say rape cases are rarely prosecuted in Pakistan. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26585131


04/16/2011 A part time actor has been found guilty of the rape and murder of a Chinese student in her Canadian apartment after her distraught boyfriend watched helplessly 6,500 miles away on Skype. Brian Dickson showed no emotion as he was convicted of the first degree murder of 23-year-old Qian Liu in April 2011, receiving a life-sentence with no chance of parole for 25-years. http://news360.com/article/232949440


04/09/2014 Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas, 44, was in the US illegally when he killed a former university professor who had hired him to help with renovations on his home. The execution by lethal injection went ahead after Texas’ parole and pardons board refused to delay his case. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-26964869


04/09/2014 A woman convicted of murder in Texas has been put to death, only the 14th time a female has been executed in the US in nearly four decades. Suzanne Basso, 59, was pronounced dead from lethal injection at 18:26 local time Wednesday (00:26 GMT Thursday). She was found guilty of the 1998 torture and killing of a mentally impaired man she had promised to marry. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-26061905


04/10/2014 The US state of Texas has executed a Mexican for murder, despite objections from the US and Mexican governments. Mexico argued the execution of Edgar Tamayo, 46, would violate international law, because he was not told of his right to seek legal assistance from the Mexican consulate when he was arrested. US Secretary of State John Kerry made the rare move of asking Texas to delay the execution. But it went ahead, after a last-minute appeal to the US Supreme Court failed. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-25848393


04/08/2014 A British man has been shot dead by masked robbers who burst into his mother’s home in the Bahamas. Police said Edgar Dart, 56, who lived in Winnipeg, Canada, was killed after he struggled with the raiders at the property in Emerald Bay near Freeport, Grand Bahama. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26966422


01/24/2013 The suicide of a violinist days after she testified against her ‘predatory’ former choirmaster ‘could and should’ have been prevented, an investigation into her death has found. Frances Andrade, 48, was left ‘utterly traumatised’ after giving evidence against Michael Brewer and his ex-wife Kay, and killed herself before they were convicted of a string of indecent assaults. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2601510/Suicide-violinist-days-testified-court-case-against-choirmaster-abused-child-prevented-according-new-report.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490


04/10/2014 At least 30 people have been killed and another 10 wounded in fighting between rival sectarian militias in the Central African Republic (CAR), police say. Officials say most of those who died in the central town of Dekoa were civilians hit by stray bullets.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-26963401


04/09/2014 A deadly bomb blast has struck a busy market on the outskirts of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, killing at least 20 people, police and medics say. The high intensity blast at the fruit and vegetable market left as many as 100 injured, reports say. The Pakistani Taliban denied involvement. No other group has said it carried out the attack. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26949797


04/07/2014 A Dutch priest well known for refusing to leave the besieged Syrian city of Homs has been shot dead by a gunman. Frans van der Lugt, who was in his 70s, had become a renowned figure in the rebel-held area that has been blockaded by government forces for nearly two years. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-26927068


04/08/2014 Karyn Washington, the 22-year-old founder of the For Brown Girls website, which sought to empower chocolate-complexioned black women, died on April 8, reportedly committing suicide, according to MadameNoire.  Her passing is a devastating loss for legions of black women who went online to seek refuge in any one of Washington’s many initiatives, which knocked down beauty standards and encouraged black women to find and rock whatever shade of red lipstick that best suited them. http://www.blackmediascoop.com/for-brown-girls-founder-karyn-washington-dead-at-22/


04/14/2014 A rush-hour bomb blast Monday at a bus station near Nigeria’s capital and other explosions that followed are thought to have killed more than 70 people and injured more than 120. An Islamist group that believes Western education is sinful and takes other extremist stands is being blamed. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/04/14/302879299/dozens-dead-scores-injured-after-bomb-blast-in-nigeria


04/26/2014 Two soldiers and three suspected rebels have died in a gun battle in restive Indian Kashmir, police say, soon after the killing of a poll official in India’s marathon general elections. Violence has spiked in the disputed Himalayan region since the start of the staggered parliamentary polls earlier this month as rebels have sought to discourage locals from turning out at the ballot box, police say. The latest violence erupted on Friday when security forces laid siege to Manloo village, 55 kilometres south of Kashmir’s main city Srinagar, after militants opened fire on them. http://news360.com/article/236036767


03/21/2014 The American agency is leading the investigation into the crimes of William James Vahey, who killed himself as authorities began to uncover the scale of his abuse at schools across the world. FBI Special Agent Shauna Dunlap said: “Without a doubt, this is certainly one of the most prolific suspected sexual predators that we’ve seen, given the numbers of children, potential victims, his position of trust, and so forth. http://news360.com/article/236023997


04/26/2014 Attacks in Iraq killed about 15 people Saturday, in new rounds of violence just days before the country’s parliamentary elections. Officials say at least six people died in two separate attacks in the capital, Baghdad, while violence elsewhere killed nearly 10 people. http://news360.com/article/236082224


04/25/2014 A teenager charged with stabbing a fellow high school student to death on the day of their junior prom is being held in a hospital under psychiatric evaluation where he will likely remain for two weeks, one of his attorneys said Saturday. The 16-year-old suspect, who was charged as a juvenile offender, will not appear at an arraignment scheduled for Monday in New Haven, said attorney Richard Meehan. The teenager is accused of fatally stabbing Maren Sanchez, 16, in the hallway of Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn. The attack occurred Friday morning, hours before the school’s junior prom, and authorities were investigating whether Sanchez was stabbed after turning down the suspect’s invitation to the dance. http://news360.com/article/236110925


04/10/2014 Early Thursday morning, a man shot and killed a 17-year-old boy that he caught in his teenage daughter’s bed. The tragic incident reportedly occurred after the 16-year-old girl’s younger brother went into her room to say goodnight and spotted two feet sticking out from under the bed. The younger brother then told his father, who stormed into the room and reportedly found the teen in his daughter’s bed. http://gawker.com/dad-fatally-shoots-17-year-old-he-caught-in-bed-with-hi-1543762757


03/14/2014 A Pakistani teenager has died a day after setting herself on fire when police dropped charges against those accused of attempting to rape her. Officials said 18-year-old Amina Bibi self-immolated outside a police station in the district of Muzaffargarh. She had accused officers of failing to investigate properly claims that she was sexually assaulted by several men on the way to college in January. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26585131


02/15/2014 A family’s night at the movies on Valentine’s Day turned into a horror show when a husband and father was beaten to death outside a cinema by police officers. Things had not gone smoothly for the Rodriguez family — who reside in Norman, OK — due to a dispute which took place between Mrs. Nair Rodriguez and her 19-year-old daughter, Luinahi.  Mrs. Rodriguez says her daughter had been lying to her so she slapped her during the argument, which took place outside the Warren Theater during the early hours of February 15th. http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/luis-rodriguez/


01/15/2014 Aguilar stepped out of the dressing room at Zumiez, a store he had visited before and is popular with the skate and snowboarding sets, and randomly killed two clerks before firing on other mall patrons, wounding one and sending hundreds of panicked shoppers and merchants racing for cover. Then he took his own life. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/howard-county-police-to-release-additional-information-on-mall-in-columbia-shooter/2014/03/11/e8606be0-a927-11e3-8d62-419db477a0e6_story.html?wpisrc=al_crime


12/12/2013 A U.S. military drone strike in Yemen last December may have killed up to a dozen civilians on their way to a wedding and injured others, including the bride, a human rights group says. U.S. officials say only members of al-Qaida were killed, but they have refused to make public the details of two U.S. investigations into the incident. Human Rights Watch released a report on the drone strike Thursday, citing interviews with eight witnesses and relatives of the dead as well as Yemeni officials. The report said four Hellfire missiles were fired at a wedding procession of 11 vehicles on Dec. 12, 2013, in Radda in southern Yemen, killing at least 12 men and wounding at least 15 others, six of them seriously. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/20/drone-civilians_n_4820785.html


10/05/2011 An 8-year-old girl returning from school found the bodies of her parents and another relative in their Mississippi home and authorities said the victims all died of stab wounds. http://townhall.com/news/us/2011/10/06/child_finds_parents,_relative_slain_in_mississippi


02/15/2014 A 15-year-old girl named Adrian Broadway was shot and killed by a man who opened fire on a group of teenagers who allegedly egged his home, according to reports. http://globalgrind.com/2014/02/16/adrian-broadway-killed-prank-egging-open-fire-willie-noble/?utm_source=Twitter


04/29/2014 A 14-year-old Chicago girl accused of killing another girl in a dispute over a boy tried unsuccessfully to fire a gun before someone fixed it for her and handed it back to her so she could open fire, prosecutors said Tuesday. That detail emerged during a hearing in juvenile court on the latest incident of violence grabbing headlines in Chicago. The alleged shooter appeared at the hearing on a first-degree murder charge in Monday’s slaying of 14-year-old Endia Martin. http://news360.com/article/236551417


11/28/2012 A Minnesota homeowner who shot and killed two teenagers during a break-in was convicted Tuesday of premeditated murder. Byron Smith had claimed he was simply defending himself during the break-in at his home in the small city of Little Falls on Thanksgiving Day 2012. Smith’s attorney said the 65-year-old was fearful after previous burglaries.http://news360.com/article/236516803


04/29/2014 Around 60 people have been killed in Syria’s Damascus and Homs, as an international watchdog said it would probe alleged chlorine attacks in the country. Meanwhile, the parliament speaker said four new candidates had registered for next month’s presidential election, expected to return Bashar al-Assad to office despite the civil war, which has left vast swathes of the country out of his control. http://news360.com/article/236567355


04/28/2014 A schoolboy will spend a third day being questioned by police over the fatal stabbing of a much-loved teacher in front of her pupils. Spanish teacher Ann Maguire, 61, was just months away from retiring in September after working at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds for more than 40 years. http://news360.com/article/236579082


05/05/2014 SANAA, Yemen — Gunmen in Yemen’s capital opened fire on three French security guards working with the European Union mission on Monday, killing one with some ten gunshots and wounding another, Interior Ministry officials said. They said the gunmen attacked as the group was getting into their sport utility vehicle outside their office, not far from the French embassy and near the residence of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, riddling the car with bullets. The wounded security guard is in critical condition. http://news360.com/article/237375812


09/2013 FITCHBURG, Mass. The father of a 5-year-old Massachusetts boy who was missing for months before his body was found by the side of a highway has apologized at his funeral for not protecting him. http://news360.com/article/237130060


05/04/2014 EL-ARISH, Egypt — An Egyptian militant group claimed responsibility Sunday for twin suicide bombings that targeted a military checkpoint and a tourist bus, killing at least one soldier and wounding nine in southern Sinai. In a statement posted on militant websites, the al-Qaida-inspired group Champions of Jerusalem told the Egyptian army: “We will not rest until we achieve retribution for the blood and honor of the Muslims.” http://news360.com/article/237195386

Murdered #1001-1100


12/20/2013 Jamaica’s assistant police commissioner Derrick Knight said Saturday that detectives have seized two vehicles in connection with the double homicides. They have also identified someone whom they believe knows something about the crimes and have urged him to turn himself in. 19-year-old Franciena Johnson of Brooklyn and her 18-year-old cousin Nadia Fearon were shot and killed while visiting relatives in Jamaica, just one day after they arrived. Johnson’s heartbroken mother never imagined it might be the last time she would see her child when she sent her off for winter break to stay with her grandmother. But now Suzette Clarke-Grose, of Canarsie, is dealing with unimaginable pain. After Franciena and Nadia vanished, police found their bodies far from the resort areas, floating in a salt marsh near May Pen on the country’s south coast. Then Franciena’s grandmother made the terrible phone call. “She said, ‘Brace yourself, because your daughter is dead,’” Clarke-Grose said through tears. “I asked what happened, and she don’t know, she just never came home Friday night. She and Nadia left the house to go to May Pen, and she didn’t return home.” Police tell the family they are putting together bits and pieces of evidence to help find the killer. Someone heard gunshots, which led them to the bodies. “I was told it appears they kidnapped them in a car, and the area where they took them was very lonely,” Clarke-Grose said. “Nobody really knows what happened. They only know that they found them with gunshot wounds to the body.” Clarke-Grose spoke to Eyewitness News while sorting through hundreds of pictures of her photogenic daughter, who was studying to be a nurse at Kingsboro College. She was born in Jamaica and moved to the US as a child, and her mother can’t understand why anyone would hurt her.


12/15/2013 Heartbroken friends and family gathered in Manhattan Thursday morning to bid a final farewell to a 3-year-old boy who was thrown to his death off an Upper West Side high-rise by his father. Officials believe a bitter custody battle drove Kirill’s father, 35-year-old Dmitriy Kanarikov, to toss the boy from the top of the 52nd-story apartment building before jumping to his own death. Kirill’s mother, Svetlana Kanarikov, said in a statement that she had been nervous about her son’s visits with his father, and she initially wanted them to be supervised. But she relented after a December 5 court appearance. “The father never did anything violent against the child before,” Kanarikov said of the two previous visits in a statement issued Monday night through a lawyer. “Both times, Kirill was happy after seeing his dad. Skype calls were also going well.” He had picked up Kirill at 10 a.m. Sunday at a Manhattan police precinct – a neutral site negotiated in advance by the parents – to spend time with him for the first time unsupervised. The couple had been married four years and separated in August, and Svetlana Kanarikov said she had taken action after a domestic violence incident. Their split was acrimonious. She left their Brooklyn apartment and moved in with her family in Fair Lawn, N.J., enrolling her son in school. In addition to Kirill, Dmitriy Kanarikov had wanted their house and other property, too, Svetlana Kanarikov said. “He said he would take the child away and I will ‘shoot myself from grief,’” she said. “This was his sick way to take Kirill away from me.” Officers responding to an emergency call reporting two jumpers from the building near Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center found Kanarikov and the boy on the lower rooftops of two separate nearby buildings. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, and Kirill was pronounced dead at a hospital, police said. A witness said the boy was wearing Christmas pajamas. “Kirill was a very sweet, wonderful child, who was loved very much,” his mother said. “He will forever live on in my heart.”


1/01/2008 Said faces capital murder charges in the shooting deaths of his daughters – 18-year-old Amina and 17-year-old Sarah. Investigators say the victims went with their father under the pretense of getting something to eat. Their bodies were found on New Year’s Day 2008 in a cab at a hotel in Irving.


12/25/2013 Gun violence in Newark late Christmas night left a 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy dead and another teenager in critical condition. Police are still searching for the shooter or shooters after the shots rang out on Schley Street, near I-78, around 10 p.m.


12/18/2013 A man walked into a nail salon and shot a woman in the head at a nail salon in New Jersey. It happened inside the nail salon on Bergenline Avenue in West New York around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.


12/21/2013 Ssekasi John aged 29 was a business man who always hosted male friends at his home in Kasangati. On Sunday as he was  at Kalerwe Market stage, one of the boda boda riders refused to ride him home simply because he one of the riders on the same stage had informed him that he (Ssekasi John) was a gay who at one time wanted to have annual sex with him….Its at that point that other riders started attacking him and hence ended up using mob justice onto him…..Its now official that being a gay or lesbian leads you to life imprisonment in Uganda.


3/14/2012 Amina Filali, a 16-year-old Moroccan girl, killed herself this week after being forced to marry her rapist, who beat her, the Associated Press reports. The case has sparked outrage in Morocco’s online community, which is calling for change in the country’s laws for women.


01/08/2014 Two people are dead and one person is seriously wounded after an overnight shooting in Richmond Hill. The shooting happened just after midnight at a townhouse complex at Centre Street east of Yonge Street. CBC Toronto’s Linda Ward reported from the scene at 6:30 a.m. and said police investigators had cordoned off an area around a car parked outside one of the townhouse units.


01/13/2014 Curtis Reeves got into an argument with another moviegoer over texting. The two men exchanged words that gradually became more heated and Reeves felt something hit his face. Reeves, who minutes earlier had gone to seek a manager’s help to stop the texting, this time reached into a pocket in his pants for, police say, a pistol. He later told police he feared the man was going to attack him. Reeves, a former police officer, pulled a gun and shot once, hitting Chad Oulson in the chest and Oulson’s wife, Nicole, in the hand she was using to grab her husband in an attempt to calm things down. As the victim struggled to breathe and fell onto two other patrons, Reeves sat down. An off-duty deputy five seats over charged toward him and grabbed the gun, which had jammed. Chad Oulson died later at a hospital. His wife’s wound was considered non-life threatening.


01/16/2014 At least one person was killed when a bomb went off in the town of Pradera in western Colombia, officials say. Dozens of people were injured when a motorcycle packed with explosives detonated outside a police station. The town’s mayor said he had been warned that Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc, were planning an attack. The rebels announced on Wednesday that their month-long unilateral ceasefire had come to an end.


01/06/2014 The parents of a nine-month-old girl have been arrested on suspicion of her murder. The baby, who has not been named, died in hospital on 6 January shortly after being taken by ambulance from an address in Park Village in Wolverhampton, police said. A 35-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man were arrested at Wolverhampton police station. Tests are being carried out to determine the cause of death. The baby died at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, police said. The pair have been bailed while investigations continue.


01/13/2014 Religious violence in the Central African Republic has reached a new extreme with an act of cannibalism in the capital, Bangui. The BBC’s Paul Wood has heard a graphic first-person account, which some might find upsetting. The buses throwing up clouds of red clay dust had yet to rub out the ugly bloodstain in the dirt. A Muslim man had been murdered here a few days ago, by Christians. His limbs were hacked off. Then one of the crowd ate the flesh in a public demonstration of cannibalism. We were filming nearby when a young man in a yellow T-shirt came up to talk to me. “I am the naughty one,” he said in broken French. Puzzled, I shook his hand and was trying to ease past him when I noticed the machete tucked into his skinny jeans. “I am the naughty one,” he repeated. Start Quote I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the bone – with bread. That’s why people call me Mad Dog.” Ouandja Magloire Camera phones had captured the crime. The pictures show a charred and dismembered body being dragged through the street by a screaming mob. A man held a severed leg and bit down into it. The same, slightly built figure was standing in front of me. He was even wearing the same yellow T-shirt as in the video. A few minutes earlier, I had spoken to a horrified witness, Ghislein Nzoto. He said it began when the Muslim man was dragged from a bus. “People started attacking him, kicking him. They smashed a rock against his head. They kept going even after he was dead.” He went on: “They set the body on fire. There were about 20 youths. They cut a whole leg off. Then one of them started to eat it. He bit into it four times and swallowed. It was raw, not burned. “This was right in front of the Burundian peacekeepers. One of the soldiers vomited. Then he chased people away with his gun. “I swore revenge’ The cannibal’s name was Ouandja Magloire – though he told me he was now known as “Mad Dog”. There was a busy market either side of the street, people hawking brightly coloured cloth, skin-whitening creams, and piles of fresh loaves. We went somewhere a bit quieter so I could ask him why he had done this awful thing. He told me that Muslims had killed his pregnant wife, his sister-in-law, and her new baby.


01/18/2014 A Germantown mother and another woman accused of killing two toddlers and injuring two other children believed they were performing an exorcism, Montgomery County police said Saturday. Police found the children Friday morning when they were called to 28-year-old Zakieya L. Avery’s townhouse by a neighbor who became concerned after seeing a knife, what appeared to be blood and a car with an open door outside the home. Officers took the keys from the car and entered the home. A second woman who lived there, Monifa Sanford, 21, was found with minor injuries. Police on Saturday said both women had been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.


01/17/2014 A suicide attack at a Kabul restaurant popular with foreign nationals killed at least 21 people on Friday, including the country director for the International Monetary Fund and four United Nations employees. The attacker exploded a bomb at the restaurant gates, clearing the way for two gunmen to enter and start shooting indiscriminately, reports NPR’s Sean Carberry. Afghan security forces killed the gunmen in a shootout. Some 13 foreign nationals were among the dead, CNN reported, including Canadians, Lebanese and a British contractor. The U.S. embassy in Kabul confirmed on Twitter that two victims were American. Two members of the European Police mission were also killed, a Danish woman and a British close protection officer.


08/12/2011 Muth guilty in death of Georgetown socialite: The 91-year-old Viola Herms Drath was found dead in her home in 2011. Her husband, Albrecht Gero Muth — who claims to have been an Iraqi general and a spy — was found guilty of first-degree murder. iola Drath and Muth had a fascinating marriage of 20 years. They slept in the same bedroom but in separate beds. He was more of a companion than a conventional husband, and he often served as her social scheduler, prosecutors said. In interviews with detectives, Muth called the marriage one of “convenience.” But prosecutors said Muth was also abusive and controlling. Drath was found dead in a second-floor bathroom with bruises on her head, throat, chest and arms.


01/24/2014 The explosion of a powerful bomb outside a security headquarters in Cairo killed at least four people on Friday. Two more smaller explosions in the city left at least one other person dead. Dozens of people were wounded in the bombings. The largest blast shattered windows for about a mile. On a weekend when nerves are already on edge because it’s the third anniversary of the protests that eventually led to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak’s government, NPR’s Leila Fadel says the explosions were quickly followed by protests. The demonstrators, she said, blame the Muslim Brotherhood for the bombings.


12/09/2013 A woman found dead in her Long Island bedroom last month died from repeated blows to her head with an ax, and authorities and court documents revealed Friday that the woman’s 24-year-old son is suspected of killing her. Sean Farrell of Medford was ordered held without bail following his arrest Thursday on second-degree murder charges. The unemployed man wore a white jumpsuit and appeared nervous as he shuffled his feet back and forth during a brief proceeding in Suffolk County District Court in Central Islip. His court-appointed attorney requested that Farrell be placed on suicide watch while he is held in jail awaiting trial. The attorney, Daniel Russo, said he had just been assigned to the case and met his client briefly. He said he believed Farrell suffers from some sort of schizophrenic condition. Authorities have released few details since 45-year-old Bonnie Farrell was found dead in her bedroom on Dec. 9. She had suffered a head injury, was discovered by her husband and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.


01/25/2014 On the final morning of his short life, Darion Marcus Aguilar climbed into a taxi in Burtonsville, 10 miles north of his College Park home. He carried a backpack and a pump-action, pistol-grip shotgun, a Mossberg 12-gauge, which he kept hidden as he informed the driver where he wanted to go. The Mall in Columbia, he told the cabbie Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19, of College Park, in his Junior year, yearbook photo. He went to James Hubert Blake High School in Silver Spring, Md. View details of the area where violence erupted after a shooter emerged from among weekend shoppers. Just 19 years old, a 2013 graduate of James Hubert Blake High School in Silver Spring, Aguilar had been scheduled to work early Saturday, at a Dunkin’ Donuts. He didn’t show up. And by day’s end — hours after his violent, self-
inflicted demise — his mother, having tried again and again to reach him, would report him missing to the police. Under a sunless sky, gray and frigid, it was about 10 a.m. as the taxi cruised north to Howard County. Soon, Aguilar — who kept a journal, in which he wrote of his dissatisfaction with his life, according to police — would fatally shoot two employees of a clothing shop, spreading terror in a suburban mall packed with shoppers. Then he would turn the Mossberg on himself.


02/01/2014 A needle was in Hoffman’s left arm, and eight empty glassine-type bags that usually contain heroin were found in his apartment


01/30/2014 Police in eastern India have arrested the husband and parents-in-law of a young woman for allegedly burning her and her baby girl alive. The primary motive behind January 30 the attack is suspected to be dowry-related, as alleged by the parents of the dead woman, Jharkhand state police superintendent N.K. Mishra said. The three suspects poured kerosene on Annu Devi, 22, and the baby girl at their village home in the state’s Dumka district and set them on fire, Mishra said. The 1-year-old child died instantly, and the mother later succumbed to her injuries in a hospital, police said. A court has sent the three suspects to jail to await trial, Mishra told CNN. Asked whether the fact that Devi gave birth to a girl was also a motive, Mishra said: “That could be a factor. But it was mainly for dowry. Her family has said in their complaint she was harassed for money and other things.” Devi married three years ago, Mishra said. Dowry is banned in India, but giving expensive “gifts” to the grooms and their relatives at weddings hosted by the brides’ families remains a common practice in the country. Police across India registered 8,233 murders of women as dowry deaths in 2012, according to national crime data.


12/14/2010 Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, who is from El Fuerte in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, is the only person to be convicted in the Dec. 14, 2010, shooting death of [Terry]. … “The shootout erupted just north of the Arizona border city of Nogales as Osorio-Arellanes and four other men who are accused of sneaking into the country to rob marijuana smugglers approached Terry and three other agents who were targeting such rip-off crews. “Osorio-Arellanes was wounded in the shootout and was the only person arrested at the scene. Four other alleged rip-off crew members fled to Mexico. Two of the four are now in Mexican custody, while two others remain fugitives.”


02/11/2014 At least 10 people have been killed and many injured in a suspected grenade attack at a cinema in Peshawar in north-west Pakistan, officials say. No group has said it carried out the attack, but cinema owners say they had received warnings from militants to shut down their businesses. It comes almost two weeks after explosions at another cinema in the city killed five people. Peshawar has suffered numerous bomb and gun attacks over the years. The attack took place at about 15:40 local time (10:40 GMT) while a film was showing inside the cinema. One report suggests that up to 80 people were inside the hall when three grenades were hurled at the patrons. In the last 48 hours the city of Peshawar and surrounding areas, bordering Pakistan’s restive tribal belt, have been hit by several small but deadly bomb attacks. Much of the violence to have hit Peshawar in recent years has come at the hand of Taliban militants. Taliban and government representatives are currently engaged in preliminary peace efforts aimed at charting a “roadmap” for negotiations. One of the five conditions set by the government before talks can begin in earnest is a cessation of hostilities.


11/30/2002 Baldwin was born in Doctor’s Hospital in Toronto, the son of Yvonne Kidman and Richard Baldwin. On 28 April 1998, he and his older sister were taken by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society after allegations of abuse were leveled against their parents. They were given into the custody of their maternal grandparents, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman. In 2000, a worker with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society noticed a bruise under Baldwin’s eye, but this was dismissed as an accident and no action was taken. According to later court testimony, Baldwin and his sister were kept in a locked room at night with furnace vents shut, and when released were forced to eat with their hands from a mat on the floor. James Mills, the boyfriend of Baldwin’s aunt who also lived in the house, declared that Baldwin’s grandmother did not love him or his sister, and that they were purely a “dollars and cents” matter, as his grandparents received social assistance for their care. On the evening of 30 November 2002, his grandmother called 911 to report that he was not breathing. Upon arrival, emergency workers noticed that his body was “covered in sores, bruises and abrasions”. His weight at death was slightly less than his weight at his first birthday, almost five years earlier.


05/23/2013 Julian Dawkins went to his aunt’s house in Alexandria on Tuesday night to celebrate: His cousin had just learned that she had made the Washington Mystics roster for this season. When the gathering ended, a neighbor heard Dawkins talking with, then arguing with, then chasing a man down the street. According to police, Dawkins, 22, a shuttle driver for the “PBS NewsHour,” was fatally shot by an off-duty Arlington County sheriff’s deputy. Family members say they are still struggling to understand why.


02/05/2014 In Florida, a man, who was not wearing any clothing, was on Military Trial when, he assaulted a 66-year-old retired New York City police officer, Palm B each County sheriff Ric Bradshaw said. The naked man, then entered the Colony where he began chasing a man and the man’s 10 year old son. Then at this point the man began a fight with a 18 year old and started biting the 18 year old’s face. The police tried to taser him but it was not working then they shot him and he finally died.


02/19/2014 The center of Kiev looks like a war zone today. Streets and squares in the capital of Ukraine are littered with rocks, bricks, spent stun grenades and tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and burning tires, the BBC’s David Stern. The debris is what’s been left behind after Tuesday’s deadly clashes between police and some of the thousands of anti-government protesters. Swept away from the scene to overflowing hospitals and morgues: at least 25 people who were killed yesterday and another 241 who were injured. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/02/19/279429708/kiev-is-a-war-zone-as-chaos-continues-in-ukraine


02/18/2014 “The latest victims of the unrest included college student and model Genesis Carmona, 22, who was shot in the head at a protest on Tuesday in the central city of Valencia. She died later in a clinic. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/02/20/280019048/in-venezuela-another-beauty-queens-death-adds-to-anger


10/12/2003 Brenda Archibald, 57 Residence: Bastrop Brenda was shot by her husband, Gary Archibald, 56, who then killed himself. Texas Women Killed by their Intimate Partner in 2003 The Texas Council on Family Violence tracks to the best of our ability the stories of women who were killed by their intimate partners in Texas. This list names the 154 women killed in 2003 and gives brief accounts of their deaths. We learn of these women from a combination of records including Texas Department of Public Safety data, media reports and law enforcement records. There are undoubtedly other victims of domestic homicide who remain uncounted. The list below reflects the most accurate information available to TCFV researchers at the time of compilation. We also update our records annually, or as media coverage alerts us to developments. Unknown victims are those unnamed women whose deaths are noted in law enforcement records, often without details such as hometown, age or date of death. TCFV uses media reports to match the incident data with names for most of these victims; however, if there is no media coverage, a name often cannot be discovered. If you can help us name these unknown victims, please contact TCFV at 800-794-1133.. http://www.tcfv.org/pdf/womenkilled/2003.pdf


02/24/2003 BEXAR COUNTY Rolanda Cortinas, 24 Residence: San Antonio. Rolanda was shot by her estranged husband, Roland Cortinas, 36, who then killed himself. She was in the process of obtaining a protective order against him. She had two children, 2 and 3.


12/20/2003 Mayra Lizeth De Loa, 19 Residence: Garland December 20, 2003 Mayra was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend Paul Milne, 23. Milne was sentenced to life in prison. Emma Garza, 58


03/04/2003 San Antonio, Emma was strangled in her apartment by her boyfriend, Manual Maldonado, 45, police said. Maldonado surrendered to police after threatening to jump from a parking garage. He was charged in her death. Family members said the couple had problems in the past.


01/30/2003 Melissa Jiminez, 30 Residence: San Antonio Melissa was shot by her boyfriend, Emilio Ramirez, 40, and later died from her injuries. Melissa. He was given an 18-year sentence.


09/24/2003 Maria Moreno, 31 Residence: San Antonio She was shot by her husband, Roland Moreno, 33. Roland Moreno also shot and killed their 5- year-old son, Luis, as he slept. Maria was pregnant at the time of her death. Roland Moreno killed himself after police arrived at the home.


03/30/2003 Maria G. Moreno, 55 Residence: San Antonio Police say Maria was killed when her ex-husband, Jesus Ramirez Moreno, 50, ran over her with his car. The couple had met to discuss reconciliation. They had recently divorced after 29 years of marriage.


08/2003 Monay Morris, 18 Residence: San Antonio Police say Monay’s ex-boyfriend, Shaun, killed her by pushing her into a train.


11/2003 Michelle Webb, 28 Residence: San Antonio Police say Michelle was strangled by her boyfriend, Jonathan Williams, 24. She had an 8- month-old daughter


11/05/2013 A Jackson, Miss, man was arrested for the deaths of a Brandon, Miss,. mother, her young son and her husband. The family vanished without a trace after a car wreak. http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-missing-mississippi-case-leads-investigators-familys-bodies/story?id=20788463


11/17/2003 Martha Wilson, 41 Residence: San Antonio Martha was found strangled in her bedroom closet with her hands and feet bound and her head covered. Police say Gary Wilson, 43, murdered his wife and then held police at bay from the front seat of his car parked at the house, while his children sat in the back of the car. He was shot and killed in the standoff. The Wilson children were not injured.


07/10/2003 BRAZORIA COUNTY Linda Bates, 41 Residence: Bailey’s Prairie Linda was stabbed to death in her home by her husband, John Bates, 40. His brother witnessed the murder and identified the killer to police.


04/05/2003 CALDWELL COUNTY Nodie Fennel, 39 Residence: McMahan Nodie was shot and killed by her common- law husband, Alvin Brown. At the trial, Brown admitted to the shooting, but claimed the gun fired accidentally during a struggle. The jury found him guilty and sentenced him to 30 years.


01/12/2003 CAMERON COUNTY Gabriela Jimenez Residence: Harlingen Gabriela was shot and killed outside her home by her ex-boyfriend, David Atkinson, 47. When police arrived at Atkinson’s home to get information, he shot and killed himself. Gabriela had three children.


12/21/2003 CASS COUNTY Nyainna Maxine Oliver, 24 Residence: Hughes Springs Nyainna and her 3-year-old son were found beaten to death in their apartment. Her boyfriend, Reginald Brown, 29, left a suicide note admitting to their murders before he fatally shot himself.


08/03/2003 CHEROKEE COUNTY Faye Harris, 42 Residence: Jack sonville Faye was beaten and shot in her driveway by her estranged husband, Michael Harris, 43. Police say Michael repeatedly struck Faye on the face and head with the butt of a gun until she fell to the ground. He then shot her in the back. Michael was arrested and charged. Faye had filed a protective order against her husband, who police say had used intimidation tactics including burning her house and vandalizing her car in the months prior to the murder.


08/04/2003 Tracye Moore, 41 Residence: Rusk Tracye was stabbed by her husband, Runny Session, 37. Session also killed the couple’s 16-year-old son before killing himself. Her 18-year-old daughter found the bodies inside the home. Family members said Session had a history of violent behavior and mental illness.


06/25/2003 COLLIN COUNTY Barbara Cantrell, 63 Residence: Allen Barbara was shot and killed by her husband, William Cantrell, 59, who then killed himself. The couple had financial problems, police said.


07/31/2003 Debbie Dunn, 40 Residence: Anna Police say Debbie was shot by her husband, Reece Boyd Dunn, 42. He told authorities he was tired of arguing with his wife, so he shot her. The Dunns’ 14-year-old son was in the house at the time of his mother’s murder.


11/22/2003 Patricia Himelright, 67 Residence: McKinney Patricia was shot in the head at home by her boyfriend, John Stephen Castaneda, 41, who was convicted of her murder in March of 2005. Castaneda was sentenced to life in prison.


02/21/2003 Alene Leopard, 43 Residence: Allen Alene was shot by her husband, James Kevin Leopard, 41, before he set fire to their home. James Leopard died in that fire, but police said evidence indicated he had not planned to kill himself. Police had previously responded to domestic disturbances at the home. A court hearing related to the couple’s impending divorce was scheduled on the day of their deaths. They had two children.


11/11/2003 Tracy Jean Littrell, 43 Residence: Anna Police say Tracy was strangled by her boyfriend, Kevin Michael Jones, 40. Jones called police and informed them he had just killed Tracy at the home they shared. In January 2004, Jones was indicted in her murder. Tracy had an 8-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter.


07/21/2003 Carol “Renee” Taylor, 39 Residence: Allen Carol was shot and killed by her husband of 22 years, Mark Taylor, 42. He later met with the couple’s marriage counselor and then killed himself. Newspaper accounts said Renee had filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against her husband six days prior to her murder. They had three daughters, ages 16, 19 and 21.


07/14/2003 CORYELL COUNTY Estelvinda Cardona, 42 Residence: Copperas Cove Estelvinda was stabbed by her husband, U.S. ArmyCapt. Rene Cardona, 46. Before killing himself, Rene also repeatedly stabbed the couple’s 18- year-old daughter, Jennifer, who survived. Authorities said there was evidence of past family violence.


06/25/2003 DALLAS COUNTY Teshibra Bell, 15 Residence: Dallas Teshibra was killed by her 25-year-old boyfriend, Shannon Meshack, who attempted to burn her body in his backyard. She was pregnant at the time of her murder. Teshibra had complained to family members about Meshack’s physical abuse. Previously, police had responded to domestic disturbances at Meshack’s residence. In August 2004, he was sentenced to life in prison.


09/28/2003 Stephanie Renee Chapman, 34 Residence: Dallas Police say Stephanie was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Lester Deon Thomas. Thomas was arrested after a lengthy standoff with police. Stephanie ’s new boyfriend, Dorley Crockett, 21, also was killed. Her 13-year-old daughter witnessed the murders. Police say Thomas returned to kill them.


07/09/2003 Mary Fangers, 45 Residence: Dallas Mary was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Mark Fangers, 43, in the apartment leasing office where she worked. Mark Fangers then killed himself. The couple had recently separated. An assistant manager in the office witnessed the murder-suicide.


03/04/2003 Ann Marie Garrett Residence: Garland Ann Marie was shot by her boyfriend, Anthony William Sims, 36, in what police reported as a murder-suicide.


04/20/2003 Celia Martinez, 39 Residence: Rowlett Celia was shot and pushed from a car at a Rowlett convenience store in front of several witnesses. An arrest warrant was issued for her boyfriend, Tomas Gutierrez, 48.


08/2003 Etherine McDowell, 41 Residence: Dallas Police say Etherine was shot during an argument with her intimate partner, John Grimble. A neighbor who witnessed the shooting told police the pair were a couple.


01/10/2003 Residence: Dallas Cumia was shot and killed during an argument with her boyfriend, Michael Duane Hill. Hill was convicted of murder and received a 15-year sentence.


09/30/2003 Mandy Parker, 19 Residence: Dallas Police say Mandy was shot in her apartment by her boyfriend, Eddie Correa. According to police, Correa shot Mandy, then left in her car, which was later found abandoned.


05/30/2003 Jennifer Ranee Scott, 30 Residence: Addison Jennifer was stabbed by her boyfriend, Andre Jaramillo, 27, in what police reported as a murder-suicide.


04/30/2003 Amy Amel Sabeh-Swift, 27 Residence: Irving Police say Amy was strangled and stabbed by her husband, Christopher Jay Swift, 28. She was eight months pregnant at the time of her death. Police say Swift killed his wife in front of her 5-year-old son. He then took the boy with him to the home of Amy’s mother, Sandra Sabeh, where he killed her as well, authorities say. Police arrested and charged Swift in both deaths. Swift had previously pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges for shoving and choking his first wife.


04/22/2003 Huong Tao, 32 Residence: Garland Police say Huong was on her way to work when her ex-husband, Khoa Dang Tao, 43, ambushed and beat her to death as she sat in the front seat of her car. Khoa then called 911 and told the dispatcher he had just killed his wife. The couple had finalized their divorce just weeks before Huong’s death. She had told friends, neighbors and her supervisor that her husband was stalking and threatening her.


09/17/2003 Maria T. Trevino, 42 Residence: Oak Cliff Police say Maria was shot in the head by her husband, Clifford Claiborne, 47.


12/30/2003 Paraskevi Gomez Voutos, 40 Residence: Dallas Paraskevi and her 7-year-old daughter were found dead inside their burning home. Arson investigators said evidence showed that her husband, Ramon Santiago Torres, 49, killed Paraskevi and their daughter before setting the house on fire and taking his own life. The medical examiner’s office ruled that Paraskevi died as a result of multiple sharp-force injuries. Family and friends said Paraskevi had recently asked her husband for a divorce


07/10/2003 Marquita Williams, 18 Residence: Dallas Marquita was shot and killed by Jabari Scott, 19, who then killed himself. Police reported the violence as a murder-suicide between intimate partners.


01/21/2003 Residence: Dallas Lucia was shot and killed by her common-law husband, Fernando Orozco, 25. The couple had a history of domestic violence, and Lucia was trying to leave Orozco when she was murdered. In April 2004, Orozco was sentenced to 55 years in prison for her murder. Lucia had one child


05/31/2003 DENTON COUNTY Denise Ann Johnson, 23 Residence: Lake Dallas Denise’s body was found buried in a barrel of concrete on a rural road. Police determined she had been stabbed and suffocated. She was five months pregnant. Police arrested Denise’s boyfriend, Steven Wiederhold, 26, after he told two acquaintances he had killed Denise and dumped her body in Oklahoma. In July 2004, a jury found Wiederhold guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.


12/28/2003 Vilma Rios, 19 Residence: Denton Vilma was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Jose Nogues, 23. Nogues then shot himself and their daughter at Rios’s apartment. Nogues died at a hospital; the girl survived. Rios had applied for a protective order against Nogues prior to her murder.


07/07/2003 EL PASO COUNTY Debra Harmon-Frakes, 43 Residence: El Paso Debra was shot and killed by her husband of less than one year, Ben Rogers Frakes, 65. In March 2004, Frakes pled guilty and received a 15- year sentence.


08/30/2003 Rebeca Greene, 30 Residence: El Paso Rebecca was shot and killed by her husband of less than one month, Rodolfo A. Greene, 56, a U.S. Border Patrol agent. He then killed himself. Her 6-year-old daughter and a visiting 10-year-old cousin were awakened by gunfire and ran outside, where they waited until police arrived.


09/28/2003 Judith Hernandez, 30 Residence: El Paso Judith was shot and killed by her common- law husband, Jose Delgado, 32, after their 11- year-old daughter’s birthday party. Before killing himself, Delgado also killed Oscar Miranda, 38, a neighbor who tried to intervene. Judith and Miranda each had two children.


12/15/2003 Maria Victoria Martinez, 24 Residence: El Paso December 15, 2003 Maria was shot and killed by her common- law husband, Rodolfo Candelaria Jr., who then committed suicide. The couple had two sons.


07/03/2003 ERATH COUNTY Brenda Smith, 46 Residence: Stephenville Police say Brenda was kidnapped, beaten and thrown from a moving car by her boyfriend, Juan Moreno, 26. Brenda was taken to a hospital for treatment, and when she was discharged, police placed her at a hotel for her safety during recovery. But she later died from her injuries. Moreno was arrested in connection with the kidnapping and charged in Brenda’s death.


09/13/2003 FORT BEND COUNTY Sandra K. Goodrich, 48 Residence: Mission Ben Police say Sandra was fatally shot by her husband, Kevin Goodrich, 44, who was arrested in his wife’s death. Goodrich told police the shooting was an accident. He was sentenced to life in prison.


12/25/2003 Maria Sylvia Hernandez, 41 Residence: Richmond Maria was stabbed during an altercation with her husband, Luis Cuchilla, 37, on Christmas Day. Cuchilla then stabbed himself, but survived. After he was indicted on a charge of murder and released on bond, Cuchilla committed suicide. Maria had obtained an emergency protective order against Cuchilla prior to her murder.


01/16/2003 Kelly Murphey, 34 Kelly was shot by her boyfriend, Michael Wayne Joseph, 34, after a domestic dispute. After killing Kelly, Joseph took their daughter to a friend’s house, returned to the home he shared with Kelly, and then killed himself.


01/26/2003 GAINES COUNTY Erica Muro, 18 Residence: Seminole Police say Erica was shot by her boyfriend, Daniel Lee Flores, 27. She was three months pregnant. After killing Muro, police say, Flores wounded a police officer and engaged other officers in a three- hour standoff before surrendering. He was charged with attempted capital murder and murder.


07/15/2003 GRAY COUNTY Evarene “Eva” Fritz, 42 Residence: Pampa Police say Evarene was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Landon Ridenour, 67. Ridenour was linked to her death through evidence found at the scene. When authorities arrived at his apartment, he was holding a gun to his head and pulled the trigger repeatedly, but it failed to fire, police said. In January 2004, a district attorney decided not to seek the death penalty. The case was still awaiting trial in July 2005.


05/27/2003 Ethel Jean Goldsmith, 31 Residence: Pampa Ethel was severely beaten and stabbed and her body was found discarded in a rural area. Police say her husband, Jeffrey Goldsmith, 42, confessed to killing her at home, then dumping her body. She had an 8-month-old daughter.


06/09/2003 GREGG COUNTY Lori Ruth Long, 31 Lori was shot in her apartment by her husband, James Lloyd Reedy, 40. After a failed suicide attempt, Reedy was charged in Long’s death. Eighteen months prior to the shooting, Reedy had completed a six- year jail sentence for firing a handgun at Long. In January 2004, Reedy pled guilty to killing Long and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Long had a 5-year-old child.


08/28/2003 HALE COUNTY Residence: Plainview Police say Mijoy was shot and killed by her common-law husband, Christopher Lee Salinas, 24, who was arrested and charged in her death. In the five weeks before she was killed, Mijoy had filed two protective orders aga inst Salinas. He was indicted by a grand jury and was awaiting trial as of July 2005.


02/16/2003 HARRIS COUNTY Marta Vilma Amaya, 22 Residence: Houston, Marta was shot at a local dance hall by her estranged husband, Teodoro Sanchez, 41. The couple had recently separated. Her dance partner, Gerraldo Chavez, 36, also was shot and killed. Witnesses at the dance hall saw Sanchez arguing with Marta and then saw Sanchez pull a gun and shoot her and Chavez.


02/10/2003 Guillermina “Gidget” Cauley, 43 Residence: Houston Guillermina was shot by her husband, Purnell Cauley, who also killed their three daughters. Earlier in the day, Purnell Cauley killed his girlfriend, Flor Roque, 28. When detectives entered the Cauley home to investigate a missing persons report for Roque, Cauley shot and wounded Detective Michael Bozeman before killing himself.


06/13/2003 Laura Grant Chamblin, 52 Residence: Houston Laura was shot by her husband, William Michael Chamblin, 49, as she gardened in the back yard of their home. Her 22-year-old daughter, Marie Nicole, also was shot as she stood near the kitchen window. Chamblin then dragged his wife into the kitchen, where he shot both women a second time, killing both. Police said the family’s two dogs also were found shot to death in the house. Chamblin was sentenced to life in prison.


03/06/2003 Carolyn Cleveland, 47 Residence: Houston Carolyn was stabbed more than 20 times after asking her husband, Andre Cleveland, for a divorce. The couple’s children witnessed their mother’s murder. Although Cleveland claimed he stabbed his wife in self-defense, a jury found him guilty of murder.


08/04/2003 Ruby Clemons, 22 Residence: Houston Ruby was beaten and stabbed by her boyfriend, Romelle Watts, 27, after he became enraged during an argument. Watts slammed Ruby’s head against the pavement and stabbed her, then used her car to run over her lifeless body. He then placed her body in the car and abandoned it in southwest Harris County. Watts pled guilty to killing Ruby and received a 40- year prison sentence.


09/09/2003 Rocio Vasquez Cruz, 24 Residence: Houston Rocio was stabbed and her body was discarded in a ditch in southeast Houston. The remains of her 15- year-old half-sister, Magaly Vilchis Mendoza, were found along a highway in Montgomery County. Police suspect Cruz’s husband, Freddy Jaime Cruz, 27, killed his wife and her sister, then fled to Mexico with their two children.


05/18/2003 Giuseppina M. Estrada, 58 Residence: Houston Giuseppina collapsed during a physical and verbal confrontation with her husband, Miguel Veras Gonzalez, 45, who later admitted to having attempted to bury her body. The medical examiner attributed the specific cause of her death to heart disease, but ruled it a homicide. Police said Go nzalez knew of Giuseppina’s heart condition and did not call 911 after she collapsed. The couple had a history of domestic violence and Gonzalez had previously been arrested for assaulting his wife.


10/14/2003 Dominique Fix, 30 Residence: Katy Dominique was shot inside her home by her husband, Kyle Richard Fix, 36. The following day, Kyle admitted killing his wife to a police officer working a traffic accident. He had just dropped off their children to stay with relatives.


01/16/2003 Linda Garrison, 51 Residence: Houston Linda was shot at her workplace by her husband, Norman Garrison, 57, who then killed himself in the parking lot. Linda Garrison had filed a domestic violence report one week prior to her death. The couple had an 18- year-old daughter and a 24- year-old son.


09/01/2003 Amanda Lorena Garza, 19 Residence: Houston Police say Amanda was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Angel Resendez, 21. Her body was found by a passer-by on the street near Resendez’s home. Officials say Amanda died of gunshots to the neck and head. She had a 2-year-old daughter.


09/29/2003 Marquita Gipson, 19 Residence: Unknown Police say Marquita was killed execution-style by her estranged boyfriend, Andre Washington, 28. Washington was charged with capital murder after an autopsy revealed Gipson was pregnant.


06/15/2003 Norma Jean Gonzalez, 29 Residence: Houston Norma was shot by her common-law husband, Jesus De La Rosa, 26, who then killed himself. Police say Norma was attempting to leave De La Rosa. The couple had two young children who were not at home at the time of the deaths. She also had a daughter from a previous marriage.


03/21/2003 Gina Jones, 19 Residence: Houston Police say Gina was shot inside her apartment by her ex-boyfriend, Deion Dewane Sergent, 20. According to police, Gina was home with a friend when Sergent arrived and asked to speak with her. The two went into a bathroom and began to argue. Sergent emerged minutes later and left the apartment, and Gina’s friend found her body in the bathroom. Police later arrested Sergent and charged him in her death.


03/09/2003 Helen Marie Kirklin, 22 Residence: Houston Police say Helen was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Gary Christopher McClain, 39. Her body was found in her car parked outside her home. Witnesses recall hearing two gunshots and then seeing a man speed away in another car. Police believe the shooting may have stemmed from an argument earlier in the day.


09/11/2003 Lisa Lee, 55 Residence: Houston Lisa was found shot next to the body of her husband, Thomas Lee, 59. Police suspect Thomas Lee killed Lisa and then committed suicide. The bodies were discovered after a customer told relatives the couple’s store had not opened the next morning.


10/20/2003 Paula Mansanarez, 25 Residence: Houston Paula was shot by her estranged husband, Jose Rubio, 28. Witnesses told police they saw Rubio sitting in his parked car across the street from the home on the day Mansanarez was killed. As she and the couple’s children walked outside, Rubio chased his wife into a neighbor’s yard and shot her several times. Rubio then committed suicide. Police say Rubio had moved out of the couple’s home only a week earlier. Three of their four children, ages 3 to 6, witnessed the murder-suicide. Family members said Rubio had threatened violence many times in the past.


07/06/2003 Lucinda Coca Martinez, 45 Residence: Houston Lucinda was shot by her husband, Jose Benitez Leon, 38, after an altercation in their home. Leon then killed himself. Her two daughters and a nephew witnessed the murder suicide


06/10/2003 Justine Maxwell, 24 Residence: Houston Justine was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Robert Saulter, 25. She was pregnant at the time of her death. Her boyfriend, Daniel Armantrout, 28, also was shot and killed. In an earlier incident, Saulter had held Maxwell hostage at gunpoint for a week after their breakup. Saulter was arrested and charged with the two murders. His body was later found in Brazoria County with a self- inflicted wound.


10/9/2003 Lesly Lourdes Moran, 24 Residence: Houston Lesly was shot by her husband, Noel Antonio Lopez, 29, who then committed suicide. Their 13-month-old son was found unharmed, covered in blood, next to his parents’ bodies.

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Mummies in HollandI’m sitting here in my home today thinking about the past, back to Sept. 11- 2001, and I just can’t help myself think that life really doesn’t go on. Especially for those that are gone, but even for some that are still here. Will the world ever let us forget the horror? Are we too numb to the present? Can we heal the pain? And will it happen again in our own country or somewhere new?
Stop the murder!

Murdered #901-1000


06/04/2008 Arias, 32, initially denied involvement in the June 4, 2008, shooting death of Travis Alexander, blaming his death on two masked intruders. Two years later, she changed her story, saying she had killed him in self-defense.


05/18/2013 Greenwich Village, Manhattan, a man was shot dead in what is being investigated as a possible anti-gay hate crime. The murder follows a string of anti-gay attacks in New York City in recent weeks and a rally against anti-gay violence held in the city Thursday evening.


05/19/2013 A Brooklyn man was fatally shot in the West Village around midnight Friday and the alleged gunman was charged with murder as a hate crime because authorities believe he made anti-gay remarks right before firing his revolver. Marc Carson, 32, was shot point-blank in the face at West 8th Street and Sixth Avenue by a Gray’s Papaya restaurant. He was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


05/18/2013 Police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 14-year-old girl who was on an MTA bus in the South Jamaica section of Queens last night. Daja Robinson Investigators say Daja Robinson was on a Q6 bus around 9 p.m. Saturday, just blocks away from her house, when someone opened fire near Sutphin and Rockaway Boulevards. Sources say a bullet went through the window of the bus, hitting Daja in the head. She was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.


05/22/2013 The incident took place Wednesday in Busan, a port city in the southern part of the country. The girl had left her apartment building with her parents when a 38-year-old tenant made his suicide plunge, said Busan Police officer Kim Gil-san.


06/24/2013 A video has just surfaced showing a female police officer beating a suspect repeatedly with a baton. The man, who had allegedly threatened a Sacramento shop assistant, later died in police custody.  Officers had been called to the city’s Metro PCS store in Folsom Boulevard on Friday, after reports that a shop assistant was in danger. After the police arrived they attempted to handcuff the man, and a violent struggle ensued. A shopper that witnessed the incident, filmed the moment the man was held to the ground as a police officer violently struck him repeatedly with her baton, while other officer restrained himBy the time the suspect, a white man in his 40s, had been restrained and taken into custody, and soon after was found to be not breathing. He was rushed to hospital, but later died.


06/09/2013 It may have been a vicious murder or the unintentional result of a lover’s quarrel. Either way, the death of a Texas college professor stands out for the weapon the killer allegedly used: one of her own stilettos. Ana Lilia Trujillo, 44, is charged with murder for striking Alf Stefan Andersson “with a deadly weapon, namely a shoe,” Houston police say in the official complaint against her. Andersson, a research professor from the University of Houston, had 10 puncture wounds on his head — some as deep as an inch and a half — and 15 to 20 puncture wounds along his face, arms, and neck, prosecutors say


06/18/2013 At least 28 people have been killed and 57 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack at a funeral in north-west Pakistan. The bomb blast in Sher Garh town in Mardan district is the bloodiest attack since PM Nawaz Sharif took office earlier this month.


06/18/2013 At least 31 people have been killed in a double suicide bomb attack at a Shia mosque in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Two bombers blew themselves up inside the mosque in the eastern al-Qahira district. Close to 60 people were also wounded in the attack, officials say. The attack comes a day after bombings near Baghdad killed at least 10. There has been a surge in sectarian attacks in recent months on targets like mosques, restaurants and local markets. The two suicide bombers shot dead the guards standing outside the Habib ibn Mathaher mosque shortly after midday prayers, and then blew themselves up inside the mosque, eyewitnesses said.


06/14/2013 In Englewood, Chicago, a 19-year-old man was shot to death Sunday in the 7400 block of South Parnell Avenue, police said. Three days earlier, a 19-year-old man was fatally shot in the 6400 block of South Normal Avenue, according to officials


06/14/2013 In South Lawndale, an 18-year-old man was shot to death Sunday in the 4000 block of West 31st Street, police said. One day earlier, a 21-year-old man was fatally shot in the 2600 block of South Ridgeway Avenue, according to officials.


06/14/2013 On Sunday, a 48-year-old man was found impaled to death on a fence post in the 9100 block of South Greenwood Avenue in Burnside, police said. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide. Twenty-four homicides have been logged so far in June. Forty-seven homicides were recorded in June 2012, RedEye found.


03/11/2013 CHICAGO (CBS) –A 33-year-old Chicago man has been charged in the fatal shooting of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins earlier this year. Koman Willis was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. He allegedly shot the baby March 11 while trying to harm the girl’s father.


12/01/2012Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and then shot himself. A Chiefs player shot and killed himself in front of the head coach and general manager after allegedly killing his girlfriend Saturday morning. The shootings involved linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, now identified as 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins. Perkins and Belcher had a 3-month-old daughter together.


06/21/2013 An Israeli Jew has been shot dead near Jerusalem’s Western Wall after a guard mistook him for a Palestinian militant, police say. Gunfire was heard on Friday morning at the wall – one of Judaism’s holiest sites where hundreds of worshippers were attending prayers at the time.


06/30/2013 Two separate bomb blasts in different parts of Pakistan on Sunday killed a total of at least 47 people and wounded more than 90 others, authorities said. The attacks are the latest in a series of violent acts that have struck Pakistan in recent weeks, underscoring the daunting challenges faced by security forces and the new government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


07/01/2013 Children playing in a Texas suburb made a gruesome discovery Monday — the decomposing body of a child on a residential street. Authorities aren’t sure who left the body under a tarp in Saginaw, a northern suburb of Fort Worth.


06/29/2013 Turner said he was getting on the interstate heading toward Orlando, and the car following him pulled up beside him, and someone inside displayed what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon. Turner also told police he had done nothing to cause someone to follow him. The dispatcher then heard multiple gunshots, and according to witnesses,Turner immediately pulled over to the side of the road. Deputies found him dead in his car, with no suspect in sight.


07/03/2011 Lauren, 18, didn’t stop worrying about Nate, especially as he withdrew from his friends. She was known for being kind, caring and deeply involved in the lives of friends — attributes her classmates lauded in her senior yearbook, along with her singing voice and warm smile. She discussed her ex-boyfriend’s antisocial behavior with friends, and they decided together that she should be the one to reach out to him. After weeks of ignoring her texts, Nate, 19, finally agreed to meet her on July 3, 2011. The next day, her body was found in a marsh about five miles from his home. He had strangled her with a bungee cord, stabbed her multiple times and slashed her throat. Her body was dumped in a nature preserve he knew from science class.


07/08/2013 42 murdered. An already dangerous, volatile situation turned even deadlier early Monday in Cairo when dozens of people were killed at a protest outside the Republican Guard facility where it’s believed ousted President Mohammed Morsi is being held. Most of those who died are reported to have been among a large group of Morsi’s supporters.


07/05/2013 On Friday, three protesters were killed at the same spot in unclear circumstances but against a backdrop of a stand-off between the army and the pro-Morsi protesters.”


06/30/2013 Football spectators in northern Brazil decapitated a referee after he fatally stabbed a player for refusing to leave the pitch, officials say. An angry mob stormed the field during the amateur game in the state of Maranhao and stoned Otavio da Silva to death before severing his head. Police said the murder was in retaliation for Mr Silva stabbing player Josenir dos Santos. One man has been arrested over the killing and investigations continue. The incident took place on 30 June in the remote town of Pio XII, but news of the event has been slow to emerge.


07/05/2013 Five children are among seven people found dead with gunshot wounds in the Mexican state of Guerrero. The bodies were found in a field in the town of Coyuca de Benitez, which is close to the resort of Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast, according to local police chief Honorio Salinas. Some of the victims had been shot in the head. The state has been beset by drug-related violence, and vigilante groups have formed in response. The “self-defence groups” accuse the authorities of failing to provide security for ordinary citizens in the region.


07/15/2013 NPR’s Leila Fadel reports that Egypt’s health ministry said seven people were killed and more than 200 were injured, as supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi clashed with police. From Cairo, Leila filed this report for our Newscast unit:


07/16/2013 A car bomb has exploded north of the Syrian capital Damascus killing at least 13 people including 10 policemen, activists say. The overnight blast struck near a police station in the town of Deir Atiyeh, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.


07/20/2013 18-year old Deontay Moore was shot in the back of the head about 10:45 p.m. Witnesses said the two men rode up on bicycles and opened fire.  Moore was found in a courtyard at 118 Avenue D and taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he died Saturday.


07/27/2013 The abundantly available video evidence is as disturbing to listen to as it is to watch. But you know it will be by a lot people. “You’re a f—ing pussy.” These are believed to be the final words of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim as he was shot from the gun of at least one Toronto Police officer. “Drop the knife” may have been the very last words he heard before being shot to death.


07/24/2013 Gun nut kills pregnant women. On July 24th, Zachary Wright and his brother Brandon Wright were standing on the sidewalk near their Pratt, Kansas home, when another neighbor, 21 year old Bryant Alan Sebo, began yelling racial slurs at them and told them to get off his property. Since they were standing on a public sidewalk located in their own neighborhood, Brandon Wright confronted Sebo, saying it was his right to be on the sidewalk. When another neighbor, Alexandria Duran, heard the fighting she came out of her home to try to get the men to stop. As Sebo came out of the home with the gun, he began firing at them. According to Zachary Wright, his brother Brandon did not run when he saw the gun, instead he turned and tried to shield Alexandria Duran, the woman who had just come outside. Brandon was hit four times in the back. One of the bullets lodged in his spine. Doctors have since said they do not expect him to walk again. His brother also told media that he may also lose the use of one of his hands. Ms. Duran, who was pregnant on the night of the shooting, was shot once in the head. She was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital in Pratt. Guns kill babies.


08/04/2013 A gunman blasted shots through the wall of a municipal building in northeastern Pennsylvania during a meeting on Monday and then barged into the meeting room and killed three people before being tackled by a local official and possibly another person and shot with his own gun, a witness said. State police in Lehighton confirmed the three deaths and said the gunman, identified as 59-year-old Rockne Newell, had an ongoing dispute with township officials over the possible condemnation of his unkempt property. They said about 15 to 18 residents and town officials were at the meeting place, a short drive from Newell’s property, when the gunfire erupted.


09/02/2013 Militants attacked a U.S. base in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan on Monday, setting off bombs, torching vehicles and shutting down a key road used by NATO supply trucks, officials said. At least three people — apparently all attacking insurgents — were killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the strike in the Torkham area, the latest in a surge of attacks in Afghanistan as U.S.-led foreign troops reduce their presence en route to a full withdrawal by the end of next year. Militants frequently target NATO’s supply lines in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.


08/21/2013 US Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Syrian government forces of killing 1,429 people in a chemical weapons attack in Damascus last week. Mr Kerry said the dead included 426 children, and described the attack as an “inconceivable horror”. President Barack Obama later said the US was considering a “limited narrow act” in response. Syria has dismissed Mr Kerry’s statement as “full of lies”, insisting the rebels carried out the attack. State-run news agency Sana said Mr Kerry, who cited a US intelligence assessment, was using “material based on old stories which were published by terrorists over a week ago”.


08/17/2013 The 20-year-old Manhattan man arrested for what witnesses said was a brutal attack on a transgender woman in Harlem shortly after midnight on August 17 is due back in court on October 4, by which time he will likely have faced grand jury consideration of stiffer charges than the third-degree assault.


02/06/2013 Tunisian politician Chokri Belaid knew he was about to be assassinated before it happened. Never one to be silenced, Belaid continued to give media interviews up until the eve of his death, accusing the Islamist-led government of encouraging political violence. “On February 1st, he was at my house. He told us: ‘This time, the threats are serious,’” said Hedi Abdi, who was his close friend and a member of Belaid’s Democratic Patriots Party. Sure enough, the secretary-general of the leftist secularist party was shot four times on his doorstep on Feb. 6. His funeral was one of the largest outpourings of grief in Tunisian history, with an estimated one million people taking to the street. The assassination caused the biggest political crisis Tunisia has experienced since the 2011 uprising that brought down president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, and has cast doubt over the independence of the country’s judiciary and security forces.


01/28/1947 On January 28, 1947, Dutch special forces executed 208 men on a field in front of a local government office. It was one of the many mass murders by notorious captain Raymond Westerling who was long considered a hero in the Netherlands. Westerling and his troops held mass executions in dozens of villages for a period of three months in a bid to wipe out resistance against Dutch colonization. Neither he nor his men were ever prosecuted. Special forces from the Netherlands carried out a series of summary executions, in which people were accused of crimes and then killed without trial, in its former colony between 1945 and 1949, killing thousands. In total, about 40,000 people were executed during the colonial era, according to the Indonesian government; however, Dutch figures mention only a few thousand.


09/16/2013 Aaron Alexis, the 34-year-old man believed responsible for Monday’s shooting rampage that killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, was a former full-time Navy reservist who had obtained a concealed-carry permit in Texas and was arrested three years ago for illegally discharging a weapon. Alexis, who was also killed on Monday, was an aviation electrician’s mate third class in the U.S. Navy Reserve until January 2011, when he received a general discharge amid unspecified “misconduct issues,” a Navy official tells NPR. He enlisted in May of 2007.”According to the U.S. Navy, Alexis, who hailed from New York, enlisted on May 5, 2007, reaching the rank of Aviation Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class in 2009. He received both the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. The Ft. Worth Police Department arrested Alexis in September 2010 for improperly discharging his weapon into a neighbor’s ceiling. .) He was also apparently in Seattle in 2004.”
He received both the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. The Ft. Worth Police Department arrested Alexis in September 2010 for improperly discharging his weapon into a neighbor’s ceiling. .) He was also apparently in Seattle in 2004.”


10/21/2013A staff member at a Nevada middle school was fatally shot by a student, who was also killed, apparently by a self-inflicted wound. Two other students, both 12-years-old — were wounded but are now in stable condition, law enforcement says. The shooting occurred on the campus of Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nev., a suburb of Reno on Monday before the start of classes. A witness reports seeing the staff member who was killed trying to persuade the shooter to give up the gun.


11/01/2013 A lone gunman walked into one of the nation’s busiest airports Friday in Los Angeles and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing at least one transportation security officer and wounding another, police and TSA officials say. Authorities have identified the shooting suspect as Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, originally of New Jersey. Officials did not immediately provide a motive for the assault.The attack left at least seven people needing medical treatment (including the shooter), officials said, and forced the evacuation of a terminal and delays of flights coming into and out of the airport. At least one of the injured is listed in critical condition, a hospital official said. The gunman, officials said, was taken into custody after exchanging fire with airport police. LA Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon said the assailant “pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and opened fire in the terminal.


10/02/2013 A mother in Westchester County is now charged in a shocking crime, the death of her 4-year-old son. Jason Reish’s lifeless body was found in the family’s apartment in Mamaroneck, and police are still trying to figure out exactly what led to the horror they found inside the Continental View Condos. Officers responding to a request to check on 46-year-old Manuela Maria Morgado found her semi-conscious inside her home and little Jason dead. They say she tried to kill her son by using a mask attached to a helium tank. She apparently then tried to kill herself – by taking pills.


11/06/2013 Al-Qaida’s North African affiliate said Wednesday it is responsible for the kidnapping and killing of two French journalists in Mali over the weekend. A website used by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) said that Radio France Internationale’s senior correspondent Ghislaine Dupont and a production technician for the network, Claude Verlon, were killed in response to France’s “new crusade.”


11/02/2013 Mingdong Chen, 25, a Chinese immigrant, is charged with stabbing his cousin’s wife and her four children to death on Saturday in New York.


11/06/2013 In Arizona, Michael Dante Guzzo used his pump-action shotgun on his next-door neighbors–a family of four. What is known, according to police, is that Michael Dante Guzzo took his pump-action shotgun … fatally shot his next-door neighbors: Bruce Moore, 66; his daughter, … “Then I heard four bangs,”


11/04/2013 Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. was arrested in Texas after allegedly killing his mother, aunt and three others on Monday.


11/05/2013 Bryan Sweatt allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend and four others in South Carolina.


11/10/2013 A man and a woman are dead and at least 22 more people are injured following gunfire between 11 p.m. and midnight at a massive party at a house in the Cypress TX area of Harris County. 


11/09/2013 A chaotic scene unfolded in Black Forest on Saturday morning as authorities investigated two separate deadly shootings at homes in the community north of Colorado Springs that are likely to be connected. El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies weren’t saying much about the shootings, only that a killer was on the loose, he was driving a stolen minivan and they wanted to talk to a “person of interest.” Two people were dead and another person was injured after the shootings that occurred at homes about 2 miles apart.


11/11/2013 An Iranian musician allegedly killed two members of the dance-punk group the Yellow Dogs, a third man and himself early Monday morning in what the police are calling a murder-suicide in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn,The assailant, identified by the The Wall Street Journal as 29-year-old Ali Akbar Mohammadi Raffie, reportedly used a semi-automatic rifle to fatally shoot brothers Soroush Farazmand, a guitarist, and Arash Farazmand, a drummer, as well as a friend of theirs, Ali Eskandarian, according to Yellow Dogs’ manager, Ali Salehezadeh. Another man, Sasan Sadeghpourosko, was wounded in the shooting and treated and released from a local hospital.


11/02/2013 A black woman whose fatal shooting by a US homeowner has prompted claims of racial profiling was shot in the face, a post-mortem examination found. Renisha McBride, 19, received fatal injuries on the front porch of a home in Detroit, Michigan, this month. Her family says she was disoriented and looking for help after having just been involved in a car crash nearby.


11/07/2013 Mexico’s local authorities’ association say a mayor allegedly threatened by drug gangs in the western state of Michoacan has been killed. Ygnacio Lopez Mendoza, who headed the small town of Santa Ana Maya, was found dead in his car on Thursday. He had been speaking out about the Knights Templar cartel and had recently ended an 18-day hunger strike demanding more funds for his municipality.


04/29/2011 Jifeng “Jeff”‘ Ding, his wife, Ge “Helen” Chui, and daughters Xing, 18, and Alice, 12, were stabbed to death at their Northampton home in 2011 . Anxiang Du, 52, denies four counts of murder. Northampton Crown Court heard a 10-year legal battle with the Dings had left Mr Du with £88,000 to pay in costs. Prosecutor William Harbage QC said the defendant travelled to Northampton from his home in Coventry, via Birmingham, on 29 April, 2011, the day of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. ‘Cowering in bedroom’ Armed with a kitchen knife, he “savagely stabbed to death” Mr and Mrs Ding in their kitchen in Wootton. “Not content with killing them… he then went upstairs to find their two daughters… cowering in a bedroom,” he added.”He cold-bloodedly stabbed them to death as well.” The court heard Mr Du and his wife Can Chen had been in the Chinese herbal medicine business with their friends the Dings, but that relationship had “turned sour”.


09/15/2011 Afghan man murdered. Marine B had inadvertently filmed the murder, which happened on 15 September 2011, on his helmet-mounted camera and the footage was shown to the court during the two-week trial. It showed Marine A shooting the Afghan prisoner with a 9mm pistol, and saying: “There, shuffle off this mortal coil… It’s nothing you wouldn’t do to us.” He adds: “Obviously this doesn’t go anywhere fellas. I just broke the Geneva Convention,” to which Marine B replies: “Yeah, roger mate.”


05 /06/2007 3 boys murdered. Shortly before noon on March 6, 2007, Small Kill Team leader Michael Barbera rose from his squad’s position in high grass in a palm grove here and shot two teenage cattle herders.”A short time later, the Army staff sergeant ordered his soldiers to kill a third teenager walking toward them. “Barbera would report to his superiors that the three dead boys were insurgents operating out of this farming village about 50 miles northeast of Baghdad. “In reality, Ahmad Khalid al-Timmimi, 15, his brother, Abbas, and their cousin, Muhamed Khaleel Kareem al-Galyani, both 14, were unarmed deaf mutes with no known ties to the insurgency. Their slayings angered most members of Barbera’s squad — decorated combat veterans who reported the killings to Army investigators in Fort Bragg, N.C.”


11/18/2013 Police say a man whose body was found under a semitrailer at a gas station near Atlanta was shot in addition to being run over. Fulton County police Detective Melissa Parker says 37-year-old Jarvis Hester was shot at least once. Hester’s body was discovered around 1 a.m. Monday in the parking lot of the Shell station on Fulton Industrial Boulevard and Patton Drive.


11/16/2013 Nine assailants were shot and killed Saturday night after they tried to storm a police station in the restive western province of Xinjiang, the state-run Xinhua news agency and Radio Free Asia said. Two police officers also died in the attack.


06/27/2010 A former day laborer convicted of first-degree murder in the stabbing of a Falls Church college student was sentenced Friday to 49 years in prison. Julio Blanco Garcia, 27, killed Vanessa Pham, 19, as she gave him and his young daughter a ride from a Fairfax County shopping center on June 27, 2010.


04/18/2013 Herbert and Catherine Schaible’s 7-month-old son Brandon died last April 18 from dehydration and pneumonia when his parents decided to pray for him to get better rather than seek medical attention. At the time, the Schaibles were on 10-year probation for their 2-year-old son Kent’s similar death in 2009. The terms of their probation required the Schaibles to seek medical attention any time one of their seven surviving children got sick.


11/20/2013 A gunman shot five people in the head, killing three, inside a Texas apartment on Wednesday, authorities said. Cops were still hunting for the suspect, who fled the Sunbury Downs Apartments complex about 25 miles northwest of Houston after the deadly 4:30 p.m. shooting, police said.


10/06/2010 Laura Wilson was just 17-years-old when she was stabbed to death next to a canal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in 2010. This wasn’t a mugging gone wrong, or a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, the mother-of-one was the victim of Britain’s first white honour killing. Her death was premeditated murder, plotted and committed by the boyfriend she was madly in love with. Laura’s crime was to bring dishonour on her Muslim lover Ashtiaq Ashgar, 21, who is now serving a life sentence for the brutal murder.


11/19/2013 They’re looking for 36-year-old Ryan Allen Klug, who they say is now the prime suspect in the murder of 26-year-old Adaobi M. Obih, who was found dead Tuesday in an apartment. Police initially said Klug was a “person of interest” in the case. Columbus police don’t think Klug is still in the area and said multiple law enforcement agencies were looking for him.


11/18/2013 Authorities said an infant who was severely beaten by a caregiver Monday has died. Officials with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said they were called to Brantford Lane in reference to a child who was unresponsive. Investigators said the child was in the care of Tarran Edwards, 26, at the time of the incident. Medical personnel told authorities the injuries resulted from physical abuse. The infant, Syre Parks, 11 weeks, was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital for treatment. Edwards was charged with abuse to inflict great bodily injury upon a child. He is being held at the Greenville County Detention Center without bond.


11/21/2013 DETECTIVES in OndoState have detained a primary school teacher, Alade Adebayo, for allegedly flogging to death a four-year-old female pupil Elizabeth Wanogha. The deceased pupil was a student of a private primary school, Falaye Memorial Nursery and Primary School, located at Fanibi area in Akure metropolis.


11/17/2013 Police today identified the suspect wanted in an early morning shooting that killed a 23-year-old Sacramento State alumna in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood over the weekend. Michael Sione Green has been identified as the man believed to have killed Sacramento resident Melquiesha Warren and injured another women after a small traffic accident in a parking lot near Sixth and Jessie streets around 2:10 a.m. Sunday, San Francisco police said. The shooting occurred after a group of friends went out at a nearby nightclub. As they were saying goodbye, Warren and her female passenger got into a traffic accident in the parking lot.


10/23/1981 On October 23, 1981, Eric Hope, who was 12 years old, was home alone–not an uncommon occurrence.  When his mom came home that night all was normal in the house, Eric in bed.  When he didn’t get up the next morning, she went in to check on him and found him with hands bound and multiple stab wounds. The case has never been solved.  


11/20/2013 Mejia and the victim, identified as 27-year-old Rosa Maria Perez by the Cook County medical examiner’s office, began arguing Wednesday at the Sacramento Avenue address and during the course of the argument, Mejia stabbed her, the statement said. Mejia was arrested Saturday and is expected to appear in bond court Monday on the charges, the statement said.


11/22/2013 Moises Cedeno, 32, and his co-worker stopped by Lee’s Market at about 12:30 p.m. for a sandwich. The co-worker went inside, leaving Cedeno alone in a white work van when the suspect approached, according to police spokeswoman Kris Mumford. The suspect looked in the van and shot Cedeno in the leg through the open passenger door window, Mumford said. Police believe he might have fled the scene in a car. “This happened in the blink of an eye,” Mumford said. Cedeno staggered into the market to get help from his co-worker and was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.


10/06/2012 The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office said Parsippany resident Jiu Jian Zheng, 42, was charged with first-degree murder and weapons offenses in the killing of his 34-year-old wife, Yun Fei Lin.


10/22/2013 A man posing as a sheriff’s deputy broke into a Sanford home early Friday and fatally shot the homeowner, authorities said. Lee County sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call at the mobile home on Hickory Nut Court shortly before 6 a.m. and found Anthony Wayne Giles, 45, unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


07/23/2013 DeWolf, an Air Force second lieutenant, was found dead in his room on July 24. He died of a gunshot wound to the neck. He was 25. A co-worker discovered DeWolf after checking on him when he failed to show up for work at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor. DeWolf ran marathons, played volleyball, scuba dived and played several musical instruments, including the piano, French horn and, more recently, acoustic guitar. He aspired to be a surgeon and was on track to receive a degree in the spring.


11/23/2013 Police have identified a 26-year-old postal worker who was gunned down while delivering mail as Tyson Barnette of Upper Marlboro. Barnette was on his assigned route in the 1600 block of Reed Street in Landover, around 7:30 p.m. Saturday when police say he was shot multiple times.


12/06/2013 An American chemistry teacher who spent more than a year teaching at an international school in Libya, was shot and killed Thursday in Benghazi. The U.S. State Department identified the slain teacher as Ronald Thomas Smith II. He was 33 years old. The school’s principal, Peter Hodge, tells NBC News that Smith was “very much loved” at the school. And an 18-year-old student at the International School Benghazi says, “He was the most amazing person, more like a best friend or a family member.”


12/26/2013 A southern Louisiana man attacked his former in-laws, his current wife, and the head of a hospital where he’d worked, killing three before killing himself, authorities said. The shootings happened about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans on Thursday evening. They were first reported by Lafourche Parish Councilman Louis Phillip Gouaux at a home in Lockport, Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brennan Matherne said in a news release. The suspect, Ben Freeman, 38, was the ex-husband of Gouaux’s daughter Jeanne. Gouaux’s wife, Susan “Pixie” Gouaux, was dead when deputies arrived, Matherne said. Louis Phillip Gouaux and his daughter, Andrea Gouaux, were injured and taken to University Hospital in New Orleans. Both were in critical but stable condition, Matherne said. The second shooting happened at another home about 20 minutes later in Raceland, where Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital administrator Milton Bourgeois was shot and killed at close range, Matherne said. His wife, Ann Bourgeois, was shot and taken to the New Orleans hospital, where she is in stable condition.


07/17/2013 Deng Zhengjia, in his 50s, died on Wednesday in Chenzhou City, Hunan. He was hit with a weight from a set of scales after a row erupted with the officials, known as “chengguan”, Xinhua reported, citing Mr Deng’s niece. The six are being held on suspicion of intentionally harming others, added the news agency. Urban law enforcers tasked with enforcing ”non-criminal administrative regulations” such as traffic, environment and sanitation rules. Chengguan operate separately from the police. They are employed by the Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureaux of their individual cities. Critics call them “violent government thugs” Reports that a disabled street vendor was beaten to death by chengguan in 2011 sparked riots in China’s Guizhou province. There are thousands of chengguan in at least 656 cities across China, Human Rights Watch says The chengguan, or Urban Management Law Enforcement force, support the police in tackling low-level crime in cities and have become unpopular with the Chinese public after a series of high-profile violent incidents.


12/27/2013 KABUL, Afghanistan — A car bomb targeting a military convoy on a major road in Kabul claimed the lives of three coalition soldiers Friday, underscoring the continuing threat to foreign troops even as they assume a diminishing role in combat operations. An Afghan police officer stood guard near the wreckage of a vehicle that was used in a suicide attack in Kabul on Friday. The blast, which also wounded at least six civilians, occurred in the eastern part of Kabul shortly after 1 p.m. Friday as a group of armored vehicles drove along the highway near the Camp Phoenix military base. The police and American soldiers cordoned off the blast site in the hours after the attack, and officials provided only limited information about the extent of the damage.


12/27/2013 AMMAN, Jordan — A huge car bomb rocked central Beirut on Friday, killing at least five people including a Sunni politician who was a former ambassador to the United States and a prominent critic of Hezbollah. More than 70 people were reported injured. Plumes of black smoke billowed into the air, and television images showed scenes of blazing wreckage and scattered debris. Troops formed a security cordon around the area, close to downtown hotels as well as government buildings, including the parliament. The death of Mohamad Chatah, an economist and diplomat, was confirmed by the Future Movement, a political faction with which Chatah had close ties. He was traveling by convoy at the time of the midmorning blast, and security officials said they believed that he had been specifically targeted.


12/23/2013 A Colorado Springs father fatally shot his teenage step-daughter Monday, saying he thought she was a burglar. Prior to the incident, police received a call about a burglary in progress. But when they got there, they found the 14-year-old with a gunshot wound. She was taken to the hospital and died soon after, according to CBS Denver. The incident is the latest tragedy involving the use of deadly force to protect the home. And it is one of several incidents in which a parent has killed their own child after they mistook them for a burglar. Last September a Connecticut teacher shot and killed his 15-year-old son after his neighbor called to say she thought she saw a robber in the front yard. Just a few weeks after that, a retired Chicago police officer shot and killed his 48-year-old son after he came in the back door late one night. And an off-duty police officer killed his son last July while the two were on vacation in upstate New York, after he told police he believed him to be an intruder. In that case, shooter Michael Leach was charged with second-degree manslaughter and is facing prison time.


12/26/2013 At least two people have been killed in fresh clashes between police and Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt. The fatalities happened in southern Minya province and the Nile Delta. Violence was also reported in other places, including the capital, Cairo. Some 148 Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been arrested, officials said. Authorities have cracked down on the Brotherhood since July, when Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, who belongs to the group, was deposed by the army. Scores of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been detained since the group was formally designated a terrorist organisation on Wednesday. A student was killed in clashes between Islamist students and opponents in Cairo on Thursday night. Tear gas: As Friday prayers ended, riot police tried to stop Mr Morsi’s supporters holding protest rallies. A man was killed in clashes in the city of Samalut in Minya, while an 18-year-old Muslim Brotherhood supporter was shot dead amid violent confrontations in the Nile Delta city of Damietta, police said.


12/27/2013 At least 11 people, including six soldiers, have been killed by a remote-controlled bomb in a restaurant in the Somali capital, witnesses say. The restaurant is near a military base, where salaries had just been paid. The owner of the restaurant in the Dayniile suburb on the outskirts of Mogadishu was also among the dead, along with her husband and son. No group has said it was behind the explosion but militant Islamist group al-Shabab often stages such attacks. The al-Qaeda-linked group was driven out of Mogadishu in 2011 but still controls many southern and central areas of the country. “The remotely controlled bomb targeted government forces. Eight people died, including three soldiers,” Maj Kadar Mohamed, a senior police officer told Reuters news agency. Witnesses say that at least six of the dead were military personnel. “The whole place was ruined and stained with blood,” said Fatuma Hassan, a mother of three who was near the bomb blast. Several injured people were rushed to hospital.


12/12/2013 At least 13 people have been killed by an air strike on a wedding convoy in southern Yemen, say officials. The attack happened near the town of Radda in al-Bayda province, a known stronghold of al-Qaeda. It was unclear what aircraft carried out the attack, though local people said it was a drone. The US has acknowledged using drones as part of its support for Yemen’s efforts to tackle militant extremists, but does not comment on individual strikes. Human rights groups say US drone attacks in Yemen constitute unlawful killings. Despite the counter-operations, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) remains active in Yemen. Last week it said it had carried out an attack on Yemen’s defence ministry in the capital, Sanaa, because the unmanned aircraft were being operated from there That attack left at least 52 people dead, including soldiers, civilians and foreigners. It was the deadliest attack in Sanaa since May 2012, when a suicide bomber blew himself up during a rehearsal for a military parade.


12/25/2013 Dozens of people have been killed, including six peacekeepers from Chad, in the latest violence in the Central African Republic, officials say. The peacekeepers were attacked by a Christian militia known as anti-balaka in the capital Bangui on Wednesday. At least 40 other people have also died since Wednesday, Red Cross officials said. African Union (AU) and French troops are battling to end a Christian-Muslim conflict that has engulfed CAR. The AU has nearly 4,000 troops in CAR. France, the former colonial power, has also deployed 1,600 soldiers to help restore order. Militias from the Christian and Muslim groups have been involved in attacks and counter-attacks since Michel Djotodia installed himself as the country’s first Muslim ruler in March, ousting then-President Francois Bozize, who came from the majority Christian population. Many Christians accuse the Chadian government of being allied to the Seleka rebel group which propelled Mr Djotodia to power, while Muslims allege that French forces are siding with Christian militia.


12/27/2013 A rocket attack has killed three members of an Iranian opposition group in Iraq, the group and its parent organisation say. They say a number of people from the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) group were injured at Camp Liberty in Baghdad. Baghdad has in the past repeatedly denied attacking the group.


12/25/2013 Two bombs in Christian areas of the Iraqi capital Baghdad have killed at least 35 people, officials have said. One device exploded near a Catholic church when worshippers were leaving a Christmas Day service, killing 24. Another bomb ripped through a market, killing 11 more people. Christian leaders denied that the attacks had targeted worshippers. Iraq’s ancient Christian community has more than halved in recent years, from an estimated population of 900,000. Both blasts happened in the Dora area of Baghdad.


12/27/2013 Police in Brooklyn are investigating a deadly shooting inside a housing complex Thursday night and comes It happened last night around 9:30 p.m. at the Coney Island Houses. Investigators found the body of Shawn White, 25, in the fourth floor stairwell of a building located at 2925 West 27th Street. He had been shot three times in the head, torso, and leg.


12/24/2013 Police continue to investigate after a teen was found shot to death inside a Brooklyn apartment building on Christmas Eve. Investigators say 17-year-old Yaquin English was found in the lobby of a building on Bay View Avenue in Coney Island around 7 p.m. Tuesday. He was shot multiple times in the torso and left leg and was pronounced dead at the scene. English’s pitbull was also shot in the incident, but survived.


12/22/2013 Funeral services were held today for the 3-year-old boy who police say was killed by his father in a murder-suicide on the Upper West Side. Kirill Kanarikov was memorialized this morning at a Russian Orthodox Church on East 93rd Street in Manhattan. Police believe Kirill was thrown from the roof of a West 60th Street building Sunday by his father, Dmitriy Kanarikov, who then jumped to his own death. Dmitriy and his estranged wife Svetlana Bukharina were in the midst of a bitter custody battle. Sunday was the father’s first unsupervised visit with the boy. The grieving mother issued a statement earlier this week detailing a history of domestic violence between the couple. She says the boy’s father never made any threats toward their son.


12/17/2013 Fred Anthony Aguirre Jr., a 23-year-old Latino, was shot and killed Tuesday, Dec. 17, in the 400 block of North Rebecca Street in Pomona, according to L.A. County coroner’s records. Aguirre was approached by a gunman about 6 p.m. and shot, said Ed Winter, a spokesman with the coroner’s office.


12/17/2013 Wanda Mittie Threadgill, a 42-year-old black woman, was found dead Tuesday, Dec. 17, in the 9500 block of South Western Avenue in Gramercy Park, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. Family members hadn’t heard from Threadgill in nearly two weeks and decided to go to her apartment to check up on her, LAPD Lt. Jeff Nolte said. Crystal Spradley, 27, found her mother dead in a bedroom, she said. She immediately called police, who set up a crime scene. Threadgill was pronounced dead at 11:55 a.m., but police said she could have been dead for days. An autopsy showed that Threadgill died of multiple stab wounds, according to the coroner’s office.


12/14/2013 Alicia Cassandra Gomez, a 14-year-old girl, was shot and killed Saturday, Dec. 14, near East Elm Street and North Tamarind Avenue in Compton, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. and found the girl in the street suffering from several gunshot wounds, according to a release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Witnesses told deputies that Gomez was riding a bicycle when she was shot.


12/24/2013 A teenager has been charged with murdering his mother after she was found with a kitchen knife sticking out of her eye socket in her Florida home. Sharon Aydelott was found dead on Christmas Eve in her home in Gulf Breeze, Fla., having been stabbed multiple times, beaten with a baseball bat and had her throat slashed.


12/25/2013 Two teenagers were killed and another seriously wounded in a shooting late Christmas night in Newark, according to law enforcement authorities. A 13-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl were shot dead, Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio and Essex County acting-Prosecutor Carolyn Murray


12/25/2013 Eva Casara, 17, was found on Christmas Day in a Dolton, Ill., alley with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. Casara, who was between 22 and 25 weeks pregnant, died the next day – but doctors miraculously saved her unborn baby girl, who was listed in critical condition.


12/27/2013 Authorities say the shooting death of an 87-year-old philanthropist known for the Christmas light display at his New Hampshire estate was a homicide. John Chakalos was found dead by one of his daughters at his Windsor, Conn. home on Friday from a single gunshot wound to the head.


12/25/2013 The man accused of killing his mother in Deep River, Conn., on Thursday, disemboweled her, according to a police report.Troopers responded to a home at 131 Rattling Valley Road around 1 p.m. Thursday after receiving a 911 call from the victim’s ex-husband. Robert Owen Rankin, the victim’s 22-year-old son, was arrested and charged with murder. Rankin and his father were outside the house when police arrived. On Friday, state police identified the victim as 45-year-old Margaret Rohner. According to court documents, Rankin admitted the crime to his father and then to the first state police trooper who arrived on the scene. “I used the knife to kill my mother,” Rankin told the trooper after the trooper asked if he had any weapons on him. “I killed my mother because she is pretty much responsible for everything that has gone wrong in my life,” he allegedly told the trooper. Rankin continued to tell the trooper in detail what he had allegedly done to his mother. He said he woke up in the morning with a plan to snap his mother’s neck to kill her, but when that didn’t work, he stabbed her in the neck with a fire poker, according to the police report. When Rankin saw she was still alive, he told police he took his clothes off to “gain additional strength,” in his words.  He then used a buck knife to stab his mother in the belly button, the court documents show. Rankin said he was looking for a baby but couldn’t find one in her stomach, he allegedly told police. He told investigators he cleaned up, took a shower and decided to take his dog for a walk. It was then that he saw his father and allegedly admitted to the crime.


12/14/2013 When Milledge logged on to her home computer last Saturday afternoon, she was shocked to see the outpouring of messages about the death of her 15-year-old son, Anthoney Warren (pictured) on his Facebook page.  The boy had been shot to death outside an Indianapolis apartment complex during an alleged robbery attempt he made, along with a 19-year-old youth. RELATED: Enter To Win A Dr. Miracles Beauty Package! Police believe Anthoney was fatally shot by 19-year-old Brice Price, whom authorities took into custody on Tuesday. Cops believe Brice and Warren were planning to rob someone at the time of his death.


12/28/2013 A large bomb dropped from a helicopter on a crowded market has killed at least 25 people in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. A video posted on the internet by local activist group Insaan Rights Watch showed residents pulling mangled corpses out of scorched and twisted car frames on Saturday. One road hit by the blast was covered with debris from nearby buildings and was lined with bodies, as young men shouted for cars to help transport the wounded. Hundreds of people have been killed by air raids around Aleppo in recent weeks, scores of them women and children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a pro-opposition monitoring group based in Britain. On Saturday, the Observatory said 25 people, at least four of them children, were killed by barrel bombs – explosive-filled cylinders or oil barrels, often dropped indiscriminately from helicopters – that also destroyed part of a hospital. It said the death toll was likely to rise as dozens more were wounded in the attack.


12/24/2013 A British surgeon who was imprisoned in Syria for more than a year appears to have been “murdered by the regime”, a UK foreign minister has said. After the death of Dr Abbas Khan in jail was announced on Tuesday, Hugh Robertson said it was “at best extremely suspicious”.The minister said the government was seeking urgent clarification about what happened to Khan. The 32-year-old, from Streatham, south London, was detained after traveling to Aleppo to work in a field hospital in November last year. “Dear All, I sorrowfully inform you of the news that Dr Abbas Khan was killed yesterday. An innocents [sic] life was taken meaninglessly. He was the best brother I could have ever asked for and I know no one with a purer heart than him. “His release was due to be this week. I thank you all for your love and support. We still need your help. Abbas is not home. Help us bring him home for the burial he deserves.”


12/26/2013 Danville’s law enforcement community expressed sadness at the death of a former city police officer and SWAT team member who was shot and killed Thursday while working in Afghanistan. Lee McCubbins, 43, who worked for the Danville Police Department for about 15 years, was killed while performing subcontract work at the Kajaki Dam project in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.


12/27/2013 Unidentified gunmen have killed a senior Afghan Taliban leader in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, Taliban sources said on Friday. Noorullah Hotak was assassinated in Pashtoon Abad of Quetta on Thursday and his body was returned to the Afghan province of Zabul where he was buried on Friday, an Afghan Taliban commander confirmed. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However the Taliban leader suspected the Afghan government was behind the killing. Afghan sources said Hotak had been leading the Taliban fighters in parts of Zabul province.


12/28/2013 PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Pakistani police say gunmen attacked an anti-polio vaccination centre in the country’s northwest and killed a medic on duty, then fled the scene. Police official Raheem Khan says another technician was also wounded in Saturday’s attack on the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The health facility is run by the party of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and authorities are using it to vaccinate children against polio. No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but militants have killed several polio workers and police protecting them in recent months. Pakistan is one of only three countries where the polio virus is still endemic. Militants oppose vaccination against polio and consider such campaigns a cover for spying. They also claim the vaccine is intended to make Muslim boys sterile.


12/23/2013 The Department of Defense announced today the death of a Marine who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.  Sgt. Daniel M. Vasselian, 27, of Abington, Mass., died Dec. 23, while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.  He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.


11/12/2013 A mother in Westchester County is now charged in a shocking crime, the death of her 4-year-old son. Jason Reish’s lifeless body was found in the family’s apartment in Mamaroneck, and police are still trying to figure out exactly what led to the horror they found inside the Continental View Condos. On Monday night, police removed evidence bags from the complex just hours after making the disturbing discovery. Officers responding to a request to check on 46-year-old Manuela Maria Morgado found her semi-conscious inside her home and little Jason dead. They say she tried to kill her son by using a mask attached to a helium tank. She apparently then tried to kill herself – by taking pills. Neighbors, including a woman who taught Jason in a nearby child development class, are still stunned by the news. “He was a good kid, he was sweet and very energetic,” she said. “I broke down. I broke down. It was shocking.” Reports say Morgado and Jason’s father are divorced and in a custody battle. “She just seemed to be a terrific, very upbeat person,” neighbor Andrew Landau said. “Always with the son. The dozen conversations I had with her were absolutely terrific. Nothing that would give you any sense that something like this would happen.”


12/12/2013 A triple murder is being linked to that most troublesome of all Facebook features: The relationship status bar. A 23-year-old man reportedly gunned down his estranged wife, her new boyfriend,

Murdered #801 – 900


01/04/2012 Jessica (Leidel Luis) Age: 18 Location of Death: Guaimaro, Camagüey (Cuba) Cause of Death: beaten Jessica was detained and beaten for no apparent reason by police members. She was then taken to a police station where she was again beaten and put into a cell where she died from the beatings


01/05/2012 Jaime Antonio López Age: 35 Location of Death: Machiques, Zulia (Venezuela) Cause of Death: shot. The victim was shot various times by an unknown person who left the apartment on a motorbike.


01/05/2012 (Herminia) Lidoma Age: 42. Location of Death: Davao (Philippines) Cause of Death: stabbed. The victim was described as a trans man who was having drinks with two men in a karaoke bar. When he had an argument with the the two men, one of them tok a knife and stabbed him several times.


01/08/2012 Safira (Josimar) Ferreira Severino Age: 23 Location of Death: Rua Borba Gato, Bauru, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot An unknown man shot the victim dead


01/12/2012 Acucena (Adler) Age: not reported Location of Death: Salvador da Bahia, BA (Brazil) Cause of Death: thrown down stairs The victim was thrown down a set of stairs at a party. The police arrested the alleged perpetrator.


01/16/2012 N.N. Age: 25 Location of Death: Colonia Fuentes, Santa Lucía, Apodaca, Nuevo León (Mexico) Cause of Death: shot. The victim’s body showed marks of torture. Before being shot, the victim was beaten and the hands semi-amputated. A message was left that read “Por Rata” (“By the Rat”). Neighbours had heard the shot but did not take any action.


01/17/2012 Carla White Age: 31 Location of Death: Avenida Tiradentes, Londrina, PR (Brazil) Cause of Death: shotAccording to the police, the victim was shot by three persons in a car after they had started a discussion.


01/17/2012 Fernanda Borges da Silva Age: 48 Location of Death: Avenida Padre Júlio Maria Lombard, Macapá, AP (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed. The victim was stabbed by a man with whom she had had a relationship for five years.


01/22/12 Rebeca (Cosmo Marinho) da Silva Age: 29 Location of Death: Martins, AL (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. Various unidentified individuals shot Rebeca dead.


01/25/2012 Sabrina .trans. Rredencao. PA Brazil shot to death.


01/25/2012 (Mateo) Vicente Age: 21 Location of Death: Manila (Philippines) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim was killed with a strong blow on the head.


01/26/2012 Maicon Roux Age: 20 Location of Death: BR-470, Indaial, SC Brazil. Shot to death


01/30/2012 Paola Age: 28 Location of Death: Cidade Universitaria, Maceió, AL (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. Paola died after being shoot seven times.


01/30/2012 Hair (Pedro) Tamiarana Age: 26 Location of Death: Rua Joaquim Cardoso da Silveira, Curitiba, PR (Brazil) Cause of Death: asphyxiation. The body was found in the victims apartment . He died by strangulation.


01/23/2012 Guilherme Age: 16 Location of Death: Sumaré, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: Guilherme was shot thirteen times.


01/23/2012 Brilli (Ramón Antonio) Olivero Age: 49 Location of Death: El Roble, San Félix, Bolívar (Venezuela) Cause of Death: Brilli’s body was found half-naked and with seven gunshot wounds in different body parts on 22 January 2012. The authorities assume that she died as a consequence of a fight, but they don’t discard the possibility that the perpetrator was a client.


02/02/2012Trans. Rafaela Cavalcante da Silva Age: 21 Location of Death: Rua José Carlos Bezerra, Fortaleza, CE (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. According to witnesses, a friend of the victim’s had been shot dead as well .


02/03/2012 Soraia (Valmir) da Silva Age: 39 Location of Death: Olivença, AL (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten Soraya had been abducted and tortured without knowing or stating the reason. After being able to go home, she felt bad and was taken to hospital, where she died. It was found that she had had pieces of wood inserted into the rectum and intestines and the penis burnt.


02/03/2012 Deoni Jones Age: 23 Location of Death: (USA) Cause of Death: stabbed. Deonie was a person of color. She was attacked by a man at a bus stop and stabbed in the head. She died in the hospital.


02/05/2012 Trans.Helen Jabor (Thiago da Silva Carvalho) Age: 23 Location of Death: Rio Verde, GO (Brazil) She was shot to death.


02/13/2012 Melda (Metin) Yuksel Age: 26 Location of Death: Kocaeli (Turkey) Cause of Death: shot The victim was shot by her brother in her apartment. The court gave decreased sentence to the perpetrator (16 years of imprisonment) with the argument that the perpetrator was under “heavy provocation”.


02/17/2012 Trans.Name: Sarita (Rafael) Teodoro dos Reis Age: 21 Location of Death: Av. Jones dos Santos Neves, Barra de São Francisco, ES (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot


02/21/2012 Name: (Paulo Afonso) Martins Age: 42 Location of Death: Rua Marechal Floriano, Porto Alegro, RS (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed. The alleged perpetrator has been arrested. According to witnesses, victim and perpetrator llived in the same apartment and had an argument the night before the killing


02/22/2012 Name: N.N. Age: not reported Location of Death: Chichihualco-Chilpancingo highway, Guerrero (Mexico) Cause of Death: shot. An anonymous call reported the dead body to the police. The victim had received a shot at point blank in the head.


02/24/2012 Name: (Roberto Paulo) de Campos Age: not reported Location of Death: Estrada do Formigueiro, MT (Brazil) Cause of Death: stoned. The victim was a sex worker. After being attacked and severely injured on a road in a rural area, she was left for six hours until being found, trying to indicate the perpetrator(s) to the police.


02/27/2012 Name: Monserrat (Jonathan José) Pineda Age: 22 Location of Death: Avenida 17, Cabañas, San Pedro Sula (Honduras) Cause of Death: shot. After constant threats by a security guard, Monserrat Pineda reported the aggressor to the police. As the victim passed the security guard’s place of work, she was shot. She was taken to the hospital, where she died. She was a member of the activist organisation Colectivo Unidad Color Rosa.


02/28/2012 Name: N.N Age: 31 Location of Death: Novara (Italy) Cause of Death: shot. The victim was of Brazilian descent.


02/20/2012 Name: N.N. Age: 25 Location of Death: Rio Verde, GO (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot


02/21/2012 (Jorge Luiz) Feretti Age: 21 Location of Death: BR-470, Indaial, SC (Brazil) Cause of Death: not reported.The victim’s body was found on 18 February near a highway, the face covered in blood.


02/14/2012 Name: Dulce (Ivis Rolando) Mejía Age: 23 Location of Death: Colonia Providencia San Pedro Sula (Honduras) Cause of Death: shot. The victim died of three gun shots in the head. She was a member of an association of the gay community and a promoter of HIV/AIDS prevention.


02/29/2012 Name: N.N Age: not reported Location of Death: Carretera a San Mateo, kilómetro 11, Ciudad Benito Juárez, Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico) Cause of Death: not reported. Judicial authorities and members of the Armed Forces confirmed the report of three executed trans persons, two of whom were trans women.


02/23/2012 Name: Evelyn (Daniel Arlex) Ossa Rodríguez Age: 26 Location of Death: Cataluna, Medellin (Colombia) Cause of Death: shot. The perpetrators entered the victim’s apartment and shot her in the head. Evelyn was from France and had come to Medellín shortly before her death.


03/11/2012 Name: José Enrique Castro Zuñiga Age: 22 Location of Death: Colonia Llanos de Sula, Rivera Hernández, San Pedro Sula (Honduras) Cause of Death: stabbed. The victim’s body was found in the brushwood of a canal showing various shot wounds.


03/14/2012 Miquilo (Miguel Angel) Mamaní 29 Location of Death: Ruta Nacional 50, Salta (Argentina) Cause of Death: stabbed In the early morning, various individuals got out of a car and, without any kn. wn motive, attacked the victim, inflicting several wounds with a sharp weapon. Before dying, the victim stated having been attacked by a group of “ultramoralist” youths who assault travestis


03/14/2012 Name: Chiquinha (Francisco) Neco de Oliveira Age: 35 Location of Death: Teresina, PI (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim’s body was found in the trunk of her own car, showing wounds of stone beatings.


03/14/2012 Name: (Cícero) Neto Brás de Sousa Age: 28 Location of Death: Teresina, PI (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim had been arrested by the police for beating a sister. While the police stated that the victim committed suicide in jail, relatives, friends and neighbours insist that the police killed her, pointing out contradictions in the stories told by police members and marks of beatings on the victim’s body.


03/15/2012 Name: Rosita Hidalgo Age: not reported Location of Death: Miami (USA) Cause of Death: stabbed. Rosita was of Cuban descent. She worked as a small-time escort bringing her clients to her apartment. She was found gagged, stabbed, and slashed in her apartment.


03/16/2012 Name: N.N. Age: 40 Location of Death: Calle Chañarcillo, Maipú (Chile) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim’s body showed lesions in the head, which caused the death in the early morning.


03/18/2012 Name: Javier Age: not reported Location of Death: Salamanca, Guanajuato (Mexico) Cause of Death: not reported


03/19/2012 Name: (Demetrio) Apaza Mayta Age: 42 Location of Death: La Paz (Bolivia) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim was tortured, burned, and beaten to death by a mob of up to 400 people.


03/20/2012 Marcela (Eliomar) Machado de Almeida Age: 23 Location of Death: Teresina, PI (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot


03/22/2012 Name: Elaine (Elton Jonh) Felipe de Oiveira da Silva Age: not reported Location of Death: Joao Pessoa, PB (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot


03/24/2012 Name: (Samuel) Ferreira do Nascimento Age: 22 Location of Death: Rua Oscar Araripe, Fortaleza, CE (Brazil)Cause of Death: shot. The victim was a sex worker and was killed in the early morning on the street where she used to do sex work.


03/24/2012 Name: Tyrell Jackson Age: 23 Location of Death: Riviera Beach (USA) Cause of Death: shot. Jackson was shot together with a friend in a drive-by-shooting by a man, who is described as targeting young trans people, who do sex work. The friend of Jackson, also a trans sex worker, survived.


03/25/2012 Daniela (David Oswaldo) Pantoja Churion Age: 21 Location of Death: Ocumare del Tuy (Venezuela) Cause of Death: shot. Daniela was shot dead together with a 19-year-old woman called Alejandra.


03/26/2012 Name: Mônica Age: not reported Location of Death: Rua Antônio Sodré, Sao Goncalo, RJ (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot The victim was shot in the early morning by a man on a motorbike near a bar.


03/26/2012 Name: Shahid Age: 30 Location of Death: Lahore (Pakistan) Cause of Death: stabbed


03/28/2012 Hana (Adriano) Santiago Rocha Age: 25 Location of Death: Vila Brasil,Ribeirão Preto, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed. The victim was a sex worker and stabbed to death, presumably by a client who fled the scene after committing the crime.


01/01/2012 Ingrid Popinha (Carlos) Magno Rosa Age: 25 Location of Death: Rua Cardoso Moreira, Campos, RJ (Brazil) Cause of Death: not reported. After a street mass in commemoration of the New Year, Ingrid left and was found dead later with wounds in the thorax.


02/27/2013 Marco McMillian, thought to be one of the first openly gay men to seek political office in Mississippi, was found dead near a levee, yesterday. McMillian was running for mayor of the town of Clarksdale, a town known for its rich artistic history.


02/28/2013 South Africa’s police watchdog is investigating the death of a Mozambican taxi driver who was allegedly handcuffed to the back of a police van and dragged through the streets. Video footage taken by a bystander of the incident, near Johannesburg, has been shown in the local media.


02/26/2013 A car bomb has exploded in the northern Mali town of Kidal, killing seven people, reports say. The attack is thought to have targeted a checkpoint manned by a Tuareg group which has come out in support of France’s military intervention. Islamist militants were driven out of Kidal and other strongholds but have continued to stage raids and bombings. A senior UN humanitarian official has said hundreds of thousands of displaced Malians are too afraid to return home. More than 430,000 people who fled the militant takeover of northern Mali last year did not feel confident enough to return to their homes despite the security situation improving, said John Ging, from the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


02/15/2013 The three were killed in clashes between police and supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, one of whose leaders was convicted by the tribunal last week. Meanwhile, tens of thousands have gathered in the capital Dhaka to demand the death penalty for those convicted. The tribunal is investigating crimes dating from the 1971 independence war.


02/27/2013 4 murdered. A person wounded by a gunman at a Swiss factory has died of their injuries, bringing to three the number of victims of the killer, who also died. Six other people are still being treated for injuries after Wednesday’s attack at the Kronospan wood processing plant in the town of Menznau. A successful Swiss wrestler, Benno Studer, was among those killed. Police are still trying to establish the motive of the gunman, who had worked at the factory for 10 years. The 42-year-old was identified as a naturalised Swiss citizen of Kosovo Albanian origin. Police did not confirm whether he had taken his own life. They said the weapon used was a Sphinx AT 380 handgun, a compact pistol produced by a Swiss company. It is not a military weapon and it is unclear how the gunman obtained it.


02/28/2013 A roadside bomb killed nine people, mostly border policemen, Thursday in Afghanistan where militants continue to target government security forces taking over from withdrawing international troops.


03/04/2013 A Siberian woman has been arrested and charged with murder for stabbing her husband to death after he attempted to kill her cat with a rake. The 56-year-old woman and her husband had, surprisingly, been drinking together when the cat became the subject of an argument.


02/26/2013 McMillian, a fundraising executive who owned his own consulting firm, was found dead near the Mississippi River in Clarksdale on February 27. The day before, Lawrence Reed, 22, had crashed McMillian’s SUV head-on into another vehicle on a local highway, with McMillian’s whereabouts unknown at that time. Reed was med-evacced to a hospital in Memphis, where he was arrested on murder charges one day after McMillian’s body was found. Though press reports said McMillian had been strangled, authorities said that toxicology tests would delay completion of the autopsy for up to several weeks.


03/05/2013 Wilfried Knight kills himself. Another suicide, His boyfriend killed himself a couple of weeks before.


02/21/2013 Jerry Enriquez kills himself and 2 weeks later his partner kills himself. No news on why they this happened. Not even a large gay community could not help them. Why?


03/22/2013 The toll from a series of bombings in Iraq on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion stands at 65 dead and more than 200 wounded. It was the deadliest day of violence in Iraq this year. The group al-Qaeda in Iraq has claimed responsibility.


04/04/2004 Casey Sheehan, was killed, in Iraq, April 4th, 2004. His mother Cindy became an advocate to stop the war and the murders of innocent people.


05/11/2012 6 kids murdered. Jade Philpott, 10, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, died on the morning of the fire on 11 May 2012. Mrs Philpott’s son from a previous relationship, 13-year-old Duwayne, died later in hospital. The parents of six children who died after a house fire in Derby have been convicted of their manslaughter, along with their friend. Mick Philpott and Paul Mosley were found guilty by unanimous verdicts, while Mairead Philpott was convicted by a majority, at Nottingham Crown Court. Philpott hoped to frame the fire on his ex-mistress so he could win custody of his children.


04/02/2013 A doctor who worked on French adventure reality TV show Koh Lanta has killed himself in Cambodia after one of the programme’s contestants died. In a suicide note, Thierry Costa, 38, said his name had been “sullied by the media” over the death of Gerald Babin a week ago


03/31/2013 A potential link to white supremacist prison gangs is being probed in the killing of a Texas district attorney and his wife in their home. Mike McLelland and Cynthia McLelland were shot dead inside their home just two months after Assistant Prosecutor Mark Hasse was gunned down outside the Kaufman County courthouse. The killings come just months after Texas warned of potential retaliation by the Aryan Brotherhood against law enforcement officials after 34 members of the white supremacist group were indicted. The murder of McLelland also comes less than two weeks after Tom Clements, the Colorado prisons chief, was shot and killed after answering the doorbell at his home. Two days later, the suspect, Evan Spencer Ebel, a former Colorado inmate and white supremacist, was killed in a shootout with Texas deputies. We speak to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who tracks hate groups.


04/06/2013 6 murdered. Six American troops and civilians and an Afghan doctor were killed in attacks on Saturday in southern and eastern Afghanistan as the U.S. military’s top officer began a weekend visit to the country, officials said. In the south, three U.S. service members, two U.S. civilians and the doctor were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a car full of explosives just as a convoy with the international military coalition drove past another convoy of vehicles carrying the governor of Zabul province.


04/06/2013 A suicide bomb and grenade attack has killed at least 22 people and injured about 50 at a political rally in the eastern Iraqi city of Baquba. A grenade was thrown into the crowd gathered inside a large tent and, seconds later, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the same tent.


04/06/2013 The British High Commission in Delhi says it is investigating reports that a British woman has been found dead in Indian-administered Kashmir. Police said the woman, Sarah Groves, 24, from Guernsey, had been stabbed to death on a houseboat in the summer capital, Srinagar. A Dutch man in his 40s, who was also apparently staying in the houseboat, has been arrested, police added.


04/05/2013 Islamist groups in Bangladesh have held a rally in the capital, Dhaka, calling for tough curbs on bloggers who insult the Islamic religion. Police say 100,000 people gathered for the rally after a “long march” from around the country to take part. A 45-year-old man was killed on Friday when some activists clashed with supporters of the ruling Awami League. Bus and river transport was halted and groups opposed to the rally announced a day-long shutdown. The marchers called for a new blasphemy law, with the provision of the death penalty to punish those who insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Their group, Hefajat-e-Islam, put forward a total of 13 demands, criticising the government for not taking action against what it called “atheist bloggers”.


01/16/2013 Jan. 16 in The Bronx, where Jennifer Rivera, 20, and her uncle, Jason Rivera, 30, were gunned down execution-style while sitting a parked car, police said. Rivera had a criminal drug history, sources said. No one has been arrested in connection with the slayings.


03/16/2013 CLAY, N.Y. — Police have accused a man of fatally stabbing a school librarian and raping her child after carjacking them at a central New York mall. They say the woman was leaving a gymnastics class with her 10-year-old daughter when the attacker stopped them at the mall in Clay at about 9 p.m. Thursday. Troopers say 29-year-old David Renz raped the girl and killed the woman in the Syracuse suburb. The girl managed to escape. Trooper Jack Keller said Friday that the woman died Thursday night and the child is hospitalized.


03/29/2010 Annamarie Cochrane Rintala, 37, was found strangled to death in her Granby home on March 29, 2010. Police responding to a 911 call from a neighbor found Cara Rintala, 45, sitting on the basement floor cradling her wife’s paint-spattered body. Prosecutors maintain that Rintala was using the paint to cover up the evidence of the murder.


01/26/2013 David Rangel, a gay man age 53, was found dead in his apartment on Saturday, January 26 in Jackson Heights, Queens.  According to the  New York Daily News, medical examiners determined that Rangel had been choked to death.  The article states that the police are investigating Rangel’s death as a homicide and that it is believed that he may have met his assailant online.


01/20/2013 The body of Charles Romo, 48, was discovered in a kneeling position in the bedroom of his Hamilton Place apartment, bound at the legs by a belt, his mouth gagged and his head bloodied and wrapped in tape at 10:20 a.m. Monday. He was wearing only his underwear. Cops found the victim’s Seeing Eye dog, Ramses, guarding the body and took him to the ASPCA. The maid, who found Romo’s body, told police there were often strange men at the home.


04/16/2007 The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart, before committing suicide (another six people were injured escaping from classroom windows).[1][2] The massacre is the deadliest shooting incident by a single gunman in U.S. history.[3] It was the worst act of mass murder of college students since Syracuse University lost 35 students in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103,[4] and the second-deadliest act of mass murder at a U.S. school campus, behind the Bath School disaster of 1927.


03/18/2013 BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – A 15-year-old Birmingham boy died early today after he was shot in Birmingham’s Railroad Park Sunday night. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as Jarmaine Walton. He was transported to UAB Hospital from the 1600 block of First Avenue South. He was pronounced dead at UAB
04/15/2013 Mike and Cynthia McLelland were gunned down in their home last Saturday – but police are no closer to finding the perpetrators


03/29/2013 A newlywed groom left in a coma after being shot on honeymoon in Antigua was flown home yesterday to the intensive care unit where his murdered bride used to work. Ben Mullany, 31, has a fractured skull and a bullet lodged in his brain after the suspected robbery in which his new wife, Catherine, also 31, was killed instantly. They had planned to return home the following day.


03/22/2013 Burma has issued a state of emergency in the central city of Meikhtila after three days of ethnic violence between Muslims and Buddhists has left scores dead, forced thousands to flee and left local homes and shops reduced to smoking rubble. Rioting began on Wednesday in the now ash-covered town, located 360 miles north of the commercial capital Rangoon, after an argument between a Muslim shopkeeper and his Buddhist customers erupted into a street brawl that ended with the death of a Buddhist monk. Exact numbers of those killed and injured are hard to establish. Win Htein, of the opposition National League for Democracy party, said 20 people – including the monk – are confirmed dead. But Ko Wanna Shwe of the Rangoon-based Islamic Religious Affairs Council told the Guardian that figure was likely to be much higher: “We are getting reports from people in Meikhtila since Wednesday that [the number] is higher. Nearly 100 people have been killed – teachers, students, shopkeepers,” he said by phone. “Even young men aged eight to 14 included.”


04/01/2013 A cast member of MTV reality show Buckwild was found dead in rural West Virginia on Monday after being reported missing by family members on Sunday. Shain Gandee, 21, was found dead in a car along with two other men including his uncle David on Monday morning in Sissonville, Kanawha County, a spokeswoman for County Commissioner Kent Carper told Reuters.


04/29/2013 A 21-year-old student was found dead Sunday morning in a Columbia University dormitory, according to police and reports. Jessica Fingers, of Monticello, N.Y., a Columbia College student on leave, was found at 11:48 a.m. inside the East Campus Residence Hall on Morningside Drive, police said. Police responding to a 911 call found the young woman unconscious and unresponsive, lying face-up on the floor, police said. EMS later determined she was dead at the scene. Several students at the dormitory said they’d heard Fingers had been visiting friends at Columbia, and was found in the hallway of the dorm, which is the largest and most desirable dorm at Columbia, according to a campus wiki. It includes a large high-rise housing complex as well as a series of interconnected low-rise townhouses, Fingers had originally been a member of the Columbia College class of 2013, but had been on leave since last spring, the Columbia Spectator campus newspaper reported.


04/01/2013 2 murdered. Riverside County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a suspect in a shooting Sunday night in Perris that left two men dead and another wounded. Perris police were called to a home in the 300 block Flicker Way about 10:15 p.m. where they found the wounded man in the front yard, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The two dead men were found inside the house.


12/21/1988 Lockerbie bombing. Rescue workers examine the nose of Pan Am flight 103 near the town of Lockerbie, Scotland,after a bomb aboard exploded and killed 270 people.


12/31/2012Prosecutors allege Juan Manuel Ramirez , a 35-year-old Latino, fatally shot Diaz Dec. 23 and then hid the body in concrete inside a Santa Fe Springs business. The body was discovered inside the heating and air conditioning store on Dec. 31 after Whittier police, who patrol Santa Fe Springs, received a tip about a possible killing.


01/01/2013 John Lee, a 33-year-old Asian man, died Monday, Dec. 31, a day after he was shot in the 4200 block of Russell Street in Los Feliz, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. Los Angeles police are asking for help solving the killings. Officers responding to a call of shots fired found Lee lying next to his black Audi at 9:18 p.m. Sunday on Russell Avenue, east of Talmadge Street. He had been shot four times in the chest. Lee died the next day.


12/31/2013 Jose Velasquez, a 36-year-old Latino, was fatally shot Monday, Dec. 31, in the 20700 block of Alburtis Avenue in Lakewood, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. The shooting occurred about 11:20 p.m. at a New Year’s Eve party at a home, sheriff’s deputies said. “Words were exchanged and an argument ensued when gunfire suddenly erupted,” according to a Sheriff’s Department statement. Velasquez was struck in the upper body. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


02/12/2013 Russian police say they have discovered the body of a local politician reported missing last week, in a barrel of cement in a garage near Moscow. Another politician has been accused of ordering the murder, over an $80 million debt.


04/29/2013  A 4-year-old boy is dead after a shooting in Prichard. WKRG-TV reports the child shot himself in the chest accidentally. His parents rushed him to USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, where he died. The child and his family had just left Easter services at church and were visiting relatives when the shooting occurred.


08/28/2010  An Alaska man has been sentenced to prison for life in the 2010 shooting deaths of two Hoonah police officers, in a case that rocked that tiny community and galvanized the state’s law enforcement community. State court Judge David George on Friday sentenced John Marvin Jr. to two consecutive sentences of 99 years in the deaths of Hoonah Police Sgt. Anthony Wallace and officer Matthew Tokuoka.



04/11/2013 A record executive named Freeband Double D, who was associated with rapper Future and Young Scooter was shot and killed in his Maybach yesterday in Atlanta.


09/13/1996 Tupac was shot in a drive-by on September 7, 1996 after the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon in Las Vegas. Shakur was hit several times (including once in the lung) while attempting to jump in the back seat. He died in the hospital on September 13, 1996.


03/09/1997 Biggie was shot and killed in Los Angeles, where he had been attending a party by VIBE Magazine near the Peterson Automotive Museum.


02/15/1999 On February 15 , 1999 Big L was shot seven times in the head and chest and killed on 139th Street, just blocks away from his Harlem home. He was 24 years old.


04/15/2013 Two bombs struck near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, turning a celebration into a bloody scene of destruction. The blasts threw people to the ground, killing 3 and injuring dozens. The Boston Globe reported that more than 100 people were being treated at area hospitals, including several children. “Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice,” President Barack Obama vowed.


04/18/2013 One cop in Boston killed by Terrorist and in search for his brother, Dzhokhar. One brother killed.


07/16/2010  The Essex County sheriff’s officer who shot and killed an unarmed DeFarra Gaymon during a 2010 public sex sting in a Newark park described the 48-year-old Gaymon as aggressive and repeatedly threatening him in a statement that was written three days after the July 16 shooting. “Gaymon walked within on [sic] of me while he was masturbating his exposed penis with his right hand,” wrote Edward Esposito, who was 29 in 2010.


04/19/2013 Five health workers have been killed when South Sudan soldiers attacked a hospital in revenge for the deaths of eight members of the security forces, the local MP has told the BBC. David Mayo said the fighting was still going on and urged the army to be withdrawn. Local community leaders confirm that the hospital in the village of Lorema, Eastern Equatoria state, was attacked.


04/15/2013 Two football supporters have been shot dead by rival fans in Brazil, according to media in the South American country. The incident happened in Brazil’s north east, near the Arena Castelao World Cup stadium in Fortaleza. Reports by Globo  suggest two men who supported Ceara were shot in the head by two Fortaleza fans in a vehicle. It is the latest in a series of issues that have led to questions about the nation’s ability to stage the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.


04/19/2013 At least 13 Afghan pro-government fighters have been killed in a militant attack on their checkpoint in Ghazni province, officials say. Details of the attack are sketchy with unconfirmed reports some of the men may have been drugged before the assault. The Taliban have said they carried out the attack. They also seized weapons and a vehicle.


04/19/2013 At least seven people have been killed in a mortar attack on a Sunni mosque in northern Iraq, police say. Dozens more were hurt in the strike as worshippers were leaving the building in Khales after Friday prayers. It comes a day after at least 27 people were killed in a bomb attack on a cafe in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Murdered #701 – 800


12/22/2012 3 murdered by guns WLBT reports that the first happened around 12:30 a.m. Saturday. Police said the 38-year-old victim was shot four times in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Another shooting happened just after 2 a.m. Saturday. A 23-year-old man was gunned down at a Jackson intersection. He was shot five times and was pronounced dead on the scene. No arrests have been reported so far as the investigations continue. The third homicide occurred at 2 p.m. Tommy Young, 33, shot multiple times while seated in a silver Honda Accord at the intersection of Hill Avenue and Lincoln Avenue according to Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green.


12/11/2012 man murdered About 10:30 p.m. the night of Dec. 11, a taxi pulled up outside Benjamin Wojenski’s home on Cherrywood Lane in Titusville. A female passenger used the driver’s phone to call Wojenski, who came to the door and let the 24-year-old woman inside. Fewer than eight hours later, police and fire crews found the 62-year-old man dead in the dining room, covered in a sheet. He had stab wounds to his face, head and neck, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by Titusville police. There was blood on the walls, in his shower and garage and bloody handprints in his bedroom.


07/17/2012 15 year old girl murdered SEAGROVE BEACH, Florida — A vacationing Georgia 15-year-old’s brutal murder has rocked the scenic 30-A stretch of south Walton County, where a 21-year-old from Seagrove Beach has been charged with the crime.


12/22/2012 Ryan Freel has reportedly committed suicide. First reported by First Coast News, the 36-year-old player who spent 8 seasons in the Major Leagues, was found dead from a gun shot wound last night.


10/10/2012 Amanda Todd committed suicide on October 10, 2012 at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Prior to her death, Todd posted a video on YouTube in which she used a series of flash cards to tell of her experience of being blackmailed, bullied, and physically assaulted. The video went viral after her death,[1] resulting in international media attention.


10/19/2012 Felicia Garcia, the 15-year-old high school girl who leapt to her death at a Staten Island train station after she had been bullied by members of the football team, had a vigil held in her honor last night where friends paid their respects.


12/25/2012 Joshua Davis, an aspiring rapper from the West Englewood area in Chicago, was gunned down on Christmas Day for wearing a hooded sweatshirt honoring his best friend and slain rapper, Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman.


12/21/2012 4 murdered. NBC reports that four people are dead and three state troopers are injured following an incident in Johnstown, Pa. The gunman is among those dead, authorities told NBC News. One of the state troopers was shot, but was wearing a bulletproof vest. The other two were said to be injured by a car crash with the suspect.


12/22/2012 The Navy is investigating the death in Afghanistan of one of its most senior SEAL officers as an apparent suicide, a U.S. military official tells CNN. Navy Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died Saturday while serving as the commanding officer of SEAL Team 4, a special warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


12/23/2012 In Camden, New Jersey — a city that has already suffered 65 violent deaths in 2012 , surpassing the previous record of 58 violent deaths set in 1995 — 50 people turned out, some bearing white crosses, to mourn a homeless woman known affectionately as the “cat lady” who was stabbed to death (50 of the deaths so far this year resulted from gunshot wounds.)


08/05/2012 A North Port man who was a Charlotte County firefighter lost his battle Sunday night, succumbing to his wounds after being shot twice on Saturday. Sam Dreher, 39, an 18-year veteran lieutenant and paramedic with the Charlotte County Fire Department, was shot twice after he confronted a man rummaging through his car Saturday. Dreher was flown to Blake Medical Center where he died.


12/27/2012 Erika Menendez was charged in the death of Sunando Sen, who was crushed by a 7 train in Queens on Thursday night, the second time this month a commuter has died in such a nightmarish fashion.


12/29/2012 women kills herself. A 65-year-old woman, Harriet Deison, shot herself Saturday while in her Lexus sedan in the parking lot of the Far East Dallas Gun Shop where she had just bought a pistol. Dallas police says: The gun Deison, a pastor’s wife, mother of two and grandmother to five, is believed to have shot herself with is the same one she had just purchased.


12/28/2012 4 murdered. A man killed two men and one woman Friday in central Pennsylvania, then died in a gunfight with state troopers, authorities said. The first report of shots fired “at multiple locations” in Frankstown Township came in a 911 call placed around 9 a.m., Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said. As state troopers converged on the area, someone in a truck — going the opposite direction on a two-lane road — fired at two marked patrol cars.


12/04/2012 A 19-year-old man, Benjamin Klinger, from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, is charged in the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Heller. And it’s possible he did it because he thought she was pregnant. But listen to how he did it — your stomach is sure to churn. Benjamin and Samantha were riding in a car along Route 283 when it’s alleged that Benjamin suddenly sped up the car and got into a crash on purpose — allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend. When she was still breathing after the crash, prosecutors say he sat on his girlfriend’s head and torso until she died.


12/30/2012 A teenage girl’s profiles on social networking sites reveal the vile messages from internet trolls that friends say pushed her to kill herself. Jessica Laney, 16, was found dead at her home in Hudson, Florida, on Sunday night after users on social networking sites branded her ‘fat’, a ‘slut’ and tormented her over her looks and love life.


01/02/2013 Dozens of people have been killed by an air strike on a petrol station on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, activists say. Damascus residents say they saw burning bodies and horrific scenes after the air strike in Mleiha district.


01/01/2013 At least 13 members of Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc, have been killed in an air strike, the Colombian military says. The air force bombarded a rebel camp in north-western Antioquia province on Monday and has since found 13 bodies.


01/01/2013 A man has been arrested after a 22-year-old British tourist was shot dead in Thailand on New Year’s Eve. Stephen Ashton, of south London, was reportedly caught by a stray bullet during a fight between two groups at a bar on Koh Phangan.


01/02/2013 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that 23-year-old Justin Mitchell was found shot to death at a home in Austell Wednesday night.


01/04/2013 16 year old murdered A 16-year-old boy is dead, after being shot Friday night on the Lower East Side. Around 9:10 p.m. Friday, police responded to the intersection of Rivington and Columbia streets and found Raphael Ward, 16, at the scene with a gunshot wound to the chest. The scene of the shooting is located in the middle of the Bernard M. Baruch Houses public housing development.


01/10/2013 3 women murdered. Three Kurdish women activists – including a co-founder of the militant nationalist PKK – have been found dead with gunshot wounds in a Kurdish information centre in Paris. The bodies of Sakine Cansiz and two others were found on Thursday. France and Turkey both condemned the killings. The motive for the shootings is unclear. Some 40,000 people have died in the 25-year conflict between the Turkish state and the PKK.


01/09/21013 10 murdered. At least 10 people, including five children, have been killed in a dawn raid in south-eastern Kenya in what officials say is a revenge attack. More people were injured in the attack by suspected ethnic Ormas on a Pokomo village in the Tana River delta region.


01/10/2013 56 murdered. Twin blasts at a snooker hall in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta have killed at least 56 people and injured more than 100, police say. Many of the casualties were caused by the second blast as police and media rushed to the scene. Earlier, a bomb in a market area killed 11 people and injured 27 more, police said.


01/09/2013 Johnny “Da Prince” Taylor was shot several times in Garfield Park in what sources are calling a case of “mistaken identity.” He was taken to the hospital, where doctors initially thought he would pull through.


01/11/2013 self murdered. Aaron H. Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, writer, archivist, political organizer, and Internet activist.


09/10/2011 Gopalan, 35, died on September 10 “after suffering sub-arachnoid hemorrhage — bleeding in the space between the brain and the thin tissues that cover it — ‘due to blunt-impact head trauma,’ according to Beverly Fields, chief of staff of the D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.”


10/09/2011 Aaron Allen, 19 (pictured), was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  reports. On October 9, he was spending the night with the child’s mother, Thelma Walton, 20; they had lived together for a time, but were not currently cohabiting. According to police, Allen said that sometime during the night, he suffocated the 22-month-old child, Aaron Allen Jr., with a sock.


05/17/2012 Two Pennsylvania women have admitted to killing one woman’s former girlfriend in a shocking murder on May 17. Police say that 18-year-old Jade Olmstead and 20-year-old Ashley Barber admitted to luring Olmstead’s ex, 20-year-old Brandy Stevens, to the woods just outside their home near Cochranton, Penn., where they beat and strangled her, according to The Erie Times-News. The couple buried Stevens in a grave they had dug prior to the murder.


08/14/2012 A nineteen-year-old youth named Tiffany Gooden was found murdered on Tuesday, August 14th. Ms. Gooden’s body was found on the second floor of an abandoned building on the 4800 Block of West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago.


01/01/2013 According to the Houston Chronicle’s Anita Hassan, 29-year-old Belinda Espinoza had been upset that evening, and called her relatives threatening suicide. A fight between her and her 24-year-old fiance, Ana Flores, had spiraled out of control. Florez called 911 to report Espinoza, but by the time Houston police arrived at the couple’s home, they found that Espinoza had shot Florez and then turned the gun on herself. Both women were dead at the scene. This certainly isn’t the first murder-suicide involving a lesbian couple. In 2012,  in Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas Augustine shot her wife Jessie McCaskill then killed herself. In 2008, in Boynton Beach, Fla., Carol Anne Burger stabbed her former wife Jessica Kalish more than 222 times with a screwdriver and, two days later after police discovered Kalish’s body, Burger shot herself. In 2009,  in Statesboro, Ga., Kiona Thais Lively shot her wife Naumbyia T. German several times, lit a house fire, and turned the gun on herself.


01/16/2013 More than 20 people have been killed in near-simultaneous car bomb blasts in the Syrian city of Idlib, government officials and activists say.


01/15/2013 A picture was released by the Syrian Arab News Agency shows the wreckage of cars at the scene of an explosion outside Aleppo University on January 15. Fifteen people were killed and dozens injured in the blast.


05/26/2011 Mohammed Abdi Farah, 19, and Amin Ahmed Ismail, 18, were killed in an alleyway in Milton Keynes’ Fishermead Estate on 26 May 2011.


01/19/2013 5 murdered. A family five were found dead in a house in a secluded area just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday night. The bodies included an adult male, and adult female, one juvenile male and two juvenile females . An unidentified 15-year-old was arrested and charged for killing all five people. Several weapons were found inside the house, including a military style assault rifle.


1/19/2013 55 murdered. More bodies have been reported found at the gas plant in Algeria where a four-day standoff with Islamist militants came to a bloody end on Saturday. An Algerian security official tells the AP that the state of the bodies makes it difficult to tell whether the dead are hostages or attackers. The standoff ended Saturday, after Algeria stormed the plant for a second time. As we reported, the Interior Ministry said 32 militants and 23 others had died in the conflict, but that number may now change. Algerian Communications Minister Mohamed Said told the state news agency on Sunday the death toll “may be revised upward,” Al Jazeera reports.


07/07/1997 On July 7, 1997, the day manager of a Georgetown Starbucks Coffee Shop arrived to find the entire overnight shift murdered in the back of the store. One of the victims had been an intern at the Clinton White House, and in light of the scandal involving President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, conspiracy theorists continue to debate a White House connection to the deaths.


08/04/1892 2 murdered. On August 4, 1892, Andrew Borden breakfasted with his wife and made his usual rounds of the bank and post office, returning home about 10:45 am. The Bordens’ maid, Bridget Sullivan, testified that she was in her third-floor room, resting from cleaning windows, when just before 11:10 am she heard Lizzie call out, “Maggie, come quick! Father’s dead. Somebody came in and killed him.” (Sullivan was sometimes called “Maggie”, the name of an earlier maid).[5][12] Andrew was slumped on a couch in the downstairs sitting room, struck 10 or 11 times with a hatchet-like weapon.[13] One of his eyeballs had been split cleanly in two,[14] suggesting he had been asleep when attacked.[15] Soon after, as neighbors and doctors tended Lizzie, Sullivan discovered Abby Borden in the upstairs guest bedroom, her skull crushed by 19 blows.


08/2011 baby murdered Steven Deuman, 26, of Suttons Bay, Michigan, has been found guilty of the August 2011 murder of his daughter, Evelynne Deuman, 15 weeks old. The young father was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault for suffocating his child during an oral rape.


01/26/2013 Rodrigo Abad Diaz and his friends were considered home invaders to Phillip Walker Sailors, 69, when they pulled into the driveway, so he started firing at their vehicle on Saturday night. The Vietnam veteran is now being held on a malice murder charge after fatally striking Diaz with a shot to the head.  According to Sailors’ attorney, the shooting has left the alleged aggressor “distraught,” but witnesses in the vehicle said that Sailors didn’t ask any questions before he opened fire on the car.


01/29/2013 Hadiya Pendleton was a friendly girl at King College Prep in Chicago was shot dead.She performed at President Barack Obama’s inaugural events.


02/01/2013 32 murdered Authorities in Mexico City said Friday morning that at least 32 people had been killed and another 120 or so injured by the explosion Thursday afternoon at the headquarters of Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil company. Both figures are up from where the story stood Thursday night (it was being reported then that there were at least 14 dead and 80 injured), when we were following the news as it came in from Mexico City.


11/26/2010 Bradley Bassey Eyo murdered and dumped in Lake Ray Hubbard on the eastern outskirts of Dallas.


02/04/2013 At least 19 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in central Iraq aimed at pro-government militia, officials say. More than 40 people were injured in the blast in the town of Taji, about 20km (12 miles) north of Baghdad. The majority of the victims were members of the Sunni Sahwa militia, which has been fighting al-Qaeda.


02/01/2013 Nigeria’s military said it has killed 17 insurgents in an attack on two training camps belonging to the Boko Haram Islamist group.


01/26/2013 Shirley Chambers cries during Monday’s funeral for her son Ronnie Chambers, 33, a victim of gun violence. She had four children — three boys and a girl. Now they’re gone — all victims of gun violence in Chicago over a period of 18 years.


02/04/2013 The couple, Keith Lawrence, 27, and Monica Quan, 28, were found in a car last night in front of the home that they had just moved into, dead from apparent gun wounds. Lawrence and Quan, who is the daughter of a LAPD captain, were found in their white Kia. It’s called “America’s Safest City,” but on Monday night, Irvine, Ca. was the scene of a fatal shooting involving two university sweethearts.


02/04/2013 Gay PR representative Howard Bragman has just sent out news that gay porn star Arpad Miklos (real name Peter Kozma) was found dead in his apartment Monday evening due to an apparent suicide. Writer and friend, Randal Lynch broke the news with host Howard Bragman on his show “Gwissues,” a Youtube.com show which airs on “Gwist.tv” network (below).


02/03/2012 One 15 year old boy Jadin Bell attempted suicide after being bullied because he was gay. He died after being taken off life support.


02/10/2013 Three North Korean doctors have been killed in the north-eastern Nigerian state of Yobe, officials say. Residents said they were killed during the night in the town of Potiskum. Two of them had their throats slit while the third was beheaded, they added. Officials said the victims had been working at a government-run hospital. No-one has said they were behind the attack, but it happened in an area where the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, has been active in recent years. More than 600 people were believed to have been killed in 2012 by the group, which is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north.


02/17/2013 Mindy McCready, who hit the top of the country charts before personal problems sidetracked her career, died Sunday in Arkansas in an apparent suicide. She was 37. The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that McCready was found dead at a residence in Heber Springs from what appears to be a single, self-inflicted gunshot to the head. An autopsy is pending.


02/19/2013 4 murdered The gunman suspected of that shooting then went to Tustin, where he is believed to have been involved in three car-jackings, killing at least two of the drivers, police added. The suspect then shot himself at another location, said police. Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino told the BBC that when officers responded to an emergency call at about 04:45 PST (12:45 GMT) they found a female victim at the scene. A witness said the suspect was a man in his 20s, and that he fled in a sports utility vehicle.


02/14/2013 In the latest violence, nine people were killed in a five-hour period on Thursday evening, the BBC’s Gary Duffy reports from Sao Paulo. More than 130 people have died in the last two weeks as part of a conflict between the police and the gang, known as First Command of the Capital (PCC).


06/26/2013 2 year old murdered. A man who blew up his Greater Manchester home in a gas blast that killed his neighbour’s two-year-old son has been jailed for 10 years. Jamie Heaton died as he watched TV at his home in Buckley Street, Shaw, Oldham, which was destroyed in the blast on 26 June. Andrew Partington, 28, who lived next door, had previously admitted manslaughter at Manchester Crown Court. Partington, a father-of-six, suffered 40% burns and a broken back. Jamie had been in the lounge while his mother was doing housework and his father was out at work. The toddler’s mother survived the blast as she had gone into the back yard to hang out her washing.


03/13/2012 2 year old murdered. The parents of a toddler who died after drinking methadone have been jailed for his manslaughter. Two-year-old Riley Pettipierre died in March 2012 after drinking his mother’s prescription drug, which had been poured into a child’s drinking beaker.


01/11/2013 French fatality was a helicopter pilot killed on the first day of the military intervention, 11 January.


02/19/2013 A French soldier has been killed fighting Islamist rebels in Mali, President Francois Hollande has said. More than 20 militants also died in the clashes in a mountainous northern region, France’s defence ministry said.


02/06/2013 The pair charged with the murder of Kepari Leniata, 20, are related to a six-year-old boy they accused her of using sorcery to kill, police said in a statement. Ms Leniata was doused in petrol and set on fire in Mount Hagen on 6 February.


02/19/2013 A Syrian army rocket attack has killed at least 19 people in the city of Aleppo, eyewitnesses and activists say. They say the rocket hit the rebel-held Jabal Badro district, destroying several buildings. There are fears that dozens of people may still be buried under the rubble. The Syrian government has not commented on the claim. Some 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011, the UN says.


02/16/2013 The head of Iraq’s intelligence academy and two bodyguards have been killed in a suicide blast in the northern town of Tal Afar, police say.


02/17/2013 Several car bombs have exploded across the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 21 people and injuring scores more, officials say. The attacks are reported to have targeted mainly Shia areas in the city.


01/03/2013 The Soundview section of the Bronx earned the dubious honor Thursday of seeing the first New York City homicide for 2013 when a 59-year-old woman was shot in the chest and killed in a public apartment complex, said police.


01/12/2013 The death of a man with Down syndrome who was reportedly killed after lying face-down in police custody has been ruled a homicide. WJLA reports that Robert Saylor, 26, of New Market, Md., was asphyxiated on Jan. 12, according to a medical examiner’s ruling late last week. A “law enforcement source familiar with the case” told the station that Saylor “went into distress when he was put face down on the ground.” Police were reportedly called to a Frederick movie theater by employees who couldn’t get Saylor to leave. He had come to the theater with a health aide, paid admission for “Zero Dark Thirty,” but allegedly remained after it was over.


08/14/2011 A father has admitted to chopping his son’s head off with a meat cleaver and leaving it in the roadside outside his home so that the child’s mother would see it. A passing motorist saw the decapitated head of seven-year-old Jori Lirette, from Louisiana, and alerted police. Detectives later found the boy’s body in a rubbish sack that had been dumped nearby.


02/09/2013 Police have arrested Lleuyel Garcia in connection with the murder of Joseph Benzinger, whose body was found at the Crown Motor Inn in Queens on February 9.


07/16/2010 DeFarra Gaymon was shot to death in Newark’s Branch Brook Park on July 16, 2010.The killing occurred in Newark’s Branch Brook Park on July 16, 2010. In 2011, an Essex County grand jury declined to indict Esposito on any criminal charges. The Gaymon family sued Esposito, the county, the sheriff’s office, and two senior officers in that office in 2011. The amended complaint names additional sheriff’s officers. In a 2011 statement, the Essex County prosecutor’s office said the chase led to the pond, with Gaymon repeatedly threatening Esposito, and that Gaymon “then lunged at and attempted to disarm the officer while reaching into his own pocket. Fearing for his life, the officer discharged his service weapon, hitting Mr. Gaymon once.” Esposito and his partner were in plainclothes and conducting a public sex sting. Just prior to the shooting, they fought with another man and Esposito lost his handcuffs. After that first man was secured, Esposito went back into the park to retrieve his handcuffs when he encountered Gaymon, who was “who was engaged in a sex act at the time,” according to the prosecutor’s statement. Esposito is the sole witness to the killing. In 2009, Esposito was involved in three public sex arrests that also turned violent. Resisting arrest was charged in another two Esposito arrests that year. Gaymon was the head of an Atlanta credit union and was in Newark to attend his high school reunion. He was married with four children. These new facts make the circumstances of the killing murkier. None of the parties in the lawsuit responded to emails seeking an explanation or comment. The prosecutor’s office referred questions to the attorney representing the county.


08/01/2009 The 2009 Tel Aviv gay centre shooting resulted in the deaths of two people and injuries to at least fifteen others at the Tel Aviv branch of the Israeli LGBT Association, at the Youth Bar on Nahmani Street in Tel Aviv, on 1 August 2009. A 26-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl were killed


02/21/2013 A car bomb killed at least 53 people and wounded more than 200 in central Damascus on Thursday when it exploded on a busy highway close to ruling Baath Party offices and the Russian embassy, Syrian television said.


03/19/2012 TOULOUSE, France — The French authorities were searching on Monday for a man suspected in a string of methodical killings that have terrorized this city and the surrounding area in southwestern France, after an attack outside a Jewish school on Monday morning that killed four people, including three young children.


01/01/2013 The 22-year-old up-and-coming musician was murdered on New Year’s Day by a gang of five men who had been his friends. His death was a classic case of overkill: he was tied up, beaten with fists and other objets, choked with a chain, had a bag taped over his head, he was then shot, set on fire, and discarded into a dumpster. 


07/08/2012 trans. Thapelo Makutle, a 23-year-old who was also known as ‘Queen Bling’, was an LGBT activist who got into an argument with two cisgender heterosexual men regarding her sexuality at a bar in Kuruman, South Africa. The men followed her home, broke into her apartment and killed her by slitting her throat. She was also mutilated; her genitals were cut off and put into her mouth.


09/18/2012 Victoria da Silva Costa, was a 21-year-old trans woman living in Brazil, who was murdered in what police considered to be a hate crime, as she was decapitated, with her penis and one ear being cut off.


11/17/2011 Samira (Mison Augusto) dos Santos Age: 21 Boca do Rio, Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot . Samira was shot in the buttocks, back and ribs at around 7:30 pm at the entrance of her apartment by two men who passed by on the street on a motorcycle.


11/17/2011 Cassidy was shot in the chest and killed at 9:55 pm. Police believe the same suspect may have been responsible for the attempted robbery of another African American transgender woman in Plummer Park in West Hollywood.


11/24/2011 Angela’s body was found with three shots in the house of a trans person whom Angela had asked several days before if she can stay at their place. Angela’s body was found on the weekend of 18 and 19 November, but the killing happened at least 48 hours earlier.


11/18/2011 trans women murdered Calle Santa Ana, Prado de Maria, Caracas (Venezuela) beaten. The victim’s body was recovered in the early morning of the 18th. The authorities state that she was killed around 4.30 am. A neighbour reported that when he saw the victim lying on the street at 6.20, she was still breathing, but nobody came to help. Another neighbour stated that at 5.30 am she went to inform the local authorities, but they did not take any action.


11/24/2011 Sonia Masi was a main spokesperson of the trans community in the state of Gujarat. She was shot at 8:20 pm six times at point-blank by men in a car as she was about to get refreshments at a snack bar. Sonia had already been subject to an attack in 2008.


11/25/2011 Shakira (Jose Antonio) Quinonez Ortega Age: 2: Monteria, Cordoba (Colombia) Cause of Death: strangled Remarks: Shakira’s body was found on 8 December when she had been dead for almost two weeks.


11/26/2011 Gardenia (Claudio Lucio Miranda de Almeida) Age: 47 Location of Death: Rua Barreto Leme, Campinas, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten Remarks: Gardenia was clubbed to death with a stone block. The police arrested a 33 year-old suspect who is assumed to have proposed Gardenia to have paid sex.


11/26/2011 The victim’s body was found at 3:30 am in the Historical Center of Chihuahua MexicO, with wounds of gun shots in the head.


02/21/2013 Ammar Harris, 26, is thought to be the gunman who shot dead aspiring rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr on Thursday. Harris’ black Range Rover Sport was found parked in the garage of a gated block of flats on Saturday. Police are now scouring south-eastern states after launching searches in Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah. Cherry was killed at the wheel of his Maserati after the driver of a black Range Rover Sport opened fire at a red light in a busy section of the Las Vegas Strip, police say.


11/26/2011 Brenting Dolliole was a person of color. Her killing was reported as being the 175th homicide in New Orleans in 2011.He was Beaten to death.


11/29/2011 Sarita (Antônio Gilson) da Costa Rodrigues Age: 30 Location of Death: Jacaranda, Camocim, CE (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed Remarks: Sarita was stabbed to death by three men.


11/29/2011 Carol’s body was found by locals around 5 am in front of a bar. She was killed by a gun shot in the eye.


11/10/2011 Y. M. A. Zambrano Location of Death: (Venezuela) Cause of Death: shot. The victim was killed by two men on a motorcycle.


12/03/2011 Suely Scalla (Ademir) Melo Oliveira Age: 41 Location of Death: Avenida Francisco Glicério, Campinas, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten Suely Scala was killed in the early morning on the city’s main street. The police investigate a possible relation to a series of killings of homeless people in the city center. Sally Scala had been well-known in the LGBT community of Campinas since the 1980s.


12/04/2011 Location of Death: R. Quinze de Novembro, Alvorada, Manaus, AM (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. According to witnesses, Ursula was shot by a men who came with a car while she was standing on the street doing sex work. He shot her in the head, then left the vehicle and fired another five shots.


12/04/2012 (Carlos Porfirio) Juarez Quiroz Age: 25 Location of Death: Tegucigalpa (Honduras) He was stabbed to death.


12/04/2011Trans. (Pascual Ake Beh) Location of Death: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo (Mexico) Cause of Death: shot The vicitm’s body was found at 7 am with gunshots in the neck.


12/13/2011 Trans. N.Location of Death: Calle Victoria, Chihuahua, Mexico (Mexico) Cause of Death: stoned. The victim’s body was found at 6 am at a public garden, yet had been dragged along a street before, leaving marks of blood on the asphalt.


12/19/2011 trans (Frederico) Claret dos Santos Location of Death: Pouso Alegre, MG (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten . The victim was killed with numerous hits on the head with a stone after leaving a snack-bar on the night of the 19th. The alleged perpetrator is 23 year-old Renan Donizeti Tomas, who reportedly had a relationship with the victim.


12/20/2011 2 murdered. Patricia (Fernando) Costa Alves Location of Death: Posto Horizonte, Rio Verde, GO (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot Patricia was shot to death on a yard where trucks park, and where reportedly drug dealers, sex workers and clients meet at night. On 5 February a trans person with the legal name of Tiago da Silva Carvalho was shot to death on the same location. trans.


12/20/2011 Trans (Marvin Geovany) Ramos Miranda Age: 23 Location of Death: 1 Avenida, San Pedro Sula (Honduras) Cause of Death: strangled The victim’s body was recovered from a hotel room. According to witnesses, the victim, who was a sex worker, had entered a hotel in the company of two persons. Then, two other persons entered who attacked the hotel employees. The victim was killed with one of the sheets from the hotel room. The body was recovered only around 10 hours after the killing.


12/23/2011 Natalia (Raimundo) Ferreira Location of Death: Jardim Paraiso, São José do Rio Preto, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed. Natalia was stabbed at around 6 am in a motel. She died in hospital shortly after. According to a witness, the murder was committed by a motor cyclist.


12/23/2011 Location of Death: Cesteros, Chimalhuacan (Mexico) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim’s body was found dead on the morning of the 23rd on lying on the back seats of a car


12/24/2011 Bruninha (Regis) dos Santos Lima Age: 19 Location of Death: R. Bandeirantes, Apucarana, PR (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. Bruninha died on the 24th in hospital after she was shot in the face on the 21st on a cemetery in Apucarana. Bruninha had been stabbed in the chest and neck on 21 October. Although Bruninha had identified a 28 year-old woman as the perpetrator of the stabbing, she then did not want to enter legal action against her and the file was closed.


12/24/2011 Shot. Fabiola was a sex worker. The two previous days, two similar killings occurred in the area, although it is not reported whether the victims were trans persons. In November 2010, another trans sex worker called Fabiola and a further sex worker were shot dead in the same area. In November 2011, two trans sex workers were shot dead in the same area.


12/27/2011 Mona Location of Death: R. Japura, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot/ Mona was shot three times in the back and foot on the street where she lived with other homeless persons by a person who passed by by foot. Among various hypothesis, the police suspect the involvement of a local resident or merchant in the crime, who did not want the travesty to be around. According to neighbors, the night before, a person had set the belongings of homeless people on fire and fired shots at them, without hitting anybody.


12/29/2011 Githe (Orlando) Goines Age: 23 Location of Death: New Orleans (USA) Cause of Death: strangled. Githe’s killing was reported as being the 198th homicide in New Orleans in 2011.


DeeDee Pearson not reported Location of Death: Kansas City (USA) Cause of Death: shot. A client of the victim was arrested and charged in the killing.


Murdered #601 – 700


07/22/2012 Student murdered. Brian Schiavetti, 21, was on track to graduate from the Villanova School of Business near Philadelphia next year, school officials said, and was spending his final summer as a college student working an internship at Thomson Reuters in Times Square in Manhattan, according to an executive there. How he wound up dead in Montclair is unknown.


08/05/2012 7 murdered. A shooting at a Sikh Temple in a suburb of Milwaukee today has left at least seven people dead, including the gunman, police say. The crime is being treated as a “domestic terrorist-type incident.


08/05/2012 16 Murdered. Masked gunmen killed 16 Egyptian soldiers Sunday at a checkpoint along the border with Gaza and Israel, the first such attack on troops and then the attackers drove off, crashing into Israel, officials said. Egypt blamed Islamist militants from Gaza and Egypt’s troubled Sinai Peninsula. President Mohammed Morsi said the attackers “will pay dearly. The Israeli military said the attack was part of a plot to abduct an Israeli soldier, and two vehicles commandeered by the attackers crashed into Israel, where one blew up.


08/10/2012 3 men murdered. A man in an Afghan army uniform shot and killed three American service members on Friday morning in southern Afghanistan, the U.S. military command said. The Taliban claimed the shooter joined the insurgency after the attack.


08/11/2012 one man murdered. A knife-wielding man who was shot dead in Times Square had been arrested before after threatening police with a screwdriver, according to reports. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Darrius Kennedy was jailed for 40 days in 2008 after he pulled the screwdriver on cops on the Upper West Side, the New York Post reported. Kennedy, 51, of Hempstead, Long Island, was shot Saturday as he waved an 11-inch blade and at police and nearby onlookers on Seventh Avenue at 37th Street, the NYPD said. His death was witnessed by hundreds of tourists and people who packed Times Square Saturday.


08/10/2012 Women murdered. China has launched a “massive manhunt” for an armed robber accused of killing at least nine people since 2004, state-run media report. Zhou Kehua, 42, targets people withdrawing money from banks, Xinhua news agency says. On Friday he reportedly killed a woman outside a bank and later a policeman in the south-western city of Chongying.


08/09/2012 14 murdered. police found the bodies of 14 people in an abandoned van outside the city of San Luis Potosi.


08/12/2012 2 murdered. Edgar Morales Perez was shot dead along with his campaign manager, Francisco Hernandez, when gunmen opened fire as they drove home from a party.


08/13/2012 Five people have been killed in clashes between rival unions at a South African mine owned by leading platinum producer Lonmin, police have told the BBC. The dead included a policeman who was attacked by a 5,000-strong mob while on patrol at the mine in North West province, police said.


08/13/2011 A man killed six people, including his wife and young children, because his marriage was failing after his wife had an affair, a Jersey court has heard. Damian Rzeszowski, 31, from Poland, stabbed his victims at the family’s St Helier flat in August 2011.


08/13/2012 2 murdered. Texas A&M reports that police took a gunman into custody 15 minutes after issuing a “Code Maroon” alert at 12:29 this afternoon. One officer was killed and one civilian, according to police.


08/16/2012 20 murdered and still counting…Thursday’s attack on a Pakistani air base near Islamabad by heavily armed militants, which security forces were able to repel, has been followed by the news that gunmen executed about 20 Shiite Muslims today in northern Pakistan.


08/12/2012 The ambush on Harlem Street last night is now a triple murder after one of the victims previously listed in “grave condition” died from her wounds today, according to Boston police. The news comes as family members mourn the loss of two other victims — all women including one who neighbors say was a city double dutch star who taught kids on the street how to jump rope. A fourth victim, an unidentified woman, survived the attack in the Dorchester street that’s right on the Roxbury line.


08/15/2012 man murdered. The 23-year-old victim was shot in the bed and breakfast at 54 W. 120th St. early Thursday.


08/09/2012 A man’s body was found on the Harlem River Drive Friday morning, officials said. The body was discovered at 9 a.m. lying on the side of the highway on the southbound side near West 155th St., an FDNY spokesman said.


08/16/2012 At Least 19 murdered. Several bombs exploded in the northern, ethnically mixed city of Kirkuk, while other blasts took place in and around the capital, Baghdad.


08/19/2012 10 or more murdered. American drones fired a flurry of missiles in a Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan Sunday, killing a total of 10 suspected militants, Pakistani officials said. In the first strike, missiles fired from unmanned American spy planes hit two vehicles near the Afghan border, killing at least seven militants, Pakistani intelligence officials said.


09/02/2009 women murdered and still counting… Owner of the clinical laboratory Rosa Ana Margarita Bolaños de Cardona, also killing Quintanilla Cesar Reyes, whose body was found next to the first victim, and illegal groups. Both bodies were dug up last Sunday at the Miramar property in Lourdes, Colon, La Libertad.


08/19/2012 Tony Scott murdered himself by jumping off a bridge in California.


08/20/2012 cop murdered. Prince George’s County police said one officer was killed and another injured in a crash on Interstate 95 that occurred while they were following possible suspects in a theft case, authorities said.


08/22/2012 mother kills baby and herself in Camden New Jersey.


08/24/2012 2 murdered. The gunman, Jeffrey Johnson, 53, confronted the victim, a 41-year-old former coworker, on a sidewalk and shot him dead, striking him three times. The gunman concealed his .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun in a black bag and walked away from the scene, walking about two blocks. A construction worker followed the gunman and alerted officers near the Empire State Building. When two police officers confronted Johnson, he drew the gun and fired on them. The officers shot him dead.


08/27/2012 A 29-year old woman was found around 10 a.m. in a pool of blood at 191 Orchard Street – at the foot of the stairwell on the first floor.  She had knife woulds to the neck and had fallen down at least one flight of stairs.  The victim was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, but doctors could not save her.


09/01/2012 14 murdered. two suicide attackers blew themselves up near a NATO base in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 12 people and wounding more than 50.


08/30/2012 3 year old murdered. Three-year-old Lia Green was taken to hospital after paramedics were called to her home on Norris Street, Preston, on Thursday morning. She was pronounced dead when she arrived at Royal Preston Hospital. The cause of death is being investigated. A 22-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman have been arrested and remain in police custody.


09/03/2012 2 murdered. A suicide bomber rammed a car filled with explosives into a U.S. government vehicle in northwestern Pakistan on Monday, killing two Pakistanis and wounding 19 others, including two Americans, officials said.


09/02/2012 Ten members of Turkey’s security forces have been killed in an attack by Kurdish rebels close to the border with Iraq and Syria.


09/02/2012 Around 20 militants died in the south-eastern province of Sirnak.


09/02/2012 A total of nine people were killed. 4 of them children and 69 injured, officials said, when a remote-controlled car bomb went off near a police station. A bus and other vehicles near the police station were set on fire. The PKK Kurdish rebel group denied carrying out the attack, saying it did not attack civilians.


09/02/2012 man murders self. Ehab Abu Nada, 21, had poured petrol over himself after walking into the morgue at Shifa hospital in Gaza City last Thursday, doctors said. His father said he had sent his son out to look for work because the family was struggling to make ends meet.


09/16/2012 12 murdered. Four U.S. service members were killed by an Afghan police officer and a NATO airstrike killed eight women in separate attacks in Afghanistan on Sunday.


09/11/2012 US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US consulate staff were killed. They died when the consulate in Benghazi was set ablaze, in protests apparently inspired by demonstrations at the US embassy in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It was part of a wave of violent protests in the Muslim world over an anti-Islam film made in the US.


09/16/2012 8 murdered. Eight police officers have been killed by a roadside bomb in the southern Turkish province of Bingol, security officials say. The device was detonated as their bus passed on a road in the Karliova district of Bingol province, they said. Sources blamed the attack on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants.


09/13/2012 Brazilian police are sweeping through a poor neighborhood of the city of Rio de Janeiro after the murder of a policeman on Thursday. They say they have arrested a suspect and seized ammunition of the same type used in the killing. The officer was shot dead on patrol in the Rocinha neighborhood.


09/16/2012 14 and still counting At least 14 people have been killed by a roadside bomb in the Lower Dir area of northwest Pakistan, police say. Seven others were wounded, some seriously, in the explosion which took place early on Sunday.


09/18/2012 2 women murdered. Two unarmed female police officers have been killed in a gun and grenade attack in Greater Manchester, which led to the arrest of a wanted man. PC Nicola Hughes, 23, and PC Fiona Bone, 32, were called to Abbey Gardens in Mottram to investigate what turned out to be a false report of a burglary.


09/17/2012 7 murdered. At least seven people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack near the heavily-guarded International Zone in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, officials say.


09/18/2012 8 murdered. Department of international relations and cooperation spokesperson Nelson Kgwete confirmed eight South Africans died in Afghanistan


09/26/2012 Four military guards were killed after suicide attackers drove car bombs into the military headquarters in the heart of Damascus, Syrian


09/21/2012 4 murdered An Israeli soldier and three militants have been killed in a clash inside Israel near its southern border with Egypt /BBC


09/26/2012 At least 10 people have been killed in a gun battle between a heavily armed criminal gang and the army, authorities in southern Mexico. an army officer was one of those killed in the clashes. The clashes happened in early on Wednesday in the town of Tepecoacuilco. The bodies of nine men and a woman were taken to a mortuary in a nearby city. Twelve weapons were found with the group, including five AK-47 and five AR-15 assault rifles. / BBC


09/23/2012 A human rights group in Honduras says a prominent lawyer who represented peasants in disputes with large land owners has been killed. Antonio Trejo was shot dead by unknown gunmen after walking outside the church, where he was attending a wedding, to answer a phone call.


09/26/2012 A police chief who killed himself over allegations he harassed female colleagues was never vetted for the job, a report has revealed. David Ainsworth, Deputy Chief Constable of Wiltshire, hanged himself fearing he would “lose everything”. The officer, 49, had been removed from duties and later placed on secondment.


09/l2/2012 One person has been killed and at least four injured in clashes between police and protesters at a gold mine in the northern Ancash region of Peru. /BBC


10/02/2012 One murdered. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent was shot and killed this morning while on duty near Bisbee, Ariz., the Department of Homeland Security tells The Associated Press and other news outlets. The U.S. Border Patrol agent killed last week in a shooting in southern Arizona apparently opened fire on two fellow agents thinking they were armed smugglers and was killed when they returned fire, the head of the Border Patrol agents’ union said Sunday.


10/02/2012 20 and still counting… At least 20 people, mostly students, have been killed by unknown gunmen in Mubi, north-eastern Nigeria, officials say. Most of the dead are said to have attended the Federal Polytechnic Mubi. A college spokesman said 26 students had been killed, while a local resident told the BBC that more than 40 people had been shot dead or stabbed. The killings come days after a major operation against the Boko Haram militant group in the town.


10/01/2012 3 murdered…Ex-soldier Michael Pedersen repeatedly stabbed himself after first knifing to death his two young children, police confirmed today. A post mortem examination on the body of the 51-year-old, who rode the horse Sefton during the infamous 1982 IRA Hyde Park bomb attack, confirmed he died as a result of knife wounds to the chest. The bodies of Pedersen, his seven-year-old son Ben and six-year-old daughter Freya were discovered on an isolated bridleway.


09/04/2012 The man, Gregory Johns, then robs a couple at knife-point. There, he reportedly leaves a note also apologizing to the 11-year-old girl for sexually assaulting her. Tehn finally shot by the police.


10/01/2012 One murdered. Police in Raleigh are investigating the shooting death of a man at an apartment complex near North Carolina State University.


06/01/2012 child murdered. Police found the little toddler’s lifeless body buried under a bunch of stuff in a bedroom closet inside her grandmother’s house.


10/01/2012 A mother in Westchester County is now charged in a shocking crime, the death of her 4-year-old son. Jason Reish’s lifeless body was found in the family’s apartment in Mamaroneck, and police are still trying to figure out exactly what led to the horror they found inside the Continental View Condos.


10/07/2012 man 32 murdered. Police are searching for several suspects in the fatal shooting last night outside the Jose Beauty Salon and Barber Shop at 110 Forsyth Street.   An NYPD spokesperson says officers were called to the scene, at Forsyth and Broome streets, at 9:30 p.m.  The victim had already been transported to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.


10/08/2012 Thirteen people have been arrested after four Nigerian students accused of stealing were beaten and burnt alive. A horrific video of the killings was posted on the YouTube video-sharing website. One of those arrested was a traditional ruler in the Aluu community of Port Harcourt, police said, urging students from the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) not to seek revenge. The students had been accused of stealing laptops and mobile phones. The video shows four men stripped naked, with tyres around their necks, being beaten by a mob with wooden sticks, before being set on fire. One of their classmates, Paul Irabor, told the BBC that the four had left the university campus in Nigeria’s oil capital to collect some money they were owed, when they were mistaken for thieves. Rivers state police spokesman Ben Ugwuegbulam confirmed the incident to the BBC.


10/03/2012 Officials have arrested a man believed to have fought in a New Braunfels parking lot with another man who later died. Trey Randall Smith, 42, was in Comal County Jail, held on one count of aggravated assault. A judge set bail at $500,000.Smith was arrested Saturday in Caldwell County in connection with a fight on Wednesday that critically injured Vincent Palomo, 28. Palomo, of Seguin, taken in a private vehicle to a hospital around 11:50 p.m. Wednesday, later died, according to a New Braunfels Police Department news release.


10/06/2012 Shootings left 2 men dead this week in DC: Antwan Boseman, 24, was killed early last Saturday on the 800 block of Barnaby Street Southeast; Terrence Robinson, 48, was killed in a separate shooting that same day in the 2600 block of Douglas Road Southeast;


10/07/2012 Simon Anderson, 40, was killed last Sunday in the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue Northwest.


10/08/2012 A volunteer of Peace Committee, an anti-Taliban militia, was killed and four others injured during a clash with militants here in Bara on Monday. According to security sources, the skirmish, took place in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency during which a peace committee member was killed while four others injured. The injured were shifted to Landi Kotal hospital.


10/09/2012 A 14-year old Pakistani activist who championed education for girls has been shot in the head by a Taliban gunman. The attack on Malala Yousafzai, who became famous for highlighting Taliban atrocities, happened as she sat in a bus preparing to leave the school grounds in Mingora, the main city in the Swat valley which was the scene of intense fighting between the army and the Taliban in 2009.


10/10/2012 The family of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot this week by the Taliban, has long been targeted because of their support for girls’ education.


10/11/2012 A masked gunman killed a Yemeni man when he was on his way to work as a security official at the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, the AP and Reuters are reporting. The Associated Press reports that Yemeni officials said the drive-by shooting was reminiscient of other attacks undertaken by the al-Qaida offshoot in Yemen.


10/26/2012 5 murdered. The Syrian capital Damascus has been hit by a car-bomb attack, shattering a four-day ceasefire that had begun hours earlier to mark an Islamic holiday. Activists said the device exploded near a playground in Daf al-Shouk, a residential area in southern Damascus. State TV reported five people had been killed and more than 30 wounded, with children among the casualties.


10/25/2012 41 murdered. A suicide bomber targeted worshippers who had gathered at a mosque in north Afghanistan for prayers to mark Eid al-Adha, killing at least 41 people. More than 50 people were wounded in the attack, which happened as people were leaving the Eid Gah mosque in Maymana, capital of Faryab province. Senior provincial government and police officials attended the prayers, but appeared to escape serious injury. The victims were mainly police officers, civilians and 6 children.


10/25/2012 2 children murdered. Mrs. Krim returned home to her luxury apartment building near Central Park on Thursday to find two of her small children stabbed to death in a bathtub and their nanny, with self-inflicted stab wounds, lying near them, police said.


10/26/2012 2 murdered. Two rangers and a soldier have been killed by rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo’s famous Virunga National Park, officials say. Five rebels were also killed in the attack in the park, which is one of the world’s last refuges for mountain gorillas.


10/21/2012 Radcliffe Haughton, 45, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, where his wife, Zina, had worked. He had recently been given a restraining order after being accused of slashing his wife’s car tyres. Of the four women injured, one remained in critical condition on Monday.


10/14/2012 Mr Mockford was shot dead as he left a restaurant with his wife Mary nearly two weeks ago. But 60-year-old Nicholas Mockford’s employers, Exxon Mobil, have insisted his death was not linked to his work.


10/21/2012 At least 56 people have been killed and hundreds of homes torched since Sunday, as clashes spread in Burma’s Rakhine state, officials say. Several were killed overnight as violence erupted despite a night-time curfew in at least two towns. The latest clashes are the first serious outburst of violence since June when a state of emergency was declared in Rakhine after 90 people were killed.


10/22/2012 3 murdered. Three people have been killed in clashes between Muslims and Buddhists in the western Burmese state of Rakhine


10/25/2012 Police are talking to the father of a baby girl who died as a result of a fire in the Bronx Thursday night. After battling the flames inside 3034 Albany Crescent in Kingsbridge, firefighters found the body of the child’s mother under a burning mattress. Paramedics then discovered the one-month-old girl, who was unconscious. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. “Firefighters arrived, made their way to the fifth floor, found the fire apartment, searched, found the fire room, which was the bathroom, and found the two victims in the bathroom,” said FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Saccente. Police sources say they are investigating this as a double murder. Officials have not released the names of the mother or child.


10/20/2012 Lou Rispoli, described by friends as the heart and soul of the gay community in Sunnyside, Queens, where he lived for more than 30 years, was attacked by two men with whom he was seen walking at 2 a.m. on October 20 outside 41-00 43rd Avenue. He was hit in the head with a blunt object with such force that neighbors who heard the assault but did not see it thought he had been shot


10/29/2012 Two car bombings in Damascus have killed at least 10 people, Syrian state media report, on the fourth day of a supposed ceasefire. Women and children were among the victims of the two attacks in the south of the city, state TV reported.


10/29/2012 Kenyan politician Shem Kwega has been killed and his wife wounded in a drive-by shooting in the western city of Kisumu. Mr Kwega was a close ally of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is running for the presidency, reports the BBC’s Karen Allen from the capital, Nairobi.


10/27/2012 At least 30 people have been killed in a series of attacks around Iraq, with dozens more injured. Twin bomb attacks in Baghdad’s mainly Shia neighborhood of Sadr City on Saturday evening killed at least 13. Hours earlier, a bomb near a playground in the Bawiya neighborhood of the capital killed several people, including at least three children.


11/26/2012 10 children murdered. The children were killed when a MiG fighter bombed a playground in the village of Deir al-Asafir, east of Damascus, opposition activists said. Intensive fighting has continued around the capital. Rebel fighters captured at least part of an airbase on Sunday.


12/25/2012 24 murdered and still counting…Mexican security forces have found 19 bodies in mass graves in the northern state of Chihuahua. They said 11 of the bodies had been buried about two years ago in a desolate area about 40km (25 miles) southeast of Ciudad Juarez. The remaining eight victims, who had been tortured and killed only days ago, were found along a road near the town of Rosales.


12/24/2012 Puerto Rican boxing great Hector “Macho” Camacho has died in hospital after being taken off his life support machines, doctors have said. The former world champion was clinically brain dead after being shot in the head in a drive-by shooting near the capital, San Juan, on Tuesday.


04/11/2011 Constable Kerr, 25, died when a booby-trap bomb exploded under his car in Omagh, County Tyrone on 2 April 2011.


11/26/2012 Two police officers are killed when a “large number of gunmen” attack a Nigerian police base in the capital, Abuja, enabling five suspected robbers to escape, police say.


11/25/2012 11 murdered. Suicide bombers have attacked a church inside a military barracks in Kaduna state in northern Nigeria, killing 11 people and injuring 30


11/23-26/2012 At least 16 people have died in the Pakistani city of Lahore after drinking what police say was toxic cough syrup. The factory producing the medicine has been sealed, and three people have been arrested, including a distributor of the medicine. The deaths occurred between Friday and Sunday. Police say they were mostly drug addicts in Shahdra town area. Cough syrup, which is sold as an over-the-counter medicine, is sometimes used by addicts to get high, police say.


11/21/2012 Two Afghan security guards have been killed and three wounded in a suicide attack in a heavily-guarded area of Kabul home to foreign embassies and Nato HQ, police say.


11/21/2012 At least 11 Palestinians were been killed in fresh Israeli airstrikes


11/03/2012 Iranian prosecutors say the death of blogger Sattar Beheshti in police custody may have been due to “excessive psychological stress”. Mr Beheshti died after being held on charges of “actions against national security on social networks”. Following his arrest on 30 October, he was handed to police for interrogation and died on 3 November.


11/23/2012 A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed and nine others wounded in a clash with Israeli soldiers in the southeast Gaza Strip, testing the cease-fire.


11/2012 The death toll among Palestinians from the eight days of Israeli assaults was put at 162, including at least 30 militant commanders. Six Israelis were killed by Hamas rocket fire, four of them civilians.


09/04/2012 2 murdered. Police say Mallinckrodt Leandre, 27, of Monroe, New York was jumped from behind by a group of eight men and stabbed in the neck. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Officers did make an arrest in another deadly stabbing that happened 30 minutes later in front of a restaurant on St. John’s Place. Police say Gabriel Hernandez, 21, is charged with murder and weapons possession. Police say he stabbed Nifredo Vera, 26, of the Bronx in the neck with scissors after the two got into a fight. This is not the first time the parade has been marred by violence.


10/20/2012 baby murdered. Crystal Sanchez has the broad smile of a little girl, who many say was an angel. Family members gave Eyewitness News a photo of Sanchez, the 3-year-old who police say died under the care of her mother’s boyfriend. Police say the three-year-old was found unconscious and unresponsive at an apartment building on Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx. Her mother’s boyfriend called 911, and Crystal was rushed to Bronx Lebanon Hospital where she died.


11/30/2012 Three people were killed Friday morning in an attack at a community college in the state of Wyoming.


11/27/2012 Police in Miami say a 13-year-old girl was shot dead in front of her younger sister and seven other children on the bus to school on Tuesday. The girl was flown to hospital where she later died. A male student has been taken into custody and a gun was also recovered at the scene in Homestead, south of Miami


04/16/2011 James Kouzaris, 24, and James Cooper, 25, former students at the University of Sheffield, were found dead in Newtown, a crime-ridden neighborhood of Sarasota, at about 3am on Saturday.


11/29/2012 Two Las Vegas parents have been charged with murder after beating their son to death last month, reportedly for failing to do his homework or reading the Bible. He was just 7 years old.


12/14/2012 29 murdered. 7 adults 20 children, one suicide. @0 Year old Adam Lanza entered the school fro an attack that killed 20 children and six adult and earlier shoot his mother in the face.


12/13/2012 College student Joshua Proutey, 19 was robbed and killed over 2 $5 dollar bills, a sandwich and a cell phone while walking downtown area of Wilmington, North Carolina.


12/27/2012 2 murdered. Hundreds of tea plantation workers have set alight their boss’s bungalow in north-east India, burning to death the owner and his wife


12/25/2012 4 murdered . one a suicide Two of the firefighters who responded to the call, Tomasz Kaczowka, 19, and Mike Chiapperini, aged 43, were shot dead in what was described as a “clear ambush” on emergency services.


12/24/2012 7 murdered Attackers opened fire as police responded to reports of a traffic accident in a rural area of Michoacan state, killing four officers. Three officers and a civilian were killed in another attack in the neighbouring state of Jalisco.


12/24/2012 6 murdered. Gunmen in the northern Nigerian state of Yobe have shot dead at least six Christians, the army and local officials say. They say a church in Peri village near Potiskum, the economic capital of Yobe, was set on fire in an attack late on Christmas Eve.


12/22/2012 1 murdered. A mob in Pakistan has stormed a police station and beaten to death a Muslim man accused of desecrating the Koran. The victim’s body was then set alight, according to witnesses.


12/27/2012 A Muslim spiritual leader has been shot dead in the Russian Caucasus republic of North Ossetia.


12/24/2012 A policewoman who shot dead a US civilian aide at the police headquarters in Kabul is an Iranian national, Afghan authorities say. The woman, believed to have mental health problems, joined the security forces using an illegally obtained Afghan identity card.