My name is Michael Mut, I am a NYC based artist. Beginning in 2004, “…and counting…” was my reaction to the violence and murder of the devastating incidents of 9/11 and the ongoing reports of death in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an opportunity to put myself and others through the tough questions that surround violence and murder. I arrived at a conundrum: “I am opposed to killing and war, I love my country, but my government wages war… I pay taxes, and those dollars are used for warfare…I am ultimately inextricably connected to the whole process. I am killing innocent people with my money”

..and counting…2004 View of Installation

..and counting… 2004 view of installation at Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY


“…still counting…” expands my focus to include all acts of murder committed around the globe. I continue to document the insanity of murder waged by humans on humans.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I began the next phase of the installation in New York City.  I placed tagged mummies in various locations throughout the city, and I invited people to find and follow these objects to my website for more information and opportunities for participation.

..still counting… 2011

..still counting… 2011


From September to December 2011, Michael Mut Project Space hosted an installation exposing the horrors of genocide.  Over 10,000 mummies in heaps and piles confronted the insanity of murder.

Currently, I continue to research murders around the globe and create new mummies to honor the innocent victims.


  1. Kate says:

    I found one of them and it actually scared me-(

  2. abogado says:

    Yea it was v scary :'(

  3. philippe van der auwera says:

    Just found one today (9/11) on Washington square
    It is heading back with me to old Europe…

  4. Carla San Juan says:

    I found # 2 in Washington square park. I love what your doing! I want to go hunting for more!!!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I found one on the afternoon of the anniversary near my building in Brooklyn Heights. My first re-action was horror and near sickness, I was seven and near the towers when it happened. I don’t know why I took the mummy, or if I’m grateful or repulsed by the installation. Maybe that’s the whole point, but I’m glad someone is expressing the loss of that day in other forms besides the reading or religious scriptures or singing patriotic songs. Before these people were Americans(christans, muslims, etc), they were humans and all of humanity felt and suffered their loss.

  6. Lia says:

    I found #1 on Greenwich and Chambers. It definitely made me stop and think. Thank you for doing this. It’s a powerful message and I hope more people see it.


  7. Khrystia says:

    I found one on the brooklyn bridge! I didn’t know that it would have been fine to take them, cuz I thought they were meant for other people to find them! But very interesting concept.

  8. Kristyn says:

    I found 3 of them today with a friend while walking the Manhattan bridge. I looked at it and wanted to take it but i thought what if it had a bigger meaning behind it and others should see it also, and so i left it.i also wanted to look and hunt for more. When It caught my eye it interested me and i wanted to know your cause so i hopped right on my computer as soon as i got home to find out about it. now that I’m on your page i see your cause and i like it. i hope it makes people realize whats going on. I am also looking forward to finding more.

  9. Jesse says:

    Hello! I’d like to thank you all for what you’ve done. It has been an inspiration to many at Occupy Wall Street. I am actually writing to request for some of your beautiful dolls to be used in a demonstration I am organizing at the occupation. It is a direct response to Corporate Personhood, in which we would treat some of your dolls as voodoo dolls for particular corporations, and organize a trial and punishment for something hitherto unpunishable. Please write if you would be willing to donate to the cause! Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  10. Steve fixx says:

    Brooklyn bridge
    left in place

  11. Doug says:

    Found #189 on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and it made the flight back to Vancouver, B.C. Interesting website, gets people talking.

  12. xxxJORDYxxx says:


    found this mummy hanging from a tree today.

    It stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s spooky, right? I then debated if should I take it or just leave it there? My concern of course was could it be cursed or was it some form of VooDoo and how could the Mommy effect my life in anyway?

    The mummy has effected my life…

    (murdered 10.18.11 #287)

    After reading all about it, it brought up old memories of this;


    and yes, I’m returning the mummy to it’s creator…..

  13. Serena says:

    I’ve found #264 on Halloween day in Brooklyn ‘s bridge.Proud and honored to have it in my house because I’ m an artist too.

  14. Nadia Coen says:

    i saw one of these on Monatgue street Brooklyn Heights over a month ago. very intrigued by it, but my young son was scared by it. We weren’t sure what to do with it, but clearly it was a “project”, so i placed it back in it’s ‘habitat’. Tonight I found another on Henry St, and took it down, now understanding it was intentionally there to be experienced and shared. An immediate sense of death / loss / sacrifice while holding it but also a feeling of rescue-ing and owning…..
    Reading the web explanation it all comes together. A powerful project that leaves a question.
    thank you


    I found one today and it hit me hard how much inhumanity is perpetrated in this world by our fellow man and womankind.

  16. james says:

    Found #306 in Union Square tonight. Good work.

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