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October 8
Someone who was murdered….
John Fiocco Jr. . He was a friend of mine.. there was no way no physical way he threw himself down the trash chute… it haunts me

Young Man Found in Dumpster; How Did He Die?

Fiocco case remains baffler; family hires forensics expert

EWING — The College of New Jersey seniors graduated last Friday without a mention of John Fiocco Jr., the freshman whose disappearance and death continues to puzzle his grieved family and investigators.

In fact, Susan and John Fiocco have hired Dr. Michael Baden, a high-profile pathologist who hosts HBO’s “Autopsy” show, and attorney Glenn Zeitz of Haddonfield.

The Fioccos want to solve the awful riddle of what happened to their son the day he disappeared from TCNJ’s campus and wound up dead a month later in a Tullytown, Pa., dump.

Fiocco’s body was found in the Pennsylvania landfill exactly one month after he disappeared from TCNJ.

Investigators, who were directed to the landfill after they found pints of blood in a trash bin at Wolfe Hall, uncovered his body on April 25 after sifting through 3,450 tons of garbage.

Fiocco’s body, though in an advanced state of decomposition, was intact when it was recovered, authorities said.

No bullet holes, stab wounds or other obvious signs of a homicide were found on the body during an initial autopsy, officials said. The body sustained fractures and injuries that were synonymous with someone being manipulated through the trash system.

Investigators had theorized that Fiocco may have fallen or been placed inside the dorm’s chute.

Bocchini said he doesn’t know whether Fiocco was murdered, pushed down the chute, committed suicide, or fell in. Golden said interviews of students have continued ever since Fiocco’s body was recovered.

“But to be perfectly honest,” he said, “they don’t know whether his death was caused by an accident, by himself, by someone else — they just don’t have any real solid direction in terms of what led to this horrible occurrence.”

Missing student was standout high school student-athlete

John A. Fiocco Jr., 19, a student at the College of New Jersey, remains missing, investigators say.

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