Murdered #101 – 200


08/17/2011 Sean Reeves, a 16-year-old male was shot four blocks from University Towers near the intersection of George Street and Day Street Wednesday at approximately 9:20 p.m. He died Thursday at the Hospital of St. Raphael. Although authorities made an arrest stemming from Reeves’s death — 20-year-old Javon Hailey turned himself in Friday morning — some of DeStefano’s political opponents are citing the year’s high murder rate compared to last year’s 24 homicides, and 2009’s 13 as evidence that the city is not making progress against crime.


08/04/2007 Aeriel, now 22, was the only surviving victim that night, in which she, her brother, Terrance, 18, and their two friends, Iofemi Hightower, 20, and Dashon Harvey, 20, were all shot in the head.


08/23/2011 MEXICO CITY, Sept 14 (Reuters) – The bodies of nine tortured and murdered men were found dangling from a bridge in northern Mexico on Friday, local security sources said, just days after one of the country’s most wanted drug lords was captured in the same state.
The corpses were found in the northern Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, home to one of the lucrative drug-smuggling routes coveted by the cartels and just across the U.S.-Mexico border from Laredo, Texas.


08/11/2011 168 Children Murdered By US Drones
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) last month began to publish their findings in a study of the U.S. drone war in Pakistan. The study found that much higher rates of civilian casualties had resulted from the U.S. drone war than had been admitted by the government or than had been reported in the press.


08/24/2011 Israeli air strikes killed two Gaza militants, one a local commander of the Islamic Jihad group in the Gaza Strip, and wounded four others who fired rockets at Israel, despite a two-day-old truce, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. The Gaza death toll rose to three when Palestinian medical workers recovered the body of a 65-year-old man whom they said had been hit by an Israeli tank shell.


2009 The remains discovered in 2009 were identified as those of the following women, all of whom disappeared between 2003 and 2005:[6][7]

Jamie Barela, 15
Monica Candelaria, 22
Victoria Chavez, 26
Virginia Cloven, 24
Syllania Edwards, 15
Cinnamon Elks, 32
Doreen Marquez, 24
Julie Nieto, 24
Veronica Romero, 28
Evelyn Salazar, 27
Michelle Valdez, 22
Syllania Edwards, a 15 year-old runaway from Lawton, Oklahoma, was the only African American, and the only victim from out-of-state.[8] Michelle Valdez was four months pregnant at the time of her death.[9]

On December 9, 2010, Albuquerque police released six photos of seven unidentified women who may also be linked to West Mesa.[2][10] Some of the women appear to be unconscious, and many share the same physical characteristics as the original 11 victims.[2] The following day the police released an additional photograph of another woman; this woman was subsequently identified by family members, who reported that she had died of natural causes several years ago.[11][12] On December 13, 2010, police reported that two of the women in the photos had been identified as alive, and could have valuable information if they can be located.[13] Police would not say how or where they had obtained the photos.


07/25/2011 Iran says a scientist killed in Tehran over the weekend was not connected with the country’s nuclear program, but the daylight killing and recent announcements by Tehran of nuclear advances have renewed scrutiny of the country’s nuclear effort.


missing on 5/29/11 Syed Shaleem Shahzad, Pakistan bureau chief for Asia Times Onine, went missing on May 29. His body was found on the 31st. Shahzad had been tortured before being killed. Among the things he had written shortly before his death was a report on alleged al-Qaida sympathizers within the ranks of the Pakistani Navy


06/24/2006 Traveil Williams was murdered Saturday evening, June 24, 2006 in front of his San Bernardino home less than a month before his 18th birthday. The news of his death spread across the community like wildfire.


08/17/2011 14 month old girl murdered by dad


08/14/2011 7 month pregnant women murdered


2009 – 2011 220 Colombian judicial officers have been murdered


01/12/2011 15 month old girl murdered because she was crying


05/22/2011 5 month old baby murdered


07/31/2011 17-month old boy murdered because is acted like a girl


05/03/2010 The murder of Yeardley Love occurred in May 2010 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Love, a University of Virginia (UVA) women’s lacrosse student-athlete, was found unresponsive in her Charlottesville apartment on May 3, 2010


05/12/2010 4 month old murdered


05/24/2010 8 month old murdered by boyfriend


09/06/1901 The assassination of William McKinley occurred.


09/19/1881 James A Garfield was assassinated


09/06/2011 New information emerged late Tuesday regarding the man who opened fire at an IHOP in Carson City, Nev., killing two uniformed National Guard members and a woman before killing himself.
Eduardo Sencion, 32, of Carson City drove a blue minivan about 9 a.m into a strip mall on Carson Street, a main throughway in the city, and began shooting at a woman on a motorcycle, Bethany Drysdale, an incident spokeswoman, told The Times late Tuesday.
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09/04/2011 A spate of killings and shootings in Toronto’s east end are tied to a leadership vacuum inside one of the city’s most notorious gangs, police say. And the worst mass shooting ever in Toronto’s history is linked to that same gang.
On Tuesday morning, at a news conference in a parking lot where one of the killings happened, police said they have evidence that links three homicides and a series of shootings to the gang known as the Galloway Boys.


3/14/2006 A mother who starved her four-year-old son to death and left his body in her bedroom until it became mummified has been found guilty of his


07/23/2007 A family of 4 murdered in Cheshire Connecticut.


09/05/2011 3 murdered in Brooklyn


07/24/1993 what human can do this…2 teen girls murdered


08/28/2011 3 men murdered Boston area


09/11/2011 man murdered and wife kidnapped.


09/11/2011 2 civilians murdered, while tens of thousands murdered, while a 3 year old girl is murdered and still counting


05/08/2011 MTV producer in L.A. murdered.


04/2011 2 young adults murdered


09/11/2001 children who were murdered during terrorist attacks


07/12/2010 one woman murdered every 20 minutes


09/11/2011 18 year old girl murdered


09/11/2011 5 people murdered


08/31/2011 14 year old boy murdered


07/09/2010 I murdered myself…


09/23/2010 I murdered myself


10/00/2010 4 year old murdered because step father thought he might be gay.


02/23/2011 I murdered myself Tyler Clementi. A Rutgers University freshman posted a goodbye message on his Facebook page before jumping to his death after his roommate secretly filmed him during a “sexual encounter” in his dorm room and posted it live on the Internet.
Items belonging to 18-year-old Rutgers student Tyler Clementi were found by the George Washington Bridge last week, according to authorities. Clementi’s freshman ID card and driver’s license were in the wallet.


03/14/2011 18 year old beaten to death.


09/19/2010 I murdered myself because


09/29/2010 I murdered myself


08/02/2010 17 month old murdered for acting gay


04/09/2010 I murdered myself because..


03/29/2007 I murdered myself because…


04/16/2009 I murdered myself because…


01/28/2005 Father murdered son of 3 years old…


09/02/2010 I murdered myself because…


09/27/2010 I shot myself because…


10/05/2010 I murdered myself because…


09/24/2010 I murdered myself because…


10/19/2010 I murdered myself because..


04/22/2010 I murdered myself because…


11/05/2010 I murdered myself because..


11/16/2010 18 year old murdered.


01/15/2011 I murdered myself because..


09/12/2011 6 people murdered


05/02/2011 man murdered


08/2011 3 year old murdered


09/14/2011 27 murdered


09/14/2011 6 murdered


03/23/2010 8 children murdered


09/14/2011 15 murdered in Iraq At least 25 people were wounded when a bomb exploded in a small town in southern Iraq on Wednesday, police sources said.
The sources said the bomb went off in a popular area with restaurants and coffee shops in the town of al-Hamza, just south of Hilla, 100 km (60 miles) south of Baghdad.
They said the toll was an initial one.
In western Iraq, a bomb attached to a military bus killed 15 Iraqi soldiers and wounded 20 others when it went off on Wednesday, army sources said.


09/08/2009 Yale Lab Murdered. Annie Le had it all. She was smart, pretty and charming. The daughter of immigrants, her talent and hard work had won her a place in the graduate pharmacology program at the world-renowned Yale School of Medicine. She was about to marry the man she called her best friend. On September 8, 2009, five days before the wedding was to take place, she disappeared. On the day she was scheduled to wed, New Haven police found her body stuffed inside the walls of a Yale animal laboratory where she performed her research.


02/04/1986 Anita Cobby murdered


01/12/1996 Amber Hagerman 9 year old murdered


09/15/1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist church murders


05/06/1993 3 boys murderd


05/21/1924 14 year old boy murdered


12/25/1996 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey murderdét_Ramsey


11/09/1989 husband and wife murdered


01/16/1987 women murdered -Lita McClinton Sullivan


08/01/1998 Murdered women in mid 40’s


04/19/1995 Oklahoma murders


12/01/2001 Robert Schwartz murdered orious_murders/family/clara_schwartz/index.html


06/22/2003 Dru Sjodin murdered


01/15/1947 Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short


06/05/1987 Alan Rosansky murdered


09/16/2011 Reports have mounted of clashes in Homs; in the outskirts of the capital, Damascus; in the southern Houran region; and at the border near Turkey. Officials and diplomats have spoken of at least three ambushes of military vehicles — two buses and a jeep — in Homs, in which at least five soldiers were killed. Activists have reported other clashes between soldiers and deserters in several regions of Syria.


09/15/2011 34 murdered and counting..


05/08/1916 Lynching of Jesse Washington


07/1946 4 young man murdered in Georgia


06/12/1977 3 girl scouts murdered


07/25/1903 Jennie Steers murdered http://darrah–greenville–


05/23/1911 Laura Nelson and son murdered


07/19/1859 slave murdered and still counting


1880 Chinese cleansing in Denver murdered about 200 people


02/14/1891 11 American Italians of the largest lynching In American history


02/01/1893 Henry Smith murdered and still counting


04/23/1899 Sam Hose murdered and still counting


1904 Negroes Barbequed/ murdered


03/19/1906 Ed Johnson murdered


06/03/1910 Antonio Rodriguez murdered and still counting


08/13/1911 Zachariah Walker burned alive and counting


05/25/1912 Dan Davis burned alive


08/17/1915 Leo Frank one of 4 Jewish-Americans being lynched


05/15/1916 Jesse Washington murdered


01/24/1918 15 murdered at eh Porvenir Massacre and still counting


05/04/1922 17 year old Eula Ausley murdered

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