There are no accidents….a letter sent to me.

i just had the most amazing experience. a couple days ago i found one of your pieces hanging from a tree in the east village and i knew what it was because my friend found one with her kids and they were a little spooked. i researched the piece she saw and found your web-site. anyway, i grabbed the piece that i saw a few days ago and put it in my coat pocket. i went back to your site and read on about how if i brought the piece back to you, you would make a personal piece in honor of someone murdered…i thought for days about the most significant victim and i realized matthew shepard is the one i think the most about and has had the most impact on me. my partner teaches, occasionally, in laramie, wyoming and we have been on the land where he was beaten and left for dead. my partner (fiancee) also just finished an off-broadway run of a show he wrote which includes a matthew shepard movement piece. anyway, i just went through your listing of which pieces signify which victims and I HAVE THE MATTHEW SHEPARD PIECE. i can’t believe it.
there are no accidents,
thank you for your work,
michael growler

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