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Youngstown of Lost Souls

Today I received a letter in the mail. I’m always surprised to get mail. This one was on my desk when I arrived at work. It was stamped from Tallmadge, OH., and it was not uncommon for me not to know such place.
Without a second to sit down I ripped opened the white envelope and discovered one of my mummies was inside, along with a HAND written letter.

Someone found one of my mummies in Miami this past year. When he discovered what the project was about, it got him thinking about his home town in Ohio and how he lost many friends to drugs, prison, suicide, and murder. But the murder of Jason “R” “Jay” Magallon McInnis was one of his good friends. Everyone loved him. His murder is unsolved and they still are trying to figure out why him. Now Jason is in the system as #18 of 2006. That same year over 26 murders, 3 of which are unknown.

I, Thank You “Squeaky” for sharing your story and honoring your friend. I’m happy to know that you made it out of there!

Murder is never an easy thing to talk about nor is it a typic to make fun of.