Murdered #701 – 800


12/22/2012 3 murdered by guns WLBT reports that the first happened around 12:30 a.m. Saturday. Police said the 38-year-old victim was shot four times in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Another shooting happened just after 2 a.m. Saturday. A 23-year-old man was gunned down at a Jackson intersection. He was shot five times and was pronounced dead on the scene. No arrests have been reported so far as the investigations continue. The third homicide occurred at 2 p.m. Tommy Young, 33, shot multiple times while seated in a silver Honda Accord at the intersection of Hill Avenue and Lincoln Avenue according to Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green.


12/11/2012 man murdered About 10:30 p.m. the night of Dec. 11, a taxi pulled up outside Benjamin Wojenski’s home on Cherrywood Lane in Titusville. A female passenger used the driver’s phone to call Wojenski, who came to the door and let the 24-year-old woman inside. Fewer than eight hours later, police and fire crews found the 62-year-old man dead in the dining room, covered in a sheet. He had stab wounds to his face, head and neck, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by Titusville police. There was blood on the walls, in his shower and garage and bloody handprints in his bedroom.


07/17/2012 15 year old girl murdered SEAGROVE BEACH, Florida — A vacationing Georgia 15-year-old’s brutal murder has rocked the scenic 30-A stretch of south Walton County, where a 21-year-old from Seagrove Beach has been charged with the crime.


12/22/2012 Ryan Freel has reportedly committed suicide. First reported by First Coast News, the 36-year-old player who spent 8 seasons in the Major Leagues, was found dead from a gun shot wound last night.


10/10/2012 Amanda Todd committed suicide on October 10, 2012 at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Prior to her death, Todd posted a video on YouTube in which she used a series of flash cards to tell of her experience of being blackmailed, bullied, and physically assaulted. The video went viral after her death,[1] resulting in international media attention.


10/19/2012 Felicia Garcia, the 15-year-old high school girl who leapt to her death at a Staten Island train station after she had been bullied by members of the football team, had a vigil held in her honor last night where friends paid their respects.


12/25/2012 Joshua Davis, an aspiring rapper from the West Englewood area in Chicago, was gunned down on Christmas Day for wearing a hooded sweatshirt honoring his best friend and slain rapper, Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman.


12/21/2012 4 murdered. NBC reports that four people are dead and three state troopers are injured following an incident in Johnstown, Pa. The gunman is among those dead, authorities told NBC News. One of the state troopers was shot, but was wearing a bulletproof vest. The other two were said to be injured by a car crash with the suspect.


12/22/2012 The Navy is investigating the death in Afghanistan of one of its most senior SEAL officers as an apparent suicide, a U.S. military official tells CNN. Navy Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died Saturday while serving as the commanding officer of SEAL Team 4, a special warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


12/23/2012 In Camden, New Jersey — a city that has already suffered 65 violent deaths in 2012 , surpassing the previous record of 58 violent deaths set in 1995 — 50 people turned out, some bearing white crosses, to mourn a homeless woman known affectionately as the “cat lady” who was stabbed to death (50 of the deaths so far this year resulted from gunshot wounds.)


08/05/2012 A North Port man who was a Charlotte County firefighter lost his battle Sunday night, succumbing to his wounds after being shot twice on Saturday. Sam Dreher, 39, an 18-year veteran lieutenant and paramedic with the Charlotte County Fire Department, was shot twice after he confronted a man rummaging through his car Saturday. Dreher was flown to Blake Medical Center where he died.


12/27/2012 Erika Menendez was charged in the death of Sunando Sen, who was crushed by a 7 train in Queens on Thursday night, the second time this month a commuter has died in such a nightmarish fashion.


12/29/2012 women kills herself. A 65-year-old woman, Harriet Deison, shot herself Saturday while in her Lexus sedan in the parking lot of the Far East Dallas Gun Shop where she had just bought a pistol. Dallas police says: The gun Deison, a pastor’s wife, mother of two and grandmother to five, is believed to have shot herself with is the same one she had just purchased.


12/28/2012 4 murdered. A man killed two men and one woman Friday in central Pennsylvania, then died in a gunfight with state troopers, authorities said. The first report of shots fired “at multiple locations” in Frankstown Township came in a 911 call placed around 9 a.m., Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said. As state troopers converged on the area, someone in a truck — going the opposite direction on a two-lane road — fired at two marked patrol cars.


12/04/2012 A 19-year-old man, Benjamin Klinger, from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, is charged in the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Heller. And it’s possible he did it because he thought she was pregnant. But listen to how he did it — your stomach is sure to churn. Benjamin and Samantha were riding in a car along Route 283 when it’s alleged that Benjamin suddenly sped up the car and got into a crash on purpose — allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend. When she was still breathing after the crash, prosecutors say he sat on his girlfriend’s head and torso until she died.


12/30/2012 A teenage girl’s profiles on social networking sites reveal the vile messages from internet trolls that friends say pushed her to kill herself. Jessica Laney, 16, was found dead at her home in Hudson, Florida, on Sunday night after users on social networking sites branded her ‘fat’, a ‘slut’ and tormented her over her looks and love life.


01/02/2013 Dozens of people have been killed by an air strike on a petrol station on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, activists say. Damascus residents say they saw burning bodies and horrific scenes after the air strike in Mleiha district.


01/01/2013 At least 13 members of Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc, have been killed in an air strike, the Colombian military says. The air force bombarded a rebel camp in north-western Antioquia province on Monday and has since found 13 bodies.


01/01/2013 A man has been arrested after a 22-year-old British tourist was shot dead in Thailand on New Year’s Eve. Stephen Ashton, of south London, was reportedly caught by a stray bullet during a fight between two groups at a bar on Koh Phangan.


01/02/2013 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that 23-year-old Justin Mitchell was found shot to death at a home in Austell Wednesday night.


01/04/2013 16 year old murdered A 16-year-old boy is dead, after being shot Friday night on the Lower East Side. Around 9:10 p.m. Friday, police responded to the intersection of Rivington and Columbia streets and found Raphael Ward, 16, at the scene with a gunshot wound to the chest. The scene of the shooting is located in the middle of the Bernard M. Baruch Houses public housing development.


01/10/2013 3 women murdered. Three Kurdish women activists – including a co-founder of the militant nationalist PKK – have been found dead with gunshot wounds in a Kurdish information centre in Paris. The bodies of Sakine Cansiz and two others were found on Thursday. France and Turkey both condemned the killings. The motive for the shootings is unclear. Some 40,000 people have died in the 25-year conflict between the Turkish state and the PKK.


01/09/21013 10 murdered. At least 10 people, including five children, have been killed in a dawn raid in south-eastern Kenya in what officials say is a revenge attack. More people were injured in the attack by suspected ethnic Ormas on a Pokomo village in the Tana River delta region.


01/10/2013 56 murdered. Twin blasts at a snooker hall in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta have killed at least 56 people and injured more than 100, police say. Many of the casualties were caused by the second blast as police and media rushed to the scene. Earlier, a bomb in a market area killed 11 people and injured 27 more, police said.


01/09/2013 Johnny “Da Prince” Taylor was shot several times in Garfield Park in what sources are calling a case of “mistaken identity.” He was taken to the hospital, where doctors initially thought he would pull through.


01/11/2013 self murdered. Aaron H. Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, writer, archivist, political organizer, and Internet activist.


09/10/2011 Gopalan, 35, died on September 10 “after suffering sub-arachnoid hemorrhage — bleeding in the space between the brain and the thin tissues that cover it — ‘due to blunt-impact head trauma,’ according to Beverly Fields, chief of staff of the D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.”


10/09/2011 Aaron Allen, 19 (pictured), was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  reports. On October 9, he was spending the night with the child’s mother, Thelma Walton, 20; they had lived together for a time, but were not currently cohabiting. According to police, Allen said that sometime during the night, he suffocated the 22-month-old child, Aaron Allen Jr., with a sock.


05/17/2012 Two Pennsylvania women have admitted to killing one woman’s former girlfriend in a shocking murder on May 17. Police say that 18-year-old Jade Olmstead and 20-year-old Ashley Barber admitted to luring Olmstead’s ex, 20-year-old Brandy Stevens, to the woods just outside their home near Cochranton, Penn., where they beat and strangled her, according to The Erie Times-News. The couple buried Stevens in a grave they had dug prior to the murder.


08/14/2012 A nineteen-year-old youth named Tiffany Gooden was found murdered on Tuesday, August 14th. Ms. Gooden’s body was found on the second floor of an abandoned building on the 4800 Block of West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago.


01/01/2013 According to the Houston Chronicle’s Anita Hassan, 29-year-old Belinda Espinoza had been upset that evening, and called her relatives threatening suicide. A fight between her and her 24-year-old fiance, Ana Flores, had spiraled out of control. Florez called 911 to report Espinoza, but by the time Houston police arrived at the couple’s home, they found that Espinoza had shot Florez and then turned the gun on herself. Both women were dead at the scene. This certainly isn’t the first murder-suicide involving a lesbian couple. In 2012,  in Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas Augustine shot her wife Jessie McCaskill then killed herself. In 2008, in Boynton Beach, Fla., Carol Anne Burger stabbed her former wife Jessica Kalish more than 222 times with a screwdriver and, two days later after police discovered Kalish’s body, Burger shot herself. In 2009,  in Statesboro, Ga., Kiona Thais Lively shot her wife Naumbyia T. German several times, lit a house fire, and turned the gun on herself.


01/16/2013 More than 20 people have been killed in near-simultaneous car bomb blasts in the Syrian city of Idlib, government officials and activists say.


01/15/2013 A picture was released by the Syrian Arab News Agency shows the wreckage of cars at the scene of an explosion outside Aleppo University on January 15. Fifteen people were killed and dozens injured in the blast.


05/26/2011 Mohammed Abdi Farah, 19, and Amin Ahmed Ismail, 18, were killed in an alleyway in Milton Keynes’ Fishermead Estate on 26 May 2011.


01/19/2013 5 murdered. A family five were found dead in a house in a secluded area just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday night. The bodies included an adult male, and adult female, one juvenile male and two juvenile females . An unidentified 15-year-old was arrested and charged for killing all five people. Several weapons were found inside the house, including a military style assault rifle.


1/19/2013 55 murdered. More bodies have been reported found at the gas plant in Algeria where a four-day standoff with Islamist militants came to a bloody end on Saturday. An Algerian security official tells the AP that the state of the bodies makes it difficult to tell whether the dead are hostages or attackers. The standoff ended Saturday, after Algeria stormed the plant for a second time. As we reported, the Interior Ministry said 32 militants and 23 others had died in the conflict, but that number may now change. Algerian Communications Minister Mohamed Said told the state news agency on Sunday the death toll “may be revised upward,” Al Jazeera reports.


07/07/1997 On July 7, 1997, the day manager of a Georgetown Starbucks Coffee Shop arrived to find the entire overnight shift murdered in the back of the store. One of the victims had been an intern at the Clinton White House, and in light of the scandal involving President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, conspiracy theorists continue to debate a White House connection to the deaths.


08/04/1892 2 murdered. On August 4, 1892, Andrew Borden breakfasted with his wife and made his usual rounds of the bank and post office, returning home about 10:45 am. The Bordens’ maid, Bridget Sullivan, testified that she was in her third-floor room, resting from cleaning windows, when just before 11:10 am she heard Lizzie call out, “Maggie, come quick! Father’s dead. Somebody came in and killed him.” (Sullivan was sometimes called “Maggie”, the name of an earlier maid).[5][12] Andrew was slumped on a couch in the downstairs sitting room, struck 10 or 11 times with a hatchet-like weapon.[13] One of his eyeballs had been split cleanly in two,[14] suggesting he had been asleep when attacked.[15] Soon after, as neighbors and doctors tended Lizzie, Sullivan discovered Abby Borden in the upstairs guest bedroom, her skull crushed by 19 blows.


08/2011 baby murdered Steven Deuman, 26, of Suttons Bay, Michigan, has been found guilty of the August 2011 murder of his daughter, Evelynne Deuman, 15 weeks old. The young father was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault for suffocating his child during an oral rape.


01/26/2013 Rodrigo Abad Diaz and his friends were considered home invaders to Phillip Walker Sailors, 69, when they pulled into the driveway, so he started firing at their vehicle on Saturday night. The Vietnam veteran is now being held on a malice murder charge after fatally striking Diaz with a shot to the head.  According to Sailors’ attorney, the shooting has left the alleged aggressor “distraught,” but witnesses in the vehicle said that Sailors didn’t ask any questions before he opened fire on the car.


01/29/2013 Hadiya Pendleton was a friendly girl at King College Prep in Chicago was shot dead.She performed at President Barack Obama’s inaugural events.


02/01/2013 32 murdered Authorities in Mexico City said Friday morning that at least 32 people had been killed and another 120 or so injured by the explosion Thursday afternoon at the headquarters of Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil company. Both figures are up from where the story stood Thursday night (it was being reported then that there were at least 14 dead and 80 injured), when we were following the news as it came in from Mexico City.


11/26/2010 Bradley Bassey Eyo murdered and dumped in Lake Ray Hubbard on the eastern outskirts of Dallas.


02/04/2013 At least 19 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in central Iraq aimed at pro-government militia, officials say. More than 40 people were injured in the blast in the town of Taji, about 20km (12 miles) north of Baghdad. The majority of the victims were members of the Sunni Sahwa militia, which has been fighting al-Qaeda.


02/01/2013 Nigeria’s military said it has killed 17 insurgents in an attack on two training camps belonging to the Boko Haram Islamist group.


01/26/2013 Shirley Chambers cries during Monday’s funeral for her son Ronnie Chambers, 33, a victim of gun violence. She had four children — three boys and a girl. Now they’re gone — all victims of gun violence in Chicago over a period of 18 years.


02/04/2013 The couple, Keith Lawrence, 27, and Monica Quan, 28, were found in a car last night in front of the home that they had just moved into, dead from apparent gun wounds. Lawrence and Quan, who is the daughter of a LAPD captain, were found in their white Kia. It’s called “America’s Safest City,” but on Monday night, Irvine, Ca. was the scene of a fatal shooting involving two university sweethearts.


02/04/2013 Gay PR representative Howard Bragman has just sent out news that gay porn star Arpad Miklos (real name Peter Kozma) was found dead in his apartment Monday evening due to an apparent suicide. Writer and friend, Randal Lynch broke the news with host Howard Bragman on his show “Gwissues,” a show which airs on “” network (below).


02/03/2012 One 15 year old boy Jadin Bell attempted suicide after being bullied because he was gay. He died after being taken off life support.


02/10/2013 Three North Korean doctors have been killed in the north-eastern Nigerian state of Yobe, officials say. Residents said they were killed during the night in the town of Potiskum. Two of them had their throats slit while the third was beheaded, they added. Officials said the victims had been working at a government-run hospital. No-one has said they were behind the attack, but it happened in an area where the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, has been active in recent years. More than 600 people were believed to have been killed in 2012 by the group, which is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north.


02/17/2013 Mindy McCready, who hit the top of the country charts before personal problems sidetracked her career, died Sunday in Arkansas in an apparent suicide. She was 37. The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that McCready was found dead at a residence in Heber Springs from what appears to be a single, self-inflicted gunshot to the head. An autopsy is pending.


02/19/2013 4 murdered The gunman suspected of that shooting then went to Tustin, where he is believed to have been involved in three car-jackings, killing at least two of the drivers, police added. The suspect then shot himself at another location, said police. Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino told the BBC that when officers responded to an emergency call at about 04:45 PST (12:45 GMT) they found a female victim at the scene. A witness said the suspect was a man in his 20s, and that he fled in a sports utility vehicle.


02/14/2013 In the latest violence, nine people were killed in a five-hour period on Thursday evening, the BBC’s Gary Duffy reports from Sao Paulo. More than 130 people have died in the last two weeks as part of a conflict between the police and the gang, known as First Command of the Capital (PCC).


06/26/2013 2 year old murdered. A man who blew up his Greater Manchester home in a gas blast that killed his neighbour’s two-year-old son has been jailed for 10 years. Jamie Heaton died as he watched TV at his home in Buckley Street, Shaw, Oldham, which was destroyed in the blast on 26 June. Andrew Partington, 28, who lived next door, had previously admitted manslaughter at Manchester Crown Court. Partington, a father-of-six, suffered 40% burns and a broken back. Jamie had been in the lounge while his mother was doing housework and his father was out at work. The toddler’s mother survived the blast as she had gone into the back yard to hang out her washing.


03/13/2012 2 year old murdered. The parents of a toddler who died after drinking methadone have been jailed for his manslaughter. Two-year-old Riley Pettipierre died in March 2012 after drinking his mother’s prescription drug, which had been poured into a child’s drinking beaker.


01/11/2013 French fatality was a helicopter pilot killed on the first day of the military intervention, 11 January.


02/19/2013 A French soldier has been killed fighting Islamist rebels in Mali, President Francois Hollande has said. More than 20 militants also died in the clashes in a mountainous northern region, France’s defence ministry said.


02/06/2013 The pair charged with the murder of Kepari Leniata, 20, are related to a six-year-old boy they accused her of using sorcery to kill, police said in a statement. Ms Leniata was doused in petrol and set on fire in Mount Hagen on 6 February.


02/19/2013 A Syrian army rocket attack has killed at least 19 people in the city of Aleppo, eyewitnesses and activists say. They say the rocket hit the rebel-held Jabal Badro district, destroying several buildings. There are fears that dozens of people may still be buried under the rubble. The Syrian government has not commented on the claim. Some 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011, the UN says.


02/16/2013 The head of Iraq’s intelligence academy and two bodyguards have been killed in a suicide blast in the northern town of Tal Afar, police say.


02/17/2013 Several car bombs have exploded across the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 21 people and injuring scores more, officials say. The attacks are reported to have targeted mainly Shia areas in the city.


01/03/2013 The Soundview section of the Bronx earned the dubious honor Thursday of seeing the first New York City homicide for 2013 when a 59-year-old woman was shot in the chest and killed in a public apartment complex, said police.


01/12/2013 The death of a man with Down syndrome who was reportedly killed after lying face-down in police custody has been ruled a homicide. WJLA reports that Robert Saylor, 26, of New Market, Md., was asphyxiated on Jan. 12, according to a medical examiner’s ruling late last week. A “law enforcement source familiar with the case” told the station that Saylor “went into distress when he was put face down on the ground.” Police were reportedly called to a Frederick movie theater by employees who couldn’t get Saylor to leave. He had come to the theater with a health aide, paid admission for “Zero Dark Thirty,” but allegedly remained after it was over.


08/14/2011 A father has admitted to chopping his son’s head off with a meat cleaver and leaving it in the roadside outside his home so that the child’s mother would see it. A passing motorist saw the decapitated head of seven-year-old Jori Lirette, from Louisiana, and alerted police. Detectives later found the boy’s body in a rubbish sack that had been dumped nearby.


02/09/2013 Police have arrested Lleuyel Garcia in connection with the murder of Joseph Benzinger, whose body was found at the Crown Motor Inn in Queens on February 9.


07/16/2010 DeFarra Gaymon was shot to death in Newark’s Branch Brook Park on July 16, 2010.The killing occurred in Newark’s Branch Brook Park on July 16, 2010. In 2011, an Essex County grand jury declined to indict Esposito on any criminal charges. The Gaymon family sued Esposito, the county, the sheriff’s office, and two senior officers in that office in 2011. The amended complaint names additional sheriff’s officers. In a 2011 statement, the Essex County prosecutor’s office said the chase led to the pond, with Gaymon repeatedly threatening Esposito, and that Gaymon “then lunged at and attempted to disarm the officer while reaching into his own pocket. Fearing for his life, the officer discharged his service weapon, hitting Mr. Gaymon once.” Esposito and his partner were in plainclothes and conducting a public sex sting. Just prior to the shooting, they fought with another man and Esposito lost his handcuffs. After that first man was secured, Esposito went back into the park to retrieve his handcuffs when he encountered Gaymon, who was “who was engaged in a sex act at the time,” according to the prosecutor’s statement. Esposito is the sole witness to the killing. In 2009, Esposito was involved in three public sex arrests that also turned violent. Resisting arrest was charged in another two Esposito arrests that year. Gaymon was the head of an Atlanta credit union and was in Newark to attend his high school reunion. He was married with four children. These new facts make the circumstances of the killing murkier. None of the parties in the lawsuit responded to emails seeking an explanation or comment. The prosecutor’s office referred questions to the attorney representing the county.


08/01/2009 The 2009 Tel Aviv gay centre shooting resulted in the deaths of two people and injuries to at least fifteen others at the Tel Aviv branch of the Israeli LGBT Association, at the Youth Bar on Nahmani Street in Tel Aviv, on 1 August 2009. A 26-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl were killed


02/21/2013 A car bomb killed at least 53 people and wounded more than 200 in central Damascus on Thursday when it exploded on a busy highway close to ruling Baath Party offices and the Russian embassy, Syrian television said.


03/19/2012 TOULOUSE, France — The French authorities were searching on Monday for a man suspected in a string of methodical killings that have terrorized this city and the surrounding area in southwestern France, after an attack outside a Jewish school on Monday morning that killed four people, including three young children.


01/01/2013 The 22-year-old up-and-coming musician was murdered on New Year’s Day by a gang of five men who had been his friends. His death was a classic case of overkill: he was tied up, beaten with fists and other objets, choked with a chain, had a bag taped over his head, he was then shot, set on fire, and discarded into a dumpster. 


07/08/2012 trans. Thapelo Makutle, a 23-year-old who was also known as ‘Queen Bling’, was an LGBT activist who got into an argument with two cisgender heterosexual men regarding her sexuality at a bar in Kuruman, South Africa. The men followed her home, broke into her apartment and killed her by slitting her throat. She was also mutilated; her genitals were cut off and put into her mouth.


09/18/2012 Victoria da Silva Costa, was a 21-year-old trans woman living in Brazil, who was murdered in what police considered to be a hate crime, as she was decapitated, with her penis and one ear being cut off.


11/17/2011 Samira (Mison Augusto) dos Santos Age: 21 Boca do Rio, Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot . Samira was shot in the buttocks, back and ribs at around 7:30 pm at the entrance of her apartment by two men who passed by on the street on a motorcycle.


11/17/2011 Cassidy was shot in the chest and killed at 9:55 pm. Police believe the same suspect may have been responsible for the attempted robbery of another African American transgender woman in Plummer Park in West Hollywood.


11/24/2011 Angela’s body was found with three shots in the house of a trans person whom Angela had asked several days before if she can stay at their place. Angela’s body was found on the weekend of 18 and 19 November, but the killing happened at least 48 hours earlier.


11/18/2011 trans women murdered Calle Santa Ana, Prado de Maria, Caracas (Venezuela) beaten. The victim’s body was recovered in the early morning of the 18th. The authorities state that she was killed around 4.30 am. A neighbour reported that when he saw the victim lying on the street at 6.20, she was still breathing, but nobody came to help. Another neighbour stated that at 5.30 am she went to inform the local authorities, but they did not take any action.


11/24/2011 Sonia Masi was a main spokesperson of the trans community in the state of Gujarat. She was shot at 8:20 pm six times at point-blank by men in a car as she was about to get refreshments at a snack bar. Sonia had already been subject to an attack in 2008.


11/25/2011 Shakira (Jose Antonio) Quinonez Ortega Age: 2: Monteria, Cordoba (Colombia) Cause of Death: strangled Remarks: Shakira’s body was found on 8 December when she had been dead for almost two weeks.


11/26/2011 Gardenia (Claudio Lucio Miranda de Almeida) Age: 47 Location of Death: Rua Barreto Leme, Campinas, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten Remarks: Gardenia was clubbed to death with a stone block. The police arrested a 33 year-old suspect who is assumed to have proposed Gardenia to have paid sex.


11/26/2011 The victim’s body was found at 3:30 am in the Historical Center of Chihuahua MexicO, with wounds of gun shots in the head.


02/21/2013 Ammar Harris, 26, is thought to be the gunman who shot dead aspiring rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr on Thursday. Harris’ black Range Rover Sport was found parked in the garage of a gated block of flats on Saturday. Police are now scouring south-eastern states after launching searches in Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah. Cherry was killed at the wheel of his Maserati after the driver of a black Range Rover Sport opened fire at a red light in a busy section of the Las Vegas Strip, police say.


11/26/2011 Brenting Dolliole was a person of color. Her killing was reported as being the 175th homicide in New Orleans in 2011.He was Beaten to death.


11/29/2011 Sarita (Antônio Gilson) da Costa Rodrigues Age: 30 Location of Death: Jacaranda, Camocim, CE (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed Remarks: Sarita was stabbed to death by three men.


11/29/2011 Carol’s body was found by locals around 5 am in front of a bar. She was killed by a gun shot in the eye.


11/10/2011 Y. M. A. Zambrano Location of Death: (Venezuela) Cause of Death: shot. The victim was killed by two men on a motorcycle.


12/03/2011 Suely Scalla (Ademir) Melo Oliveira Age: 41 Location of Death: Avenida Francisco Glicério, Campinas, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten Suely Scala was killed in the early morning on the city’s main street. The police investigate a possible relation to a series of killings of homeless people in the city center. Sally Scala had been well-known in the LGBT community of Campinas since the 1980s.


12/04/2011 Location of Death: R. Quinze de Novembro, Alvorada, Manaus, AM (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. According to witnesses, Ursula was shot by a men who came with a car while she was standing on the street doing sex work. He shot her in the head, then left the vehicle and fired another five shots.


12/04/2012 (Carlos Porfirio) Juarez Quiroz Age: 25 Location of Death: Tegucigalpa (Honduras) He was stabbed to death.


12/04/2011Trans. (Pascual Ake Beh) Location of Death: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo (Mexico) Cause of Death: shot The vicitm’s body was found at 7 am with gunshots in the neck.


12/13/2011 Trans. N.Location of Death: Calle Victoria, Chihuahua, Mexico (Mexico) Cause of Death: stoned. The victim’s body was found at 6 am at a public garden, yet had been dragged along a street before, leaving marks of blood on the asphalt.


12/19/2011 trans (Frederico) Claret dos Santos Location of Death: Pouso Alegre, MG (Brazil) Cause of Death: beaten . The victim was killed with numerous hits on the head with a stone after leaving a snack-bar on the night of the 19th. The alleged perpetrator is 23 year-old Renan Donizeti Tomas, who reportedly had a relationship with the victim.


12/20/2011 2 murdered. Patricia (Fernando) Costa Alves Location of Death: Posto Horizonte, Rio Verde, GO (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot Patricia was shot to death on a yard where trucks park, and where reportedly drug dealers, sex workers and clients meet at night. On 5 February a trans person with the legal name of Tiago da Silva Carvalho was shot to death on the same location. trans.


12/20/2011 Trans (Marvin Geovany) Ramos Miranda Age: 23 Location of Death: 1 Avenida, San Pedro Sula (Honduras) Cause of Death: strangled The victim’s body was recovered from a hotel room. According to witnesses, the victim, who was a sex worker, had entered a hotel in the company of two persons. Then, two other persons entered who attacked the hotel employees. The victim was killed with one of the sheets from the hotel room. The body was recovered only around 10 hours after the killing.


12/23/2011 Natalia (Raimundo) Ferreira Location of Death: Jardim Paraiso, São José do Rio Preto, SP (Brazil) Cause of Death: stabbed. Natalia was stabbed at around 6 am in a motel. She died in hospital shortly after. According to a witness, the murder was committed by a motor cyclist.


12/23/2011 Location of Death: Cesteros, Chimalhuacan (Mexico) Cause of Death: beaten. The victim’s body was found dead on the morning of the 23rd on lying on the back seats of a car


12/24/2011 Bruninha (Regis) dos Santos Lima Age: 19 Location of Death: R. Bandeirantes, Apucarana, PR (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot. Bruninha died on the 24th in hospital after she was shot in the face on the 21st on a cemetery in Apucarana. Bruninha had been stabbed in the chest and neck on 21 October. Although Bruninha had identified a 28 year-old woman as the perpetrator of the stabbing, she then did not want to enter legal action against her and the file was closed.


12/24/2011 Shot. Fabiola was a sex worker. The two previous days, two similar killings occurred in the area, although it is not reported whether the victims were trans persons. In November 2010, another trans sex worker called Fabiola and a further sex worker were shot dead in the same area. In November 2011, two trans sex workers were shot dead in the same area.


12/27/2011 Mona Location of Death: R. Japura, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil) Cause of Death: shot/ Mona was shot three times in the back and foot on the street where she lived with other homeless persons by a person who passed by by foot. Among various hypothesis, the police suspect the involvement of a local resident or merchant in the crime, who did not want the travesty to be around. According to neighbors, the night before, a person had set the belongings of homeless people on fire and fired shots at them, without hitting anybody.


12/29/2011 Githe (Orlando) Goines Age: 23 Location of Death: New Orleans (USA) Cause of Death: strangled. Githe’s killing was reported as being the 198th homicide in New Orleans in 2011.


DeeDee Pearson not reported Location of Death: Kansas City (USA) Cause of Death: shot. A client of the victim was arrested and charged in the killing.


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