Murdered #1001-1100


12/20/2013 Jamaica’s assistant police commissioner Derrick Knight said Saturday that detectives have seized two vehicles in connection with the double homicides. They have also identified someone whom they believe knows something about the crimes and have urged him to turn himself in. 19-year-old Franciena Johnson of Brooklyn and her 18-year-old cousin Nadia Fearon were shot and killed while visiting relatives in Jamaica, just one day after they arrived. Johnson’s heartbroken mother never imagined it might be the last time she would see her child when she sent her off for winter break to stay with her grandmother. But now Suzette Clarke-Grose, of Canarsie, is dealing with unimaginable pain. After Franciena and Nadia vanished, police found their bodies far from the resort areas, floating in a salt marsh near May Pen on the country’s south coast. Then Franciena’s grandmother made the terrible phone call. “She said, ‘Brace yourself, because your daughter is dead,'” Clarke-Grose said through tears. “I asked what happened, and she don’t know, she just never came home Friday night. She and Nadia left the house to go to May Pen, and she didn’t return home.” Police tell the family they are putting together bits and pieces of evidence to help find the killer. Someone heard gunshots, which led them to the bodies. “I was told it appears they kidnapped them in a car, and the area where they took them was very lonely,” Clarke-Grose said. “Nobody really knows what happened. They only know that they found them with gunshot wounds to the body.” Clarke-Grose spoke to Eyewitness News while sorting through hundreds of pictures of her photogenic daughter, who was studying to be a nurse at Kingsboro College. She was born in Jamaica and moved to the US as a child, and her mother can’t understand why anyone would hurt her.


12/15/2013 Heartbroken friends and family gathered in Manhattan Thursday morning to bid a final farewell to a 3-year-old boy who was thrown to his death off an Upper West Side high-rise by his father. Officials believe a bitter custody battle drove Kirill’s father, 35-year-old Dmitriy Kanarikov, to toss the boy from the top of the 52nd-story apartment building before jumping to his own death. Kirill’s mother, Svetlana Kanarikov, said in a statement that she had been nervous about her son’s visits with his father, and she initially wanted them to be supervised. But she relented after a December 5 court appearance. “The father never did anything violent against the child before,” Kanarikov said of the two previous visits in a statement issued Monday night through a lawyer. “Both times, Kirill was happy after seeing his dad. Skype calls were also going well.” He had picked up Kirill at 10 a.m. Sunday at a Manhattan police precinct – a neutral site negotiated in advance by the parents – to spend time with him for the first time unsupervised. The couple had been married four years and separated in August, and Svetlana Kanarikov said she had taken action after a domestic violence incident. Their split was acrimonious. She left their Brooklyn apartment and moved in with her family in Fair Lawn, N.J., enrolling her son in school. In addition to Kirill, Dmitriy Kanarikov had wanted their house and other property, too, Svetlana Kanarikov said. “He said he would take the child away and I will ‘shoot myself from grief,'” she said. “This was his sick way to take Kirill away from me.” Officers responding to an emergency call reporting two jumpers from the building near Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center found Kanarikov and the boy on the lower rooftops of two separate nearby buildings. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, and Kirill was pronounced dead at a hospital, police said. A witness said the boy was wearing Christmas pajamas. “Kirill was a very sweet, wonderful child, who was loved very much,” his mother said. “He will forever live on in my heart.”


1/01/2008 Said faces capital murder charges in the shooting deaths of his daughters – 18-year-old Amina and 17-year-old Sarah. Investigators say the victims went with their father under the pretense of getting something to eat. Their bodies were found on New Year’s Day 2008 in a cab at a hotel in Irving.


12/25/2013 Gun violence in Newark late Christmas night left a 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy dead and another teenager in critical condition. Police are still searching for the shooter or shooters after the shots rang out on Schley Street, near I-78, around 10 p.m.


12/18/2013 A man walked into a nail salon and shot a woman in the head at a nail salon in New Jersey. It happened inside the nail salon on Bergenline Avenue in West New York around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.


12/21/2013 Ssekasi John aged 29 was a business man who always hosted male friends at his home in Kasangati. On Sunday as he was  at Kalerwe Market stage, one of the boda boda riders refused to ride him home simply because he one of the riders on the same stage had informed him that he (Ssekasi John) was a gay who at one time wanted to have annual sex with him….Its at that point that other riders started attacking him and hence ended up using mob justice onto him…..Its now official that being a gay or lesbian leads you to life imprisonment in Uganda.


3/14/2012 Amina Filali, a 16-year-old Moroccan girl, killed herself this week after being forced to marry her rapist, who beat her, the Associated Press reports. The case has sparked outrage in Morocco’s online community, which is calling for change in the country’s laws for women.


01/08/2014 Two people are dead and one person is seriously wounded after an overnight shooting in Richmond Hill. The shooting happened just after midnight at a townhouse complex at Centre Street east of Yonge Street. CBC Toronto’s Linda Ward reported from the scene at 6:30 a.m. and said police investigators had cordoned off an area around a car parked outside one of the townhouse units.


01/13/2014 Curtis Reeves got into an argument with another moviegoer over texting. The two men exchanged words that gradually became more heated and Reeves felt something hit his face. Reeves, who minutes earlier had gone to seek a manager’s help to stop the texting, this time reached into a pocket in his pants for, police say, a pistol. He later told police he feared the man was going to attack him. Reeves, a former police officer, pulled a gun and shot once, hitting Chad Oulson in the chest and Oulson’s wife, Nicole, in the hand she was using to grab her husband in an attempt to calm things down. As the victim struggled to breathe and fell onto two other patrons, Reeves sat down. An off-duty deputy five seats over charged toward him and grabbed the gun, which had jammed. Chad Oulson died later at a hospital. His wife’s wound was considered non-life threatening.


01/16/2014 At least one person was killed when a bomb went off in the town of Pradera in western Colombia, officials say. Dozens of people were injured when a motorcycle packed with explosives detonated outside a police station. The town’s mayor said he had been warned that Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc, were planning an attack. The rebels announced on Wednesday that their month-long unilateral ceasefire had come to an end.


01/06/2014 The parents of a nine-month-old girl have been arrested on suspicion of her murder. The baby, who has not been named, died in hospital on 6 January shortly after being taken by ambulance from an address in Park Village in Wolverhampton, police said. A 35-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man were arrested at Wolverhampton police station. Tests are being carried out to determine the cause of death. The baby died at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, police said. The pair have been bailed while investigations continue.


01/13/2014 Religious violence in the Central African Republic has reached a new extreme with an act of cannibalism in the capital, Bangui. The BBC’s Paul Wood has heard a graphic first-person account, which some might find upsetting. The buses throwing up clouds of red clay dust had yet to rub out the ugly bloodstain in the dirt. A Muslim man had been murdered here a few days ago, by Christians. His limbs were hacked off. Then one of the crowd ate the flesh in a public demonstration of cannibalism. We were filming nearby when a young man in a yellow T-shirt came up to talk to me. “I am the naughty one,” he said in broken French. Puzzled, I shook his hand and was trying to ease past him when I noticed the machete tucked into his skinny jeans. “I am the naughty one,” he repeated. Start Quote I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the bone – with bread. That’s why people call me Mad Dog.” Ouandja Magloire Camera phones had captured the crime. The pictures show a charred and dismembered body being dragged through the street by a screaming mob. A man held a severed leg and bit down into it. The same, slightly built figure was standing in front of me. He was even wearing the same yellow T-shirt as in the video. A few minutes earlier, I had spoken to a horrified witness, Ghislein Nzoto. He said it began when the Muslim man was dragged from a bus. “People started attacking him, kicking him. They smashed a rock against his head. They kept going even after he was dead.” He went on: “They set the body on fire. There were about 20 youths. They cut a whole leg off. Then one of them started to eat it. He bit into it four times and swallowed. It was raw, not burned. “This was right in front of the Burundian peacekeepers. One of the soldiers vomited. Then he chased people away with his gun. “I swore revenge’ The cannibal’s name was Ouandja Magloire – though he told me he was now known as “Mad Dog”. There was a busy market either side of the street, people hawking brightly coloured cloth, skin-whitening creams, and piles of fresh loaves. We went somewhere a bit quieter so I could ask him why he had done this awful thing. He told me that Muslims had killed his pregnant wife, his sister-in-law, and her new baby.


01/18/2014 A Germantown mother and another woman accused of killing two toddlers and injuring two other children believed they were performing an exorcism, Montgomery County police said Saturday. Police found the children Friday morning when they were called to 28-year-old Zakieya L. Avery’s townhouse by a neighbor who became concerned after seeing a knife, what appeared to be blood and a car with an open door outside the home. Officers took the keys from the car and entered the home. A second woman who lived there, Monifa Sanford, 21, was found with minor injuries. Police on Saturday said both women had been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.


01/17/2014 A suicide attack at a Kabul restaurant popular with foreign nationals killed at least 21 people on Friday, including the country director for the International Monetary Fund and four United Nations employees. The attacker exploded a bomb at the restaurant gates, clearing the way for two gunmen to enter and start shooting indiscriminately, reports NPR’s Sean Carberry. Afghan security forces killed the gunmen in a shootout. Some 13 foreign nationals were among the dead, CNN reported, including Canadians, Lebanese and a British contractor. The U.S. embassy in Kabul confirmed on Twitter that two victims were American. Two members of the European Police mission were also killed, a Danish woman and a British close protection officer.


08/12/2011 Muth guilty in death of Georgetown socialite: The 91-year-old Viola Herms Drath was found dead in her home in 2011. Her husband, Albrecht Gero Muth — who claims to have been an Iraqi general and a spy — was found guilty of first-degree murder. iola Drath and Muth had a fascinating marriage of 20 years. They slept in the same bedroom but in separate beds. He was more of a companion than a conventional husband, and he often served as her social scheduler, prosecutors said. In interviews with detectives, Muth called the marriage one of “convenience.” But prosecutors said Muth was also abusive and controlling. Drath was found dead in a second-floor bathroom with bruises on her head, throat, chest and arms.


01/24/2014 The explosion of a powerful bomb outside a security headquarters in Cairo killed at least four people on Friday. Two more smaller explosions in the city left at least one other person dead. Dozens of people were wounded in the bombings. The largest blast shattered windows for about a mile. On a weekend when nerves are already on edge because it’s the third anniversary of the protests that eventually led to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak’s government, NPR’s Leila Fadel says the explosions were quickly followed by protests. The demonstrators, she said, blame the Muslim Brotherhood for the bombings.


12/09/2013 A woman found dead in her Long Island bedroom last month died from repeated blows to her head with an ax, and authorities and court documents revealed Friday that the woman’s 24-year-old son is suspected of killing her. Sean Farrell of Medford was ordered held without bail following his arrest Thursday on second-degree murder charges. The unemployed man wore a white jumpsuit and appeared nervous as he shuffled his feet back and forth during a brief proceeding in Suffolk County District Court in Central Islip. His court-appointed attorney requested that Farrell be placed on suicide watch while he is held in jail awaiting trial. The attorney, Daniel Russo, said he had just been assigned to the case and met his client briefly. He said he believed Farrell suffers from some sort of schizophrenic condition. Authorities have released few details since 45-year-old Bonnie Farrell was found dead in her bedroom on Dec. 9. She had suffered a head injury, was discovered by her husband and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.


01/25/2014 On the final morning of his short life, Darion Marcus Aguilar climbed into a taxi in Burtonsville, 10 miles north of his College Park home. He carried a backpack and a pump-action, pistol-grip shotgun, a Mossberg 12-gauge, which he kept hidden as he informed the driver where he wanted to go. The Mall in Columbia, he told the cabbie Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19, of College Park, in his Junior year, yearbook photo. He went to James Hubert Blake High School in Silver Spring, Md. View details of the area where violence erupted after a shooter emerged from among weekend shoppers. Just 19 years old, a 2013 graduate of James Hubert Blake High School in Silver Spring, Aguilar had been scheduled to work early Saturday, at a Dunkin’ Donuts. He didn’t show up. And by day’s end — hours after his violent, self-
inflicted demise — his mother, having tried again and again to reach him, would report him missing to the police. Under a sunless sky, gray and frigid, it was about 10 a.m. as the taxi cruised north to Howard County. Soon, Aguilar — who kept a journal, in which he wrote of his dissatisfaction with his life, according to police — would fatally shoot two employees of a clothing shop, spreading terror in a suburban mall packed with shoppers. Then he would turn the Mossberg on himself.


02/01/2014 A needle was in Hoffman’s left arm, and eight empty glassine-type bags that usually contain heroin were found in his apartment


01/30/2014 Police in eastern India have arrested the husband and parents-in-law of a young woman for allegedly burning her and her baby girl alive. The primary motive behind January 30 the attack is suspected to be dowry-related, as alleged by the parents of the dead woman, Jharkhand state police superintendent N.K. Mishra said. The three suspects poured kerosene on Annu Devi, 22, and the baby girl at their village home in the state’s Dumka district and set them on fire, Mishra said. The 1-year-old child died instantly, and the mother later succumbed to her injuries in a hospital, police said. A court has sent the three suspects to jail to await trial, Mishra told CNN. Asked whether the fact that Devi gave birth to a girl was also a motive, Mishra said: “That could be a factor. But it was mainly for dowry. Her family has said in their complaint she was harassed for money and other things.” Devi married three years ago, Mishra said. Dowry is banned in India, but giving expensive “gifts” to the grooms and their relatives at weddings hosted by the brides’ families remains a common practice in the country. Police across India registered 8,233 murders of women as dowry deaths in 2012, according to national crime data.


12/14/2010 Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, who is from El Fuerte in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, is the only person to be convicted in the Dec. 14, 2010, shooting death of [Terry]. … “The shootout erupted just north of the Arizona border city of Nogales as Osorio-Arellanes and four other men who are accused of sneaking into the country to rob marijuana smugglers approached Terry and three other agents who were targeting such rip-off crews. “Osorio-Arellanes was wounded in the shootout and was the only person arrested at the scene. Four other alleged rip-off crew members fled to Mexico. Two of the four are now in Mexican custody, while two others remain fugitives.”


02/11/2014 At least 10 people have been killed and many injured in a suspected grenade attack at a cinema in Peshawar in north-west Pakistan, officials say. No group has said it carried out the attack, but cinema owners say they had received warnings from militants to shut down their businesses. It comes almost two weeks after explosions at another cinema in the city killed five people. Peshawar has suffered numerous bomb and gun attacks over the years. The attack took place at about 15:40 local time (10:40 GMT) while a film was showing inside the cinema. One report suggests that up to 80 people were inside the hall when three grenades were hurled at the patrons. In the last 48 hours the city of Peshawar and surrounding areas, bordering Pakistan’s restive tribal belt, have been hit by several small but deadly bomb attacks. Much of the violence to have hit Peshawar in recent years has come at the hand of Taliban militants. Taliban and government representatives are currently engaged in preliminary peace efforts aimed at charting a “roadmap” for negotiations. One of the five conditions set by the government before talks can begin in earnest is a cessation of hostilities.


11/30/2002 Baldwin was born in Doctor’s Hospital in Toronto, the son of Yvonne Kidman and Richard Baldwin. On 28 April 1998, he and his older sister were taken by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society after allegations of abuse were leveled against their parents. They were given into the custody of their maternal grandparents, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman. In 2000, a worker with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society noticed a bruise under Baldwin’s eye, but this was dismissed as an accident and no action was taken. According to later court testimony, Baldwin and his sister were kept in a locked room at night with furnace vents shut, and when released were forced to eat with their hands from a mat on the floor. James Mills, the boyfriend of Baldwin’s aunt who also lived in the house, declared that Baldwin’s grandmother did not love him or his sister, and that they were purely a “dollars and cents” matter, as his grandparents received social assistance for their care. On the evening of 30 November 2002, his grandmother called 911 to report that he was not breathing. Upon arrival, emergency workers noticed that his body was “covered in sores, bruises and abrasions”. His weight at death was slightly less than his weight at his first birthday, almost five years earlier.


05/23/2013 Julian Dawkins went to his aunt’s house in Alexandria on Tuesday night to celebrate: His cousin had just learned that she had made the Washington Mystics roster for this season. When the gathering ended, a neighbor heard Dawkins talking with, then arguing with, then chasing a man down the street. According to police, Dawkins, 22, a shuttle driver for the “PBS NewsHour,” was fatally shot by an off-duty Arlington County sheriff’s deputy. Family members say they are still struggling to understand why.


02/05/2014 In Florida, a man, who was not wearing any clothing, was on Military Trial when, he assaulted a 66-year-old retired New York City police officer, Palm B each County sheriff Ric Bradshaw said. The naked man, then entered the Colony where he began chasing a man and the man’s 10 year old son. Then at this point the man began a fight with a 18 year old and started biting the 18 year old’s face. The police tried to taser him but it was not working then they shot him and he finally died.


02/19/2014 The center of Kiev looks like a war zone today. Streets and squares in the capital of Ukraine are littered with rocks, bricks, spent stun grenades and tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and burning tires, the BBC’s David Stern. The debris is what’s been left behind after Tuesday’s deadly clashes between police and some of the thousands of anti-government protesters. Swept away from the scene to overflowing hospitals and morgues: at least 25 people who were killed yesterday and another 241 who were injured.


02/18/2014 “The latest victims of the unrest included college student and model Genesis Carmona, 22, who was shot in the head at a protest on Tuesday in the central city of Valencia. She died later in a clinic.


10/12/2003 Brenda Archibald, 57 Residence: Bastrop Brenda was shot by her husband, Gary Archibald, 56, who then killed himself. Texas Women Killed by their Intimate Partner in 2003 The Texas Council on Family Violence tracks to the best of our ability the stories of women who were killed by their intimate partners in Texas. This list names the 154 women killed in 2003 and gives brief accounts of their deaths. We learn of these women from a combination of records including Texas Department of Public Safety data, media reports and law enforcement records. There are undoubtedly other victims of domestic homicide who remain uncounted. The list below reflects the most accurate information available to TCFV researchers at the time of compilation. We also update our records annually, or as media coverage alerts us to developments. Unknown victims are those unnamed women whose deaths are noted in law enforcement records, often without details such as hometown, age or date of death. TCFV uses media reports to match the incident data with names for most of these victims; however, if there is no media coverage, a name often cannot be discovered. If you can help us name these unknown victims, please contact TCFV at 800-794-1133..


02/24/2003 BEXAR COUNTY Rolanda Cortinas, 24 Residence: San Antonio. Rolanda was shot by her estranged husband, Roland Cortinas, 36, who then killed himself. She was in the process of obtaining a protective order against him. She had two children, 2 and 3.


12/20/2003 Mayra Lizeth De Loa, 19 Residence: Garland December 20, 2003 Mayra was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend Paul Milne, 23. Milne was sentenced to life in prison. Emma Garza, 58


03/04/2003 San Antonio, Emma was strangled in her apartment by her boyfriend, Manual Maldonado, 45, police said. Maldonado surrendered to police after threatening to jump from a parking garage. He was charged in her death. Family members said the couple had problems in the past.


01/30/2003 Melissa Jiminez, 30 Residence: San Antonio Melissa was shot by her boyfriend, Emilio Ramirez, 40, and later died from her injuries. Melissa. He was given an 18-year sentence.


09/24/2003 Maria Moreno, 31 Residence: San Antonio She was shot by her husband, Roland Moreno, 33. Roland Moreno also shot and killed their 5- year-old son, Luis, as he slept. Maria was pregnant at the time of her death. Roland Moreno killed himself after police arrived at the home.


03/30/2003 Maria G. Moreno, 55 Residence: San Antonio Police say Maria was killed when her ex-husband, Jesus Ramirez Moreno, 50, ran over her with his car. The couple had met to discuss reconciliation. They had recently divorced after 29 years of marriage.


08/2003 Monay Morris, 18 Residence: San Antonio Police say Monay’s ex-boyfriend, Shaun, killed her by pushing her into a train.


11/2003 Michelle Webb, 28 Residence: San Antonio Police say Michelle was strangled by her boyfriend, Jonathan Williams, 24. She had an 8- month-old daughter


11/05/2013 A Jackson, Miss, man was arrested for the deaths of a Brandon, Miss,. mother, her young son and her husband. The family vanished without a trace after a car wreak.


11/17/2003 Martha Wilson, 41 Residence: San Antonio Martha was found strangled in her bedroom closet with her hands and feet bound and her head covered. Police say Gary Wilson, 43, murdered his wife and then held police at bay from the front seat of his car parked at the house, while his children sat in the back of the car. He was shot and killed in the standoff. The Wilson children were not injured.


07/10/2003 BRAZORIA COUNTY Linda Bates, 41 Residence: Bailey’s Prairie Linda was stabbed to death in her home by her husband, John Bates, 40. His brother witnessed the murder and identified the killer to police.


04/05/2003 CALDWELL COUNTY Nodie Fennel, 39 Residence: McMahan Nodie was shot and killed by her common- law husband, Alvin Brown. At the trial, Brown admitted to the shooting, but claimed the gun fired accidentally during a struggle. The jury found him guilty and sentenced him to 30 years.


01/12/2003 CAMERON COUNTY Gabriela Jimenez Residence: Harlingen Gabriela was shot and killed outside her home by her ex-boyfriend, David Atkinson, 47. When police arrived at Atkinson’s home to get information, he shot and killed himself. Gabriela had three children.


12/21/2003 CASS COUNTY Nyainna Maxine Oliver, 24 Residence: Hughes Springs Nyainna and her 3-year-old son were found beaten to death in their apartment. Her boyfriend, Reginald Brown, 29, left a suicide note admitting to their murders before he fatally shot himself.


08/03/2003 CHEROKEE COUNTY Faye Harris, 42 Residence: Jack sonville Faye was beaten and shot in her driveway by her estranged husband, Michael Harris, 43. Police say Michael repeatedly struck Faye on the face and head with the butt of a gun until she fell to the ground. He then shot her in the back. Michael was arrested and charged. Faye had filed a protective order against her husband, who police say had used intimidation tactics including burning her house and vandalizing her car in the months prior to the murder.


08/04/2003 Tracye Moore, 41 Residence: Rusk Tracye was stabbed by her husband, Runny Session, 37. Session also killed the couple’s 16-year-old son before killing himself. Her 18-year-old daughter found the bodies inside the home. Family members said Session had a history of violent behavior and mental illness.


06/25/2003 COLLIN COUNTY Barbara Cantrell, 63 Residence: Allen Barbara was shot and killed by her husband, William Cantrell, 59, who then killed himself. The couple had financial problems, police said.


07/31/2003 Debbie Dunn, 40 Residence: Anna Police say Debbie was shot by her husband, Reece Boyd Dunn, 42. He told authorities he was tired of arguing with his wife, so he shot her. The Dunns’ 14-year-old son was in the house at the time of his mother’s murder.


11/22/2003 Patricia Himelright, 67 Residence: McKinney Patricia was shot in the head at home by her boyfriend, John Stephen Castaneda, 41, who was convicted of her murder in March of 2005. Castaneda was sentenced to life in prison.


02/21/2003 Alene Leopard, 43 Residence: Allen Alene was shot by her husband, James Kevin Leopard, 41, before he set fire to their home. James Leopard died in that fire, but police said evidence indicated he had not planned to kill himself. Police had previously responded to domestic disturbances at the home. A court hearing related to the couple’s impending divorce was scheduled on the day of their deaths. They had two children.


11/11/2003 Tracy Jean Littrell, 43 Residence: Anna Police say Tracy was strangled by her boyfriend, Kevin Michael Jones, 40. Jones called police and informed them he had just killed Tracy at the home they shared. In January 2004, Jones was indicted in her murder. Tracy had an 8-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter.


07/21/2003 Carol “Renee” Taylor, 39 Residence: Allen Carol was shot and killed by her husband of 22 years, Mark Taylor, 42. He later met with the couple’s marriage counselor and then killed himself. Newspaper accounts said Renee had filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against her husband six days prior to her murder. They had three daughters, ages 16, 19 and 21.


07/14/2003 CORYELL COUNTY Estelvinda Cardona, 42 Residence: Copperas Cove Estelvinda was stabbed by her husband, U.S. ArmyCapt. Rene Cardona, 46. Before killing himself, Rene also repeatedly stabbed the couple’s 18- year-old daughter, Jennifer, who survived. Authorities said there was evidence of past family violence.


06/25/2003 DALLAS COUNTY Teshibra Bell, 15 Residence: Dallas Teshibra was killed by her 25-year-old boyfriend, Shannon Meshack, who attempted to burn her body in his backyard. She was pregnant at the time of her murder. Teshibra had complained to family members about Meshack’s physical abuse. Previously, police had responded to domestic disturbances at Meshack’s residence. In August 2004, he was sentenced to life in prison.


09/28/2003 Stephanie Renee Chapman, 34 Residence: Dallas Police say Stephanie was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Lester Deon Thomas. Thomas was arrested after a lengthy standoff with police. Stephanie ’s new boyfriend, Dorley Crockett, 21, also was killed. Her 13-year-old daughter witnessed the murders. Police say Thomas returned to kill them.


07/09/2003 Mary Fangers, 45 Residence: Dallas Mary was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Mark Fangers, 43, in the apartment leasing office where she worked. Mark Fangers then killed himself. The couple had recently separated. An assistant manager in the office witnessed the murder-suicide.


03/04/2003 Ann Marie Garrett Residence: Garland Ann Marie was shot by her boyfriend, Anthony William Sims, 36, in what police reported as a murder-suicide.


04/20/2003 Celia Martinez, 39 Residence: Rowlett Celia was shot and pushed from a car at a Rowlett convenience store in front of several witnesses. An arrest warrant was issued for her boyfriend, Tomas Gutierrez, 48.


08/2003 Etherine McDowell, 41 Residence: Dallas Police say Etherine was shot during an argument with her intimate partner, John Grimble. A neighbor who witnessed the shooting told police the pair were a couple.


01/10/2003 Residence: Dallas Cumia was shot and killed during an argument with her boyfriend, Michael Duane Hill. Hill was convicted of murder and received a 15-year sentence.


09/30/2003 Mandy Parker, 19 Residence: Dallas Police say Mandy was shot in her apartment by her boyfriend, Eddie Correa. According to police, Correa shot Mandy, then left in her car, which was later found abandoned.


05/30/2003 Jennifer Ranee Scott, 30 Residence: Addison Jennifer was stabbed by her boyfriend, Andre Jaramillo, 27, in what police reported as a murder-suicide.


04/30/2003 Amy Amel Sabeh-Swift, 27 Residence: Irving Police say Amy was strangled and stabbed by her husband, Christopher Jay Swift, 28. She was eight months pregnant at the time of her death. Police say Swift killed his wife in front of her 5-year-old son. He then took the boy with him to the home of Amy’s mother, Sandra Sabeh, where he killed her as well, authorities say. Police arrested and charged Swift in both deaths. Swift had previously pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges for shoving and choking his first wife.


04/22/2003 Huong Tao, 32 Residence: Garland Police say Huong was on her way to work when her ex-husband, Khoa Dang Tao, 43, ambushed and beat her to death as she sat in the front seat of her car. Khoa then called 911 and told the dispatcher he had just killed his wife. The couple had finalized their divorce just weeks before Huong’s death. She had told friends, neighbors and her supervisor that her husband was stalking and threatening her.


09/17/2003 Maria T. Trevino, 42 Residence: Oak Cliff Police say Maria was shot in the head by her husband, Clifford Claiborne, 47.


12/30/2003 Paraskevi Gomez Voutos, 40 Residence: Dallas Paraskevi and her 7-year-old daughter were found dead inside their burning home. Arson investigators said evidence showed that her husband, Ramon Santiago Torres, 49, killed Paraskevi and their daughter before setting the house on fire and taking his own life. The medical examiner’s office ruled that Paraskevi died as a result of multiple sharp-force injuries. Family and friends said Paraskevi had recently asked her husband for a divorce


07/10/2003 Marquita Williams, 18 Residence: Dallas Marquita was shot and killed by Jabari Scott, 19, who then killed himself. Police reported the violence as a murder-suicide between intimate partners.


01/21/2003 Residence: Dallas Lucia was shot and killed by her common-law husband, Fernando Orozco, 25. The couple had a history of domestic violence, and Lucia was trying to leave Orozco when she was murdered. In April 2004, Orozco was sentenced to 55 years in prison for her murder. Lucia had one child


05/31/2003 DENTON COUNTY Denise Ann Johnson, 23 Residence: Lake Dallas Denise’s body was found buried in a barrel of concrete on a rural road. Police determined she had been stabbed and suffocated. She was five months pregnant. Police arrested Denise’s boyfriend, Steven Wiederhold, 26, after he told two acquaintances he had killed Denise and dumped her body in Oklahoma. In July 2004, a jury found Wiederhold guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.


12/28/2003 Vilma Rios, 19 Residence: Denton Vilma was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Jose Nogues, 23. Nogues then shot himself and their daughter at Rios’s apartment. Nogues died at a hospital; the girl survived. Rios had applied for a protective order against Nogues prior to her murder.


07/07/2003 EL PASO COUNTY Debra Harmon-Frakes, 43 Residence: El Paso Debra was shot and killed by her husband of less than one year, Ben Rogers Frakes, 65. In March 2004, Frakes pled guilty and received a 15- year sentence.


08/30/2003 Rebeca Greene, 30 Residence: El Paso Rebecca was shot and killed by her husband of less than one month, Rodolfo A. Greene, 56, a U.S. Border Patrol agent. He then killed himself. Her 6-year-old daughter and a visiting 10-year-old cousin were awakened by gunfire and ran outside, where they waited until police arrived.


09/28/2003 Judith Hernandez, 30 Residence: El Paso Judith was shot and killed by her common- law husband, Jose Delgado, 32, after their 11- year-old daughter’s birthday party. Before killing himself, Delgado also killed Oscar Miranda, 38, a neighbor who tried to intervene. Judith and Miranda each had two children.


12/15/2003 Maria Victoria Martinez, 24 Residence: El Paso December 15, 2003 Maria was shot and killed by her common- law husband, Rodolfo Candelaria Jr., who then committed suicide. The couple had two sons.


07/03/2003 ERATH COUNTY Brenda Smith, 46 Residence: Stephenville Police say Brenda was kidnapped, beaten and thrown from a moving car by her boyfriend, Juan Moreno, 26. Brenda was taken to a hospital for treatment, and when she was discharged, police placed her at a hotel for her safety during recovery. But she later died from her injuries. Moreno was arrested in connection with the kidnapping and charged in Brenda’s death.


09/13/2003 FORT BEND COUNTY Sandra K. Goodrich, 48 Residence: Mission Ben Police say Sandra was fatally shot by her husband, Kevin Goodrich, 44, who was arrested in his wife’s death. Goodrich told police the shooting was an accident. He was sentenced to life in prison.


12/25/2003 Maria Sylvia Hernandez, 41 Residence: Richmond Maria was stabbed during an altercation with her husband, Luis Cuchilla, 37, on Christmas Day. Cuchilla then stabbed himself, but survived. After he was indicted on a charge of murder and released on bond, Cuchilla committed suicide. Maria had obtained an emergency protective order against Cuchilla prior to her murder.


01/16/2003 Kelly Murphey, 34 Kelly was shot by her boyfriend, Michael Wayne Joseph, 34, after a domestic dispute. After killing Kelly, Joseph took their daughter to a friend’s house, returned to the home he shared with Kelly, and then killed himself.


01/26/2003 GAINES COUNTY Erica Muro, 18 Residence: Seminole Police say Erica was shot by her boyfriend, Daniel Lee Flores, 27. She was three months pregnant. After killing Muro, police say, Flores wounded a police officer and engaged other officers in a three- hour standoff before surrendering. He was charged with attempted capital murder and murder.


07/15/2003 GRAY COUNTY Evarene “Eva” Fritz, 42 Residence: Pampa Police say Evarene was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Landon Ridenour, 67. Ridenour was linked to her death through evidence found at the scene. When authorities arrived at his apartment, he was holding a gun to his head and pulled the trigger repeatedly, but it failed to fire, police said. In January 2004, a district attorney decided not to seek the death penalty. The case was still awaiting trial in July 2005.


05/27/2003 Ethel Jean Goldsmith, 31 Residence: Pampa Ethel was severely beaten and stabbed and her body was found discarded in a rural area. Police say her husband, Jeffrey Goldsmith, 42, confessed to killing her at home, then dumping her body. She had an 8-month-old daughter.


06/09/2003 GREGG COUNTY Lori Ruth Long, 31 Lori was shot in her apartment by her husband, James Lloyd Reedy, 40. After a failed suicide attempt, Reedy was charged in Long’s death. Eighteen months prior to the shooting, Reedy had completed a six- year jail sentence for firing a handgun at Long. In January 2004, Reedy pled guilty to killing Long and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Long had a 5-year-old child.


08/28/2003 HALE COUNTY Residence: Plainview Police say Mijoy was shot and killed by her common-law husband, Christopher Lee Salinas, 24, who was arrested and charged in her death. In the five weeks before she was killed, Mijoy had filed two protective orders aga inst Salinas. He was indicted by a grand jury and was awaiting trial as of July 2005.


02/16/2003 HARRIS COUNTY Marta Vilma Amaya, 22 Residence: Houston, Marta was shot at a local dance hall by her estranged husband, Teodoro Sanchez, 41. The couple had recently separated. Her dance partner, Gerraldo Chavez, 36, also was shot and killed. Witnesses at the dance hall saw Sanchez arguing with Marta and then saw Sanchez pull a gun and shoot her and Chavez.


02/10/2003 Guillermina “Gidget” Cauley, 43 Residence: Houston Guillermina was shot by her husband, Purnell Cauley, who also killed their three daughters. Earlier in the day, Purnell Cauley killed his girlfriend, Flor Roque, 28. When detectives entered the Cauley home to investigate a missing persons report for Roque, Cauley shot and wounded Detective Michael Bozeman before killing himself.


06/13/2003 Laura Grant Chamblin, 52 Residence: Houston Laura was shot by her husband, William Michael Chamblin, 49, as she gardened in the back yard of their home. Her 22-year-old daughter, Marie Nicole, also was shot as she stood near the kitchen window. Chamblin then dragged his wife into the kitchen, where he shot both women a second time, killing both. Police said the family’s two dogs also were found shot to death in the house. Chamblin was sentenced to life in prison.


03/06/2003 Carolyn Cleveland, 47 Residence: Houston Carolyn was stabbed more than 20 times after asking her husband, Andre Cleveland, for a divorce. The couple’s children witnessed their mother’s murder. Although Cleveland claimed he stabbed his wife in self-defense, a jury found him guilty of murder.


08/04/2003 Ruby Clemons, 22 Residence: Houston Ruby was beaten and stabbed by her boyfriend, Romelle Watts, 27, after he became enraged during an argument. Watts slammed Ruby’s head against the pavement and stabbed her, then used her car to run over her lifeless body. He then placed her body in the car and abandoned it in southwest Harris County. Watts pled guilty to killing Ruby and received a 40- year prison sentence.


09/09/2003 Rocio Vasquez Cruz, 24 Residence: Houston Rocio was stabbed and her body was discarded in a ditch in southeast Houston. The remains of her 15- year-old half-sister, Magaly Vilchis Mendoza, were found along a highway in Montgomery County. Police suspect Cruz’s husband, Freddy Jaime Cruz, 27, killed his wife and her sister, then fled to Mexico with their two children.


05/18/2003 Giuseppina M. Estrada, 58 Residence: Houston Giuseppina collapsed during a physical and verbal confrontation with her husband, Miguel Veras Gonzalez, 45, who later admitted to having attempted to bury her body. The medical examiner attributed the specific cause of her death to heart disease, but ruled it a homicide. Police said Go nzalez knew of Giuseppina’s heart condition and did not call 911 after she collapsed. The couple had a history of domestic violence and Gonzalez had previously been arrested for assaulting his wife.


10/14/2003 Dominique Fix, 30 Residence: Katy Dominique was shot inside her home by her husband, Kyle Richard Fix, 36. The following day, Kyle admitted killing his wife to a police officer working a traffic accident. He had just dropped off their children to stay with relatives.


01/16/2003 Linda Garrison, 51 Residence: Houston Linda was shot at her workplace by her husband, Norman Garrison, 57, who then killed himself in the parking lot. Linda Garrison had filed a domestic violence report one week prior to her death. The couple had an 18- year-old daughter and a 24- year-old son.


09/01/2003 Amanda Lorena Garza, 19 Residence: Houston Police say Amanda was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Angel Resendez, 21. Her body was found by a passer-by on the street near Resendez’s home. Officials say Amanda died of gunshots to the neck and head. She had a 2-year-old daughter.


09/29/2003 Marquita Gipson, 19 Residence: Unknown Police say Marquita was killed execution-style by her estranged boyfriend, Andre Washington, 28. Washington was charged with capital murder after an autopsy revealed Gipson was pregnant.


06/15/2003 Norma Jean Gonzalez, 29 Residence: Houston Norma was shot by her common-law husband, Jesus De La Rosa, 26, who then killed himself. Police say Norma was attempting to leave De La Rosa. The couple had two young children who were not at home at the time of the deaths. She also had a daughter from a previous marriage.


03/21/2003 Gina Jones, 19 Residence: Houston Police say Gina was shot inside her apartment by her ex-boyfriend, Deion Dewane Sergent, 20. According to police, Gina was home with a friend when Sergent arrived and asked to speak with her. The two went into a bathroom and began to argue. Sergent emerged minutes later and left the apartment, and Gina’s friend found her body in the bathroom. Police later arrested Sergent and charged him in her death.


03/09/2003 Helen Marie Kirklin, 22 Residence: Houston Police say Helen was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Gary Christopher McClain, 39. Her body was found in her car parked outside her home. Witnesses recall hearing two gunshots and then seeing a man speed away in another car. Police believe the shooting may have stemmed from an argument earlier in the day.


09/11/2003 Lisa Lee, 55 Residence: Houston Lisa was found shot next to the body of her husband, Thomas Lee, 59. Police suspect Thomas Lee killed Lisa and then committed suicide. The bodies were discovered after a customer told relatives the couple’s store had not opened the next morning.


10/20/2003 Paula Mansanarez, 25 Residence: Houston Paula was shot by her estranged husband, Jose Rubio, 28. Witnesses told police they saw Rubio sitting in his parked car across the street from the home on the day Mansanarez was killed. As she and the couple’s children walked outside, Rubio chased his wife into a neighbor’s yard and shot her several times. Rubio then committed suicide. Police say Rubio had moved out of the couple’s home only a week earlier. Three of their four children, ages 3 to 6, witnessed the murder-suicide. Family members said Rubio had threatened violence many times in the past.


07/06/2003 Lucinda Coca Martinez, 45 Residence: Houston Lucinda was shot by her husband, Jose Benitez Leon, 38, after an altercation in their home. Leon then killed himself. Her two daughters and a nephew witnessed the murder suicide


06/10/2003 Justine Maxwell, 24 Residence: Houston Justine was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Robert Saulter, 25. She was pregnant at the time of her death. Her boyfriend, Daniel Armantrout, 28, also was shot and killed. In an earlier incident, Saulter had held Maxwell hostage at gunpoint for a week after their breakup. Saulter was arrested and charged with the two murders. His body was later found in Brazoria County with a self- inflicted wound.


10/9/2003 Lesly Lourdes Moran, 24 Residence: Houston Lesly was shot by her husband, Noel Antonio Lopez, 29, who then committed suicide. Their 13-month-old son was found unharmed, covered in blood, next to his parents’ bodies.

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