Exploring Holland with still counting…..2013

I took several murdered mummified mummies with me when I visited the Netherlands. I placed them in the streets, museums and around the country to see what kind of reaction I would get.
It’s almost a year later and I haven’t heard from anyone. Until now Sept 2014 sorry I missed one on the way.


  1. Oane says:

    How disappointing to read this update! Not in the last place because I DID found one of the murdered mummified mummies you left in Amsterdam last year. And I DID react on this website. Actually I left quite a long message but every time I checked in during the following months (curious and waiting for a reply)it always was still “waiting for moderation” and then at a certain moment disappeared entirely. No idea what happened… I believe I left it as a reaction under the post with the corresponding #. Maybe I put it in the wrong place. Maybe there is something wrong with your moderation ;-)…. But lets simply try again. Last year I found #686. In the Reguliersdwarsstraat where I live, behind the Flowermarkt, in the centre of the beautiful city centre of Amsterdam. One morning as I was getting my bike to go to work I saw this rather disturbing doll-like figure lying on the ground next to it. It had been raining really hard that night and it was all dirty and wet. Not sure what it was I decided I couldn’t just let it lie there so I put it in the crate of my bike where it stayed for several days. Until my curiosity won it from the automatic feeling of slight repulsion, I took it inside and started googling. I was touched by the whole project and startled by a coincidence. As you might know he Netherlands are a rather quiet and safe country and Amsterdam is a city with a relatively low rate in homicide. Yet for about ten/fifteen years now there has been a violent war going on in the underground world of organized crime. Almost all murders are committed by and inside this specific, very violent (international)group. Amsterdam after all still is a central point for worldwide drug trafficking and much much money can be made in this business. I have been living in this street for years, a lively street with clubs and café’s, and I remember well a night in January 2005 when the bodyguard of a drug baron was shot at the entrance of the parking-lot, opposite of the house I live in. That means that I found the mummy only a few metres away from this actual place. The place where he died. Rather something, when you take into account that homicide rate for Amsterdam is about 20 a year. I looked up the story about that night, the name, the cause, the trial. And I read here about the murder the mummy was originally made for. A completely different case, a different man. And so many thousand miles apart. Yet connected now by the stories you and I know, read and tell about them. Stories about lives of people we never knew. I really like the awareness this brings, the respect and the softness there is in acknowledging someone’s existence, the remembrance of it. I decided to keep the doll. It has been lying on a wooden ridge in my living room. Visitors occasionally ask what it is and I tell them about the mummies, about your project. This is how it made an impact here. I do hope that counts as a result for you. Love O.

    • michael mut says:

      Dear Oane,
      I’m so sorry if I missed your comment in the past. I try very hard to go through all the spam but sometimes I do miss one. First I like to thank you for sharing with me. As the years past by I get more and more sad about the lost of lives and this type of research can be quite depressing but I feel it is important so here I am. If you can get me the information on the person who was murdered, name and date, I will honor him by making a mummy to add to the thousands of others.

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