If you know someone who has fallen victim to murder and would like to have them honored, please let me know and I will make a mummy, number it, and honor him or her on the website.

Please send me your request via e-mail:  michael@michaelmut.com

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  1. Mark Stiles says:

    …..took a mummy off the fence at St Pauls today. My buddy MARK LOUIS ROSENBERG was murdered on 9/11. I am attending a service on Sunday night for him. We ALL miss him dearly!

  2. Aria Smith says:

    Found one of your mummies tonight. I wish I knew I was suppose to take it. I took a cool photo of it on the Brooklyn Bridge. Do you have an email address I can mail it to?

  3. MIchael Gottlieb says:

    I found mummy #4 tonight on 7th Ave near 14th street on the ledge of a store window. At first I thought it was a ginger root until I got a closer look. I took it home with me because I thought it was really cool looking. I was going to put it on my desk at work, but now I see that you would like me to return it. Maybe I can next weekend, but I really want one for my desk…

    I did know three people who died (murdered) on 9/11/01… Felicia Traylor-Bass, Gino Calvi and John Ryan.

  4. Eugenio says:

    I found one of your mummies today. I will email you the picture, I hope I had picked it up!

    Can I still get one?I found great what you are doing.

  5. Avigail najjar says:

    Found one of your mummies today at the Brooklyn book festival
    Power to you

  6. Leah Michele says:

    I found several (88, 201, and 211 to name a few) by Brooklyn Bridge… Me and my photography class didn’t want to disturb them but I took several pictures

  7. Holly says:

    I found 2 of your mummies in DUMBO today. I walked past them early in afternoon, and this evening they were still there. My friend and I decided to look up your site over drinks, and then when we read about it, we went to see if they were still there. I have them both, she was heading out to dinner. We will think about who we would like to have you make a mummy for and drop them off at your space.
    I love your project.

  8. Marissa Gonzalez says:

    I found a mummy person on a low window ledge on Saturday at the DUMBO Arts festival. When I sat down on a ledge and noticed it. It made me smile because it was white with lime green specks sprinkled throughout because of fabric it was wound out of. It seemed very friendly. I felt charmed by it, and OBVIOUSLY, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT IT WAS. I simply left it there for others to see and enjoy ….. thinking it was part of the festival.

    LATER in the day I spotted 3 more hanging from trees/bushes in Brooklyn Bridge park – again I did not know their meaning. And again I was thinking they were wonderful and they put a smile on my face. I simply left them alone so that others could stumble upon them and enjoy.
    BUT THEN ON SUNDAY, WHEN I RETURNED TO THE DUMBO festival, I found one that night hanging on a tree. This time, since the festival was over, I happily took it off and tucked in into my bag. Oh, a treasure! I’d have a fun artistic souvenir of the great weekend. OH!!!! BUT NO!!!! No no. NOT SO!

    Now I’m sad over the several mummies I saw because I have come to your project’s website and now understand what I have.
    I will be returning him, mummy #206, to you. This mummy is in honor of a man murdered on 2-17-2008.

    How quickly something I was delighted with and inspired by got switched to something I became SADDENED over! I stopped to think and remained heavy hearted for awhile. Yet I was also inspired by your brilliant project! It is powerful. I went to STILL COUNTING website to learn what this and your work is all about. You have come up with a thoughtful way to engage people and cause us all to think. I love your project.

    I look forward to visiting your gallery, and I will give you the info on someone I knew who was murdered so he too may have a mummy made in his memory as part of Still Counting.

    I feel exactly as you do about THE TRAP: paying taxes and this money being used to fund war machines and other brutality.
    We pay taxes so that we can stay out of jail, but we do so knowing that some portion of our money is killing or permanently damaging people and families in many parts of the world. Along with this, I find it equally disconcerting that it’s also nearly impossible to buy groceries, shop for a simple article of clothing at a store, or even flip on your light switch to consume basic energy without partaking in the injury of someone or something else. So difficult to come to terms with any and all of this.

    No matter the various ways I try to neutralize the effects that my basic consumerism may have, it’s no denying that I can’t cleanse every action I take completely. For me it’s really about trying to minimize the harm as much as possible – I think about this all of the time, my footprint. It’s a lot of work to remain conscious and to try to live as harmlessly as possible. One thing I can figure out to do is to be committed to transferring as much love and beauty as I possibly can in my daily living – this seems the most important neutralizer I can offer for other behaviors I have …. like paying taxes and flipping on a light switch or powering up my computer.
    It can be pretty maddening and a lot of work to try to stay on top of – but important to try.
    It’s very important, I feel, to be aware and honest in seeing what we do by our simplest daily living. Is it adding or taking? Is it helping or hurting? We shouldn’t get frustrated, depressed, and give up. Instead just keep thinking and trying.

    Thank you for your project. I hope I can join you in some way.
    (I took pictures of mummy #206 should you like to have them posted – not sure how to do this) Forgive the length of my post – guess you gave me something to say.

  9. Benedicte says:


    Also find your mummy on Brooklin bridge, but i leave it so as to over people will found it.
    Nice project.

    Bénédicte from France

  10. Mayalina says:

    I found #218 in DUMBO hanging from a tree next to a sign I was looking at. I didn’t know I could have taken it but I did take a couple of pictures.
    If you’d like the pictures I’d be happy to send you them if you give me an email.

  11. Klare (yes that is how you spell it!) says:

    i found a mummy at Brooklyn Public Library. i first thought it was some type of root but when i got to it it looked like a voodoo doll!i gingerly picked it up hoping it wouldn’t give me bad luck.my mom told me to put it down cuz she thought it was art. but after asking her three times if i could keep it she said yes.on the way home with it i felt bad vibes from the doll.as soon as i got home i went to my computer to see your site.now i now know i was just imagining the bad vibes and bad luck!your project seems cool!! i look forward your event!!!!

    • michael mut says:

      HI Klare,
      It makes me happy that you took the time to write to me. Sometimes images/objects bring up bad thoughts or vibes which may be a form of fear. I applaud you for going beyond those feelings and having the courage to investigate what was really so. Too many times we create a story about something without really knowing the truth ( like you just did thinking it was giving you bad vibes ) To educate oneself helps break the fears we have about life.
      Murder is no joke. All life is precious. I believe we all need to start loving ourselves so we can love others. Check out the loveyourselfproject.net! I thank you Klare ( spelled like this)

  12. Irene says:

    I found two mummies near the Brooklyn Bridge about two weeks ago. I didn’t want to take them home, because I felt that wasn’t an appropriate thing to do. But I made pictures. I can send them to you if you give me your email address.
    Irene, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  13. jennifer says:

    I found one on my walk to work last week near prospect park, hanging from a tree. I was in a hurry, but it seemed like I needed to take it and see what it was. I have #180. I will send it back to you, or bring it soon. Interesting project.

  14. tomi_pl says:

    Found one of your mummies, hanging from a tree, just outside the building where I work couple of blocks west of Union Square. This one is #248. Is there a particular reason why mine is black unlike most of them? I will return it to you as soon as I can.

    • michael mut says:

      Thank you for responding to Still Counting. The 248 # represents someone of color who was murdered. I chose to use black material because I wanted black murdered victims to stand out. It was a discerning way to handle this topic because I believe its important not to over look the horrific genocide of a certain race.
      IF you know anyone who was murdered and would like to honor them please do. Thank you so much and don’t forget to love yourself!

  15. I found #435 at SCOPE Art Fair NY 2012.
    One of my colleagues artists found it first but didn’t grabbed it because he thought it wasn’t something to take. When I saw it I was immediately drawn to it. I’ve tried to send it back but every time I try, just the thought of sending it away don’t let me. I feel like I am turning my back to all dose people. I feel it to close to me. I brought it back to Puerto Rico and its been in my studio ever since.

    Juan Alberto Negroni

    • michael mut says:

      Hi Juan,
      Sorry its taken me so long to reach out to you. If you have a story you like to share with me please do. Do you know any one who was murdered or committed suicide?

  16. Tina Nicholson says:

    Hey there,
    I found number 32 a few years ago near st marks place in manhattan and never got the chance to write to you but i have always kept it
    I was instantly fascinated by it because its so original and just has a “creepy vibe” to it
    I think the idea behind this is great! it captures attention and when you find one of these mummies.. Its not something you can really just forget, much like murder victim that it was placed there for. How did you ever come up with this idea?
    Will be on the look out for more.

    • michael mut says:

      Hi Tina,
      Wow, thanks for your comment. It’s been years since I started this project and it continues to grow everyday. I originally made over 10,000 mummified toothbrushes and about 4 years ago I started to document actual people who have been murdered and forgotten. If you know anyone who was murdered or committed suicide I can honor them here for you.
      Thank you again for sharing. Michael

      • michael mut says:

        The project started when we invaded Iraq in 2002-3. I was so upset that thousands were being murdered and I thought how can I express my feeling through art? I began to use toothbrushes as a way to Identify each person/ DNA. The brush is used then discarded after its all used up. Kinda like how we use people to fight for something then discard them when the job is done.

    • michael mut says:

      Hi Tina,
      Thank you for connecting with me.
      I started with “and counting” when the US invaded Iraq in 2003. I created over 10,000 mummified toothbrushes to represent the way we use people and then discard them, just like we do with our toothbrushes when after wearing them down. Then in 2011 I began to research and record all the murders that I could find via the internet starting with the murder of Jesus. I also include suicide because its a form of murder done by the self. I am still adding new victims. If you know someone who what murdered or committed suicide, I would be honored to make a mummy for that person. Thank you again and hope to hear back. michael

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